University of Pittsburgh

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Tyler Ahlstrom 2017 Peng Liu (grad student)
Mark Bunker AbbottPaleoclimate Science, Geochemistry
Michael E. AbramMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry2005 Michael A. Parniak (grad student)
Joshua L. Adelmanprotein motors, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell motility, membrane geometry and protein organization and pattern formation in neural systems20092015 Michael Grabe (post-doc), Lillian T. Chong (collaborator), Daniel M. Zuckerman (collaborator)
Aparna AgarwalBioanalytical Chemistry2009 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Sangeeta AgarwalaPharmacology2000 Raman Venkataramanan (grad student)
Boris B. AkhremitchevPhysical Chemistry2000 Gilbert C. Walker (grad student)
Tawfeq A. Al-HowirinyPharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Paul Schiff (grad student)
Abdullah M. Al-MohizeaPharmacy, Medicine and Surgery2002 Raman Venkataramanan (grad student)
Nicolas Alba20062014 Xinyan Tracy Cui (grad student)
Dominic Alfonso20002002 Kenneth D. Jordan (post-doc)
Brett L. Allenmaterials chemistry/nanoscience2010 Alexander Star (grad student)
Francesca AmatiRecreation, Aging2009 Bret H. Goodpaster (grad student)
Isadore Amdurphysical chemistry1932 Abraham Louis Robinson (grad student)
Shigeru Amemiya
Jihyun AnMetal Organic Frameworks, Science Education Chemistry2010 Nathaniel L. Rosi (grad student)
Frank A. AnaniaNutrition, Biochemistry, General1984 Albert Edward Chung (research assistant)
Carolyn J. AndersonPET agents for cancer imaging
Bradley T. AndresenPharmacology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2002 Guillermo G. Romero (grad student)
Karen Marie ArndtMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, General Biology
Sanford A. AsherAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Benny Charles Askewmolecular recognition, bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry
Janet A. AsperOrganic Chemistry2001 Craig S. Wilcox (grad student)
Mohammad M. AtaaiBiomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry
Danielle L. AubeleOrganic Chemistry2004 Paul E. Floreancig (grad student)
Jeffrey T. Auletta Chemistry20102017 Tara Y. Meyer (grad student)
Natalie Austin Chemical engineering Giannis Mpourmpakis (grad student)
Reena Bajpairadical chemistry2010 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Austin Baker2014 Alexander Deiters (grad student)
Amrita Balachandran Biological Sciences20052012 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Anna Christina Balazs
Arthur Richard Baldwin1943 Herbert Eugene Longenecker (grad student)
Jian Bao2001 N. John Cooper (grad student)
Dominque Barbeau Biological Sciences20142017 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Aaron BarchowskyToxicology, Biochemistry
Anirban Bardhan
John A. BarnardMaterials Science
Herbert Barry IIIPsychopharmacology
Lisa Barsom Biological Sciences19911997 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Janine N. BartholomewPharmacology, Biochemistry2009 Ferruccio Galbiatl (grad student)
Patrick R. BartlowBiomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry2011 Mohammad M. Ataai (grad student)
Amlan K. BasakCondensed Matter Physics2010 Hrvoje Petek (grad student)
Yasemin Basdogan20152020 John A. Keith (grad student)
Robert J. Baseman Chemistry David W. Pratt (research assistant)
Upamanyu Basu Chemistry Kazunori Koide (grad student)
Nicholas W. BatemanPharmacology, Oncology, Biochemistry2010 Thomas P. Conrads (grad student)
Diane L. BattistiPharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Joseph E. Knapp (grad student)
Alexander S. BaydenTheoretical Chemistry2005 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Richard V. BebloMechanical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering2010 Lisa M. Weiland (grad student)
Thomas P. Beebe Jr.biomolecules at interfaces1987 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Amy T. BeislerBioanalytical Chemistry2003 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Aimee Belanger Biological Sciences19942000 Graham F. Hatfull (post-doc)
Wesley G. BentrudeOrganic Chemistry 1963 Edward McC. Arnett (post-doc)
Helen M. Bermancrystallography1967 George A. Jeffrey (grad student)
