University of Innsbruck

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ludwig Barth von Barthenau1860 Heinrich Hermann Hlasiwetz (grad student)
Klaus BiemannMass Spectometry1951 Hermann Bretschneider (grad student)
Hermann Bretschneidersynthetic organic chemistry
Ethan Cunningham
Hans GruberPhysical Chemistry
Claudia Hoebartner20012004 Ronald Micura (grad student)
Hans LiebAnalytical Chemistry19121916 Fritz Pregl (post-doc)
Thomas MagauerNatural Product Chemistry, Total Synthesis, Synthetic Methodology
Leopold Pfaundlerphysical Chemistry1861 Heinrich Hermann Hlasiwetz (grad student)
Johannes W. Schwankheterogeneous catalysis, thin films, and chemical sensors1978 Hans Gruber (grad student)
Josef SeiblMass Spectrometry Hermann Bretschneider (grad student)