University of Queensland

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Rudiyansyah .Natural Products20042008 Mary Garson (grad student)
William Adcock1965 P. W. Wells (grad student)
Pratheep K ANNAMALAIPolymer Chemistry, Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology
Paul L. Burn
Hamish Cavayechemistry School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences20082012 Paul L. Burn (grad student)
Mohit Chhabra Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences20172021 Vito Ferro (grad student)
Javier CuevasIon channels Physiology & Pharmacology19951996 David J. Adams (post-doc)
Gareth G. Doherty Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences20172021 Vito Ferro (grad student)
Abolghasem EsmaeiliNeuroscience(Molecular Biology and electrophysiology)2003 Pankaj Sah (grad student), Andrew James Delaney (collaborator)
Vito Ferrocarbohydrate synthesis, glycosaminoglycans, heparan sulfate
Marianne GaborieauSpectroscopy, NMR, (solid-state) NMR spectroscopy, Polymers, Polysaccharides, Polyacrylates, Polyamides, Branching, Dynamics, Dissolution, Separation Science, Capillary Electrophoresis Centre for Nutriton and Food Science20072008 Michael J. Gidley (post-doc)
Lawrence R. GahanBiological coordination chemistry Alan McLeod Sargeson (post-doc)
Mary Garsonnatural product chemistry
Michael J. Gidley
Robert G. Gilbert Food Science Ian G. Ross (grad student)
Ulf Göransson20022004 David J. Craik (post-doc)
Clifford J. Hawkins
Qi Qi He Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences20132017 Vito Ferro (grad student)
David James
Ian McLeod JamieChemistry, Chemical Ecology, Attractants, Lures, Fruit Flies, Atmospheric Chemistry Chemistry19851988 David James (grad student)
Thomas Gilbert Henry JonesOrganic chemistry
Itamar KassProtein dynamics, Drug design Institute for Molecular Bioscience Alan Mark (post-doc)
Jeonghun Kim20172020 Yusuke Yamauchi (post-doc)
William Kitching
Elizabeth Helene KrenskePhysical and Computational Chemistry; Organic Chemistry
Francis Norman LaheyOrganic chemistry Thomas Gilbert Henry Jones (grad student)
Geoffrey Lawranceanalytical chemistry, materials Chemistry19691973 Clifford J. Hawkins (grad student)
Qin Li Victor Rudolph (grad student)
Bin LuoEnergy Materials
Piyush MadhamshettiwarBioinformatics Mark A. Ragan (grad student)
Alan Mark
Shifaza Mohamed Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences20112016 Vito Ferro (grad student)
Abdullah Al Nahain Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences20142019 Vito Ferro (grad student)
Mai Huong Nguyen Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences20142019 Vito Ferro (grad student)
Andrew M. PiggottNatural products chemistry, biodiscovery, chemical proteomics Institute for Molecular Bioscience20072013 Robert J. Capon (post-doc)
David M. PinkertonOrganic synthesis
Mark A. RaganComputational Biology, Bioinformatics
Ranjala Ratnayake Institute for Molecular Bioscience20022007 Robert J. Capon (grad student)
Susan Leonie RowlandScience Education
Victor Rudolph
Bruce N. RunnegarGeology, Geochemistry, Paleontology1967 Dorothy Hill (grad student)
Viviene Santiago Robert J. Capon (grad student)
Brett D SchwartzSynthetic Organic Chemistry Craig M Williams (post-doc)
ZHUO SHANGnatural products, chemical biology, metagenomics Institute for Molecular Bioscience20122016 Robert J. Capon (grad student)
Keith E. ShearwinGene regulation mechanisms, phage19871990 Donald J. Winzor (grad student)
Robert Vyent StickCarbohydrates Natural Products1970 Francis Norman Lahey (grad student)
Edwin Clifford Webbenzymology
P. W. Wells
Craig M Williams
Donald J. WinzorPhysical biochemistry
Anthony H. Wright
Xin Wu Philip A. Gale (grad student)
xue xiaomedicinal chemistry/natural product chemistry/analytical chemistry/microbiology
Yusuke Yamauchi