Eric J. BerquistInformation extraction, neural coreference, speech recognition Chemistry Chemistry20142018 Daniel S. Lambrecht (grad student), Sean Garrett-Roe (collaborator)
Saurabh K. BhavsarChemical Engineering2014 Goetz Veser (grad student)
Brijesh BhayanaOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2007 Craig S. Wilcox (grad student)
Lori Bibb Biological Sciences19992004 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Edward Robert Biehlorganic chemistry1962 Robert Levine (grad student)
Veronica M. BierbaumGas Phase Ion Chemistry1974 Frederick Kaufman (grad student)
Ryan G. Birdphysical chemistry2011 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Broxton W. BirdGeology, Geochemistry, Sedimentary Geology, Climate Change2009 Mark Bunker Abbott (grad student)
Harry BlairGenetics, Biochemistry, Medicine and Surgery
Keri A. Boduch-LeeOrganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2004 Toby M. Chapman (grad student)
Justin J. BohnAnalytical Chemistry, Optics Physics2010 Sanford A. Asher (grad student)
David C. Bomradical chemistry2000 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
George Borg History and Philosophy of Science20172020 Michael R. Dietrich (grad student)
Laura M. BorlandAnalytical Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology2005 Adrian C. Michael (grad student)
Thaddeus T. BoronSynthetic Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry Chemistry20062007 Adrian C. Michael (research assistant)
David R. Borstphysical chemistry2001 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Todd BosanacOrganic Chemistry2003 Craig S. Wilcox (grad student)
Mary N. BoydenAnalytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2001 Sanford A. Asher (grad student)
Herbert W. Boyermicrobial genetics1963 Ellis Englesberg (grad student), Roger Weinberg (grad student)
Carrie B. BrennanBioanalytical Chemistry2004 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Robert K. Bressin Chemistry Kazunori Koide (grad student)
Jeffery L. BrodskyVirology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Sydney Brooks2018 Nathaniel L. Rosi (grad student)
Kelly Brown Biological Sciences19941998 Graham F. Hatfull (post-doc)
Kay Michille BrummondMethodology, total synthesis, DOS
Eric E. BuckChemical Biology Chemistry2012 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Joseph Paul BuckleyPharmacology
Steven D. Burkesynthesis of natural products1978 Paul A. Grieco (grad student)
Matthew C. BurlandInorganic Chemistry2002 Tara Y. Meyer (grad student)
James A. Burrows Chemistry Kazunori Koide (grad student)
Sergei V. BykovAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry2009 Sanford A. Asher (grad student)
Oleg BylSurface chemistry2005 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Zhengxin CaiOrganic Synthesis; PET imaging
Carlos J. CamachoGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Dengfeng CaoGeneral Biophysics2002 Linda J. Jacobson (grad student)
Rosemary C. CapoGeology, Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences
James C. CarterInorganic chemistry and bioinorganic immunochemistry
Michael CascioBiochemistry
Kasey Catt2010 Xinyan Tracy Cui (grad student)
J Richard ChailletMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Toby M. ChapmanOrganic Chemistry
Sudipta ChattopadhyayChemical Engineering2004 Goetz Veser (grad student)
Yanan Chenmaterials chemistry/nanoscience Chemistry2013 Alexander Star (grad student)
Tracy Chenanticonvulsant screening19962001 Billy W. Day (grad student)
Pao-Hsiu (Tracy) ChenDrug Discovery2001 Billy W. Day (grad student)
Yimin Chen2018 Peng Liu (grad student)
W. Seth Childersbacterial signal transduction, synthetic biology, peptide self-assembly
Tae H. ChoiTheoretical Chemistry2010 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Lillian T. Chongcomputational biophysics
Wei Chuen Chemistry Kazunori Koide (grad student)
Albert Edward Chungglycoproteins
Gabriel A. Cintron20152018 Peng Liu (grad student)
Dane J. ClausenReaction Design, Total Synthesis, Mechanistic Analysis, Diversity Oriented Synthesis2012 Paul E. Floreancig (grad student)
Catherine Thomas Cochran19972004 Billy W. Day (grad student)
Johannes Francois CoetzeeSolute-solvent interactions; electrochemical and spectroscopic investigation of solutes in nonaqueous solvents; kinetics of fast ligand substitution reactions in nonaqueous solvents.
