Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alaa S. Abd-El-AzizPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry1989 Ronald George Sutherland (grad student)
Abbas AbdoliOrganic chemistry, Bio-organic chemistry, Plant chemistry,Inhibition of phytoalexin detoxification enzymes Chemistry20102016 M. Soledade (grad student)
Rudolph A. Abramovitch
Suzanne AbramsBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry
Yehenew M. AgazieBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Oncology1995 Jeremy S. Lee (grad student)
Pearson William Kwaku AhiahonuOrganic Chemistry, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry2003 M Soledade C. Pedras (grad student)
Solange Angulo-SaldinaGeology, Sedimentary Geology, Petroleum Geology Geological Sciences2010 Luis Buatois (grad student)
Ryan J. ArsenaultBiochemistry Biochemistry2011 Scott Kirk Napper (grad student)
Gustavo ArtecaPolymer Chemistry, Bioinformatics Biology1986 Paul G. Mezey (post-doc)
Eric K. AsarePlant Culture Agriculture, Genetics Plant Sciences2011 Ravindra N. (Ravi) Chibbar (grad student)
Tala N. AwadaPlant Culture Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Plant Physiology2000 Robert Emanuel Redmann (grad student)
Bidraha BaghInorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry20072012 Jens Müller (grad student)
Abhinandan Ronnie Banerjeefunctional materials, nanomaterials, nanobioprobes, biological imaging, catalysis, cannabis science chemistry20102015 Robert WJ Scott (grad student)
Andrzej S. BaranskiAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Stanley Arthur BarberPlant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences1947 John William Tranter Spinks (research assistant)
Kris M. BarretoBiochemistry, Genetics Biochemistry2010 Ron Geyer (grad student)
Fabiola Becerril-JimenezOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Dale Ward (grad student)
Shirin Behyan Chemistry Stephen Urquhart (grad student)
Drew Bertwistle Physics David A.R. Sanders (grad student)
Peter E. BlanchardSolid State Chemistry chemistry20112013 Andrew Grosvenor (post-doc)
Aliaksei BoikaAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Andrzej S. Baranski (grad student)
Keith BonhamBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Stephen J. BrokxBiochemistry2000 E Bruce Waygood (grad student)
Luis BuatoisGeology, Paleoecology, Geochemistry, Limnology Biology
Ravindra N. (Ravi) ChibbarBiochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture, Animal Physiology Biology
H L. ClasenAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry
Sean Dalrymple Chemistry David A.R. Sanders (post-doc)
Richard Danielloucarbohydrates, enzymes Chemistry David R. J. Palmer (post-doc)
Priyabrat DashInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Nanotechnology Chemistry2010 Robert W. J. Scott (grad student)
Louis T. J. DelbaereX-ray crystallography
Kash DesaiBiochemistry, Oncology, Cell Biology
Arti DharBiochemistry, Oncology, Cell Biology Pharmacology2011 Kash Desai (grad student)
Jo-Anne R. DillonMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Eva N. FischerAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry2003 H L. Clasen (grad student)
Stephen R. Foleysynthetic inorganic and organometallic chemistry with an emphasis on homogeneous catalysis
Adams FrimpongPlant Culture Agriculture, Botany Biology Plant Sciences2010 Ravindra N. (Ravi) Chibbar (grad student)
Marek M. GalkaBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Suzanne Abrams (grad student)
Graham N. George
Jim GermidaSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Ron GeyerBiochemistry, Genetics
William A.G. Grahamorganometallic compounds and metal carbonyl derivatives John William Tranter Spinks (research assistant)
Michel GravelOrganic Chemistry
Andrew Grosvenorsolid state materials, spectroscopy
Lawrence V Gusta
Samuel H. Gyepi-GarbrahPhysical Chemistry2003 Roberta Silerova (grad student)
Chantal HamelSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Ken J. HampelRNA structure Jeremy S. Lee (grad student)
John HeadleyPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Gordon HillBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering
David R. J. PalmerBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry
Robert W. J. ScottInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Nanotechnology
Neeraj Kumar Joshi20152018 Ronald P. Steer (post-doc), Matthew F. Paige (post-doc)
Tara F. KahanReactivity at ice surfaces, Fate of pollutants in natural waters, Chemistry at urban surfaces, Indoor chemistry
Timothy L. KellyPhotovoltaics
Robert Kerrich
Hasan Mahmood Khan Department of Chemistry and the Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory Robert James Woods (grad student)
R L. KhandelwalBiochemistry
Edward Elmer KnausPharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology1971 Rudolph A. Abramovitch (grad student)
Arthur R. Knight
Ahmad LandiSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry2002 A R. Mermut (grad student)
