DePaul University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mark Aparece Chemistry Paul A. Vadola (grad student)
Paul R. Carlson Chemistry Paul A. Vadola (grad student)
Zdzislaw F. ChmielewiczBiochemical pharmacology1952 Franklin S. Prout (grad student)
Sean O. CroweChemistry and Biology of Protein Ubiquitination and Degradation 20112013 Justin John Maresh (grad student)
Katherine (Katie) T Flynn BoltePolymer Synthesis, Organic Characterization, Quantitative Devoce Design, Spectroscopy, Microscopy Chemistry Gregory B. Kharas (grad student)
Kyle A. GriceInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
Graham B. Griffin
Gregory B. KharasPolymers
John J. Kozak
Justin John Mareshbiochemistry, biosynthesis, chemistry, organic chemistry
Michael Warren MullowneyNatural products drug discovery, chemistry, microbiology, mass spectrometry, metabolomics, bacterial genomics Chemistry20102012 Justin John Maresh (research assistant)
Michael NewsomMaterials - Nanoscale - Organometallic - Supramolecular
Franklin S. Prout
Stephanie M. ReeveDrug Discovery, Antibiotic Resistance Chemistry Cathrine A. Southern (research assistant)
Charles M. Rubert PerezChemical Biology
Thomas SpeltzMedicinal Chemistry20092011 Justin John Maresh (grad student)
Taylor L. Vacala Chemistry Paul A. Vadola (research assistant)
Paul A. VadolaOrganic chemistry, catalysis, C–H bond functionalization
Chloe G. Williams Chemistry Paul A. Vadola (grad student)