Theodore CohenOrganic Chemistry
Grace A. CollettiCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2011 Kirill Kiselyov (grad student)
Thomas P. ConradsPharmacology, Oncology, Biochemistry
N. John Cooper
James E. CopenhaferPolymer Chemistry2006 Tara Y. Meyer (grad student)
Patrick J. CostaMolecular Biology, Genetics2001 Karen Marie Arndt (grad student)
Gina M. CoudrietPathology, Immunology2010 Jon P. Piganelli (grad student)
Michael Cowan Giannis Mpourmpakis (grad student)
Elia M. CrisucciMolecular Biology2011 Karen Marie Arndt (grad student)
John E. CrowellMaterials chemistry, surface kinetics of metals/semiconductors, CVD, photo-induced deposition, thin-film spectroscopy1986 John T. Yates, Jr. (post-doc), David M. Hercules (post-doc)
Yubo CuiReaction Design, Total Synthesis, Mechanistic Analysis, Diversity Oriented Synthesis2014 Paul E. Floreancig (grad student)
Jun CuiTheoretical Chemistry2007 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Timothy F. CunninghamBiophysical Chemistry Chemistry20082015 Sunil K. Saxena (grad student)
Dennis P. Curranradical chemistry
Hikmat N. Daghestanibiomarkers20062010 Billy W. Day (grad student)
Sivaraman Dandapaniradical chemistry2004 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Teesta Dasgupta20162019 Nathaniel L. Rosi (grad student)
Bernard Forbes Daubert1939 Charles Glen King (grad student)
Kevin W. DaviesPhysical-Organic Chemistry and Analytical Mass Spectrometry2008 Joseph J. Grabowski (grad student)
Billy W. DayDrug Discovery
James R. Dean Chemical Engineering Giannis Mpourmpakis (grad student)
Jolie E. DeForrestMethodology, total synthesis, DOS2009 Kay Michille Brummond (grad student)
Alexander DeitersChemistry, Chemical Biology, Synthetic Biology, Medicinal Chemistry
Susana F. DelanoDrug Discovery2002 Billy W. Day (grad student)
Meghan M. Delmastro-GreenwoodImmunology, Pathology, Biochemistry Immunology2012 Jon P. Piganelli (grad student)
Jill A. DembowskiMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2009 Paula J. Grabowski (grad student)
Raymond Edwin Dessylocalized surface plasmon resonance1956 John H. Wotiz (grad student)
Jing DingTheoretical Chemistry2011 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Mengning Dingmaterials chemistry/nanoscience Chemistry2013 Alexander Star (grad student)
Kadir DiriTheoretical Chemistry2007 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Robert P. Dixonbio-organic Chemistry19881993 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Zdenek Dohnalek1997 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Mary Donnelly-Wu Biological Sciences19881995 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Paul L. Dowdmechanistic action of vitamins
Wu Duradical chemistry2002 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
John J. DubeAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry2005 Bret H. Goodpaster (grad student)
Amanda Elizabeth DumiQuantum Mechanics Chemistry2017 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Corinn Durham Chemistry2016 Lillian T. Chong (grad student)
Samrat Dutta Sean Garrett-Roe (post-doc)
Mary P. EdmondsmRNA
James Eles2012 Xinyan Tracy Cui (grad student)
S. Walter Englanderbiological macromolecules1959 Max A. Lauffer (grad student)
Judson M. Englertpulmonary fibrosis, asthma, antioxidants2009 Tim Oury (grad student)
Ellis Englesberg
Erika E. EnglundChemical Biology2008 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Tugce G. Erbay2015 Peng Liu (grad student)
Miranda J.S. Falso20052009 Billy W. Day (grad student)
Erkang FanBiochemistry Chemistry19881993 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Cheng FangComputational Chemistry & Cheminformatics Computational Modeling and Simulation20142019 Peng Liu (grad student)
Hui FangBioanalytical Chemistry2009 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Amir H. FarajiStereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery Chemistry2011 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Caitlin FeatherGeneral Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2013 Paula J. Grabowski (grad student)
Robert E. Ferrellbiochemistry, genetics Stephen B. Manuck (collaborator)
Vyacheslav N. FishmanPhysical-Organic Chemistry and Analytical Mass Spectrometry2000 Joseph J. Grabowski (grad student)
Sara B. FleetPublic Health, Clinical Psychology2006 Bret H. Goodpaster (grad student)
Adam J. Fleisherphysical chemistry2011 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Paul E. FloreancigReaction Design, Total Synthesis, Mechanistic Analysis, Diversity Oriented Synthesis