Jeremy S. LeeNucleic Acid structure A. Richard Morgan (research scientist)
Bo LiaoBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering Biochemistry2011 W J. Roesler (grad student)
Claudia A. MadampageBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry2011 Jeremy S. Lee (grad student)
Marek MajewskiOrganic Chemistry
Carmem S. MasuttiSoil Science Agriculture, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences2004 A R. Mermut (grad student)
Maria A. Matus-CadizPlant Culture Agriculture, Molecular Biology2000 Ravindra N. (Ravi) Chibbar (grad student)
Dena W. McMartinEnvironmental Sciences2004 John Headley (grad student)
Welhelmus I. MellaSoil Science Agriculture2004 A R. Mermut (grad student)
A R. MermutSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Paul G. MezeyPhysical Chemistry
Jens MüllerInorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry
Scott Kirk NapperBiochemistry1999 Louis T. J. Delbaere (grad student)
Hisham A. Nasr-El-DinPetroleum Engineering, Geochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemical Engineering1984 Clifton Arnold Shook (grad student)
Atul NayyarSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry Soil Science2009 Chantal Hamel (grad student)
Supatcharee NetrphanBiochemistry, Plant Culture Agriculture, Animal Physiology Biology2002 R L. Khandelwal (grad student)
Corwin M. NycholatGlycoscience, Organic Chemistry Chemistry19982001 M Soledade C. Pedras (grad student)
Josiah Obiero Chemistry David A.R. Sanders (grad student)
Matthew F. PaigePhysical Chemistry
Nagarjuna PalyamOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2010 Marek Majewski (grad student)
Sarathy Karunan Partha Chemistry David A.R. Sanders (grad student)
Tressia Alias Princy PauloseInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Stephen R. Foley (grad student)
C PedrasOrganic Chemistry, Plant Physiology, Biochemistry
M Soledade C. PedrasOrganic Chemistry, Plant Pathology Agriculture
Mingsheng PengMolecular Biology2000 Ravindra N. (Ravi) Chibbar (grad student)
Salina Pervin Chemistry David A.R. Sanders (grad student)
Chris Phenix Chemistry20002007 David R. J. Palmer (grad student)
Eric Price
John Wilson Quail
Nicholas M. RandellMaterials, Chemistry, solar cells, Photovoltaics2012 Timothy L. Kelly (grad student)
Steve ReidAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Robin RenautGeology, Paleoecology, Geochemistry, Limnology Biology
Shawn A. RitchieBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Keith Bonham (grad student)
W J. RoeslerMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
William RoeslerBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering
Marcelo SalesOrganic Chemistry2003 Dale Ward (grad student)
Jose E. Sanchez-LariosOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Michel Gravel (grad student)
David A.R. SandersBiochemistry, protein crystallography, enzymology
Vijay K. Sarma-MamillapalleOrganic Chemistry, Plant Pathology Agriculture Chemistry2012 C Pedras (grad student)
William G. Schneiderhigh-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Gerhard Herzberg (research assistant)
Robert WJ ScottNanochemistry, catalysis
Javad ShaterianPlant Pathology Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture2002 Karen Tanino (grad student)
Roberta SilerovaPhysical Chemistry
Darina SlamovaAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2009 Steve Reid (grad student)
M. Soledade
Chris E. Soteros
John William Tranter Spinksradiation chemistry
Ronald P. SteerPhysical Chemistry1968 Arthur R. Knight (grad student)
Radu I. StefureacBiochemistry, General Biophysics Biochemistry2012 Jeremy S. Lee (grad student)
John W.B. StewartSoil Science
Kelly Lynn SummersX-ray absorption spectroscopy, copper, neurodegeneration, metalloproteins Geological Sciences Geological Sciences20132020 Graham N. George (grad student), Ingrid J. Pickering (grad student)
Ronald George Sutherland
Todd SutherlandGeneral Chemistry20022004 Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz (post-doc)
Noor A. SyedBiochemistry2001 R L. Khandelwal (grad student)
Heng Chiat Tai Chemistry David A.R. Sanders (grad student)
Karen Tanino
Henry TaubePhysical chemistry, inorganic chemistry John William Tranter Spinks (research assistant), Gerhard Herzberg (research assistant)
Dan Toogood Chemistry David A.R. Sanders (grad student)
John S. TseMaterials Science
Stephen Urquhart
Karin Elisabeth van Straaten Chemistry David A.R. Sanders (post-doc)
R E. VerrallPhysical Chemistry
Peter L. WarburtonPhysical Chemistry2004 Paul G. Mezey (grad student)
Dale WardOrganic Chemistry
Kishor M. Wasan
E Bruce WaygoodBiochemistry
John A. WeilChemical Physics, NMR, EPR
Shawn D. WettigPhysical Chemistry2000 R E. Verrall (grad student)
Ian Robert WillickPlant stress biology Plant Sciences2018 Karen Tanino (grad student)
Heather L. WilsonBiochemistry2002 W J. Roesler (grad student)
Lee WilsonPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Robert James Woods
Xiu-Ping YanTrace Metal Speciation, Advanced