Mary M. FolanPharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2003 Patricia D. Kroboth (grad student)
Stephen Sai Folmsbee20122016 Cara J. Gottardi (grad student)
Henry S. Frank
Christin A. Frederick1980 Daisuke Nakada (grad student)
Bruce A. Freemaneukaryotic cell production, reactions and signal transduction properties of oxidizing and free radical inflammatory mediators
Amy M. FurdaPharmacology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2011 Guillermo G. Romero (grad student)
Ana E. Gabarda Ortegaradical chemistry2001 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Robert C. Gadwoodmedicinal chemistry19791980 Samuel J. Danishefsky (post-doc), Julius Rebek, Jr. (post-doc)
Adam G. GagorikChemistry2013 Geoffrey R. Hutchison (grad student)
Ferruccio GalbiatlPharmacology, Biochemistry
Joseph A. Gardella, Jr.Surface Analysis, Polymer Interfaces19771981 David M. Hercules (grad student)
Amanda L. GarnerChemical Biology Chemistry20032008 Kazunori Koide (grad student)
Sean Garrett-Roeultrafast spectroscopy Chemistry2013 Daniel S. Lambrecht (collaborator)
Caroline D. GearyBioanalytical Chemistry2003 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Louis R. GhanemMolecular Biology2005 Richard Steinman (grad student)
Harshad GhodkeGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry2013 Bennett V. Houten (grad student)
Arun K. GhoshHIV-1 protease inhibitors1985 Alan P. Kozikowski (grad student)
Pallavi Ghosh Biological Sciences20022009 Graham F. Hatfull (post-doc)
David M. Glickquantitative histochemistry and cytochemistry1932 Charles Glen King (grad student)
Eva M. GoellnerPharmacology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Oncology, Biochemistry2011 Robert W. Sobol (grad student)
Bret H. GoodpasterAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry
Heather M. GorrMaterials Science Engineering, Nanoscience Materials Science Engineering2013 John A. Barnard (grad student)
Pingping Goumaterials chemistry/nanoscience2012 Alexander Star (grad student)
Paula J. GrabowskiMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Joseph J. GrabowskiPhysical-Organic Chemistry and Analytical Mass Spectrometry
Thomas H. GrahamMedicinal Chemistry20002006 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Michael E. Green2008 Paul E. Floreancig (grad student)
Charles D. Griego2017 John A. Keith (grad student)
Alison L. Groegereukaryotic cell production, reactions and signal transduction properties of oxidizing and free radical inflammatory mediators2009 Bruce A. Freeman (grad student)
Mitchell C. Groenenboom20132018 John A. Keith (grad student)
Angela M. GronenbornNMR spectroscopy of biological macromolecules
Giovanna Gualtieriradical chemistry2000 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Venugopal Gudipatiradical chemistry2008 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Zhannetta Gugel20112014 Xinyan Tracy Cui (research assistant), Takashi Daniel Yoshida Kozai (research assistant)
Olivier L. GuiseSurface chemistry2005 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
David B. Guthrieradical chemistry2008 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Yifat GuyBioanalytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Kazanna C. HamesGeneral, Physiology Biology2010 Bret H. Goodpaster (grad student)
Andrew D. Hamiltonchemical biology
Jared T. HammillChemical Biology Chemistry2012 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Kelong HanPharmacy2010 Raman Venkataramanan (grad student)
Ileana HancuSolid state NMR, NMR theory and instrumentation, magnetic resonance imaging2001 Irving J. Lowe (grad student)
Brian P. Haneyradical chemistry2000 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Lana E. Hanfordpulmonary fibrosis, asthma, antioxidants2005 Tim Oury (grad student)
Hirokazu Hara20022003 Elias Aizenman (post-doc)
Michael Hartmann20122018 Daniel S. Lambrecht (grad student)
Graham F. HatfullMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Matthew J. HawrylukCell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2006 Linton Traub (grad student)
William F. HawseBiophysics, immunology
Everett B. Hayradical chemistry Chemistry2014 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
David M. Herculesinstrumental analytical techniques
Brian D. HermanVirology Biology, Biochemistry2012 Nicolas Sluis-Cremer (grad student)
John Hermann20102012 Xinyan Tracy Cui (research assistant)
Klaus Hofmann
Ericka C. HolmstrandHigh-affinity choline transporter20032010 Susan Ruth Sesack (grad student)
Corey R. HopkinsChemical Biology2002 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Charles Hornemesis, systems neuroscience, gut-brain communication
W. Seth Horne Chemistry20052009 Samuel H. Gellman (post-doc)
Bennett V. HoutenPharmacology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Carina Y. HowellGenetics, Molecular Biology2000 J Richard Chaillet (grad student)
Adam T. HoyeChemical Biology2010 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Jung-Jiin HsuSolid state NMR, NMR theory and instrumentation, magnetic resonance imaging2002 Irving J. Lowe (grad student)
June HuhPolymer Physics19982000 Anna Christina Balazs (post-doc)
Donna M. HurynDrug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry
Abul HussamAnalytical Chemistry1982 Johannes Francois Coetzee (grad student)
Geoffrey R. HutchisonChemistry Chemistry Lee Young Park (research assistant)
Leekyoung Hwangmetal organic frameworks2012 Nathaniel L. Rosi (grad student)
Ulrich Iserlohradical chemistry2000 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Sangeetha IyerPharmacology Pharmacology20062010 Gregg E. Homanics (grad student)
Linda J. JacobsonGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Udaya K. Jagadisan Neeraj J. Gandhi (grad student)
Shruti Jain Biological Sciences19982000 Graham F. Hatfull (post-doc)
Jelena M. Janjictheranostic nanoparticles20012005 Billy W. Day (grad student)
George A. Jeffreyx-ray crystallography, Hydrogen Bonding in Biological Structures
Glen R. JennessTheoretical Chemistry2011 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Luke T. Jesikiewicz2017 Peng Liu (grad student)
Anupma JhaCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Entomology Biology2011 Linton Traub (grad student)
Canping JiangChemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering2006 Mohammad M. Ataai (grad student)
Minji JoCell Biology2000 George K. Michalopoulos (grad student)
Beomjun JooChemical Biology2004 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Kenneth D. JordanTheoretical Chemistry
Randy Paul Juhlpharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs
Sangmi JunBiochemistry, General Biophysics2009 Sunil K. Saxena (grad student)
Hyung H. JungReaction Design, Total Synthesis, Mechanistic Analysis, Diversity Oriented Synthesis2012 Paul E. Floreancig (grad student)
Moon C. JungBioanalytical Chemistry2006 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Arailym KairalapovaTheoretical chemistry Chemistry2016 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Candace L. KairiesGeology, Geochemistry, Environmental Sciences2003 Rosemary C. Capo (grad student)
Cheolhwa Kangphysical chemistry2005 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Ozan KaraltiTheoretical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Karen Karapetian20002002 Kenneth D. Jordan (post-doc)
Andreas KatsiarasMedicine and Surgery, Animal Physiology Biology, Recreation, Public Health2003 Bret H. Goodpaster (grad student)
Frederick Kaufmangas-phase chemical kinetics and its application to the understanding of atmospheric and combustion processes
John A. KeithComputational chemistry, catalysis
Christopher N. KendallChemical Biology2004 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Thomas Wells KenslerPharmacology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Julia van kessel Biological Sciences20032008 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Ilia Kevlishvili2016 Peng Liu (grad student)
Peter A. KeyelCell Biology, Biochemistry2006 Linton Traub (grad student)
Sandra K. KeyserOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2010 Craig S. Wilcox (grad student)
Zahida KhanPathology, Cell Biology2006 George K. Michalopoulos (grad student)
Sanjeev Khannavisual system20122018 Matthew A. Smith (grad student), Xinyan Tracy Cui (research assistant)
Sun-Young Kimradical chemistry2000 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Kyobum Kim
Jiyeon Kim Chemistry2012 Shigeru Amemiya (grad student)
Yushin Kim Chemistry2014 Shigeru Amemiya (grad student)
Sung-Hou KimStructural biology1966 George A. Jeffrey (grad student)
Kyle W. KimbleAnalytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2007 Sanford A. Asher (grad student)
Monica N. KindeGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Anesthesiology Anesthesiology Pei Tang (post-doc), Yan Xu (post-doc)
Charles Glen Kingnutrition research1923 Alexander Lowy (grad student)
Kirill KiselyovCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Amy Klann Biological Sciences19941999 Graham F. Hatfull (post-doc)
Corrine R. Klimentpulmonary fibrosis, asthma, antioxidants2009 Tim Oury (grad student)
Joseph E. KnappPharmaceutical Chemistry
Daniel J. KnaptonOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2004 Tara Y. Meyer (grad student)
David B. KnowlesOrganic Chemistry2001 Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Jeffrey R. Koenitzereukaryotic cell production, reactions and signal transduction properties of oxidizing and free radical inflammatory mediators Molecular Pharmacology2012 Bruce A. Freeman (grad student)
Kazunori KoideOrganic Chemistry
Christi L. Kolarcik2011 Xinyan Tracy Cui (post-doc)
Kurt W. KolasinskiPhysical Chemistry, Surface Science19821985 John T. Yates, Jr. (research assistant)
Bernard J. KomoroskiPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy2005 Raman Venkataramanan (grad student)
Petro KondratyukSurface chemistry2007 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Vasiliy N. Korotchenko20082010 Billy W. Day (post-doc)
Timothy M. Korterphysical chemistry2001 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Pavlo Kostetskyy Chemical Engineering Giannis Mpourmpakis (grad student)
Gregg P. Kotcheymaterials chemistry/nanoscience2013 Alexander Star (grad student)
Catherine A. KraftPharmacology2005 Guillermo G. Romero (grad student)
Eric G. KratzTheoretical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Thanapong KreethadumrongdatOrganic Chemistry2003 Theodore Cohen (grad student)
Patricia D. KrobothPharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry1983 Randy Paul Juhl (grad student)
Nadezhda V. KulaginaAnalytical Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology2002 Adrian C. Michael (grad student)
Jochen Küppermolecular physics, chemical physics, physical chemistry, biophysics, cold molecules, ultrafast dynamics19951998 David W. Pratt (research assistant)
Elena Kusevska2018 Peng Liu (grad student)
Anya P. KuznetsovaSurface chemistry2001 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Yong Tae Kwon
Yeon Kwon2019 Nathaniel L. Rosi (post-doc)
Bradley A. LambieBioanalytical Chemistry2010 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Daniel S. Lambrechttheoretical and computational chemistry
Andre J. Lapierreradical chemistry2005 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Max A. Lauffervirus research
Paul Christian LauterburNMR, MRI1962 Christopher Dean (grad student)
Jae-Gook LeeSurface chemistry2004 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Christopher A. Lee2004 Paul E. Floreancig (grad student)
John F. LeiteBiochemistry2000 Michael Cascio (grad student)
Susan B. LeschineMicrobiology, Biochemistry1975 Lewis Arthur Jacobson (grad student)
Margaret Levin Biological Sciences19911993 Graham F. Hatfull (post-doc)
John Lewis Biological Sciences19972002 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Lei Licoating, 2D material, ionic liquid, surface, interface, wetting, tribology
Fang-I LiMaterials Science Engineering2008 John A. Barnard (grad student)
Xiben Liradical chemistry Chemistry2014 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Tao Li
Wenjie LiChemical Biology2000 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Song Li
Mingxiang LinPhysical-Organic Chemistry and Analytical Mass Spectrometry2004 Joseph J. Grabowski (grad student)
Bruno J. Linclau19971999 Dennis P. Curran (post-doc)
Brian R. Linton Chemistry Andrew D. Hamilton (grad student)
Peng LiuComputational Chemistry
Bowen LiuPathology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2010 George K. Michalopoulos (grad student)
Hanbin LiuTheoretical Chemistry2005 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
Xinyu LiuNatural Product Discovery and Biosynthesis, Enzymology, Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biology
Chong Liu
Lin LiuNMR spectroscopy of biological macromolecules2011 Angela M. Gronenborn (grad student)
Weidong Liuradical chemistry2000 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Herbert Eugene Longenecker1938 Charles Glen King (research scientist)
Irving J. LoweSolid state NMR, NMR theory and instrumentation, magnetic resonance imaging
Alexander Lowy
Chunliang LuReaction Design, Total Synthesis, Mechanistic Analysis, Diversity Oriented Synthesis2013 Paul E. Floreancig (grad student)
Dujuan LuBioanalytical Chemistry2014 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Jianqin Lu School of Pharmacy2014 Song Li (grad student)
Gang Lu20142018 Peng Liu (post-doc)
Bryce Lunt Biological Sciences20122017 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Zhiyong Luoradical chemistry2000 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Tianyi Luo2014 Nathaniel L. Rosi (grad student)
George W. Lutherredox reactions in the environment, trace element speciation in marine waters and sediments1972 James C. Carter (grad student)
Gil MaChemical Biology2005 Peter Wipf (grad student)
John P. MaciejewskiChemical Biology2011 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Charitha MadirajuDrug Discovery2005 Billy W. Day (grad student)
Tamika A. MadisonChemistry2011 Geoffrey R. Hutchison (grad student)
Binh Khanh Mai2019 Peng Liu (post-doc)
Petro MaksymovychSurface chemistry2007 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Latha M. Malaiyandimitochondria, ion homeostasis19992005 Ian J. Reynolds (grad student)
Alex Maldonado2018 John A. Keith (grad student)
Susan K. MaleckarPolymer Chemistry2004 Toby M. Chapman (grad student)
Joseph MannaOrganometallic Chemistry, Supermolecular Synthesis, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry19891995 Michael D. Hopkins (grad student)
Michelle L. Mannipulmonary fibrosis, asthma, antioxidants2011 Tim Oury (grad student)
Lauren E Marbellaenergy storage; batteries; nanomaterials; NMR/MRI Chemistry20122016 Jill Millstone (grad student)
Laura Marinelli Biological Sciences Biological Sciences20082010 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student), Graham F. Hatfull (post-doc)
Aude MarjolinTheoretical Chemistry20142015 Kenneth D. Jordan (post-doc), John A. Keith (post-doc)
Marta K. MaurerAnalytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2004 Sanford A. Asher (grad student)
Douglas B. MawhinneySurface chemistry2001 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Manasi K. MayekarMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, General Biology2013 Karen Marie Arndt (grad student)
Rong MengBioanalytical Chemistry2006 Stephen G. Weber (grad student)
Maud Leonora MentenEnzyme kinetics, immunization, adult vs fetal hemoglobin, azo-dye coupling of alkaline phosphatase
Terri L. MenzPolymer Chemistry2003 Toby M. Chapman (grad student)
Andrea Merg2017 Nathaniel L. Rosi (grad student)
Joey-Lee MethotChemical Biology2002 Peter Wipf (grad student)
Tara Y. MeyerPolymer Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Sergey MezhennySurface chemistry2003 John T. Yates, Jr. (grad student)
Adrian C. MichaelAnalytical Chemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Arian C. MichaelAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
George K. MichalopoulosPathology, Biochemistry
Timothy A. MietenerBiochemistry
Aleksandr V. MikhoninBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, General Biophysics2007 Sanford A. Asher (grad student)
Diane M. Millerphysical chemistry2010 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Derek M. MillerNeural origins of post-stroke spasticity
Jill Millstonenanoparticle
Branko MitasevOrganic synthesis Chemistry Kay Michille Brummond (grad student)
Mona Mohamed2017 Nathaniel L. Rosi (post-doc)
Jeremiah D. MomperPharmacy, Pharmacology2011 Raman Venkataramanan (grad student)
Barry E MooreTheoretical Chemistry
Keith F. MoquinBiochemistry, Neurobiology Biology2011 Adrian C. Michael (grad student)
Cristian A. Morales-Rivera2014 Peng Liu (grad student)
Jared D. Morettiradical chemistry2010 Dennis P. Curran (grad student)
Philip J. Morganphysical chemistry2010 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Sidney Machen Morris Jrarginine metabolism, macrophages R. David Cole (grad student)
David D. MowreyBiochemistry, General Biophysics, Neuroscience Biology Computational and Systems Biology2014 Pei Tang (grad student)
Giannis MpourmpakisComputational Chemistry
David MuddimanMass Spectrometry1995 David M. Hercules (grad student)
Prasun MukherjeePhysical, Biophysical, Analytical Chemistry20092013 David H. Waldeck (post-doc)
Patrick Muldoon2014 Nathaniel L. Rosi (grad student)
Lindsey J. Munro Chemistry19982000 Kenneth D. Jordan (post-doc)
Michelle M. MuscatelloAnalytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2008 Sanford A. Asher (grad student)
Daisuke Nakada
Chadd Nesbit Biological Sciences19901996 Graham F. Hatfull (grad student)
Tri V. Nguyenphysical chemistry2005 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Aleksey E. Nikolayevphysical chemistry2011 David W. Pratt (grad student)
Nikoloz Nioradze Chemistry2014 Shigeru Amemiya (grad student)
Christopher NiyibiziBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Comfort Mduduzi NkambuleSynthetic organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry Chemistry19941999 Craig S. Wilcox (grad student)
Joseph H. NoroskiTheoretical Chemistry2009 Kenneth D. Jordan (grad student)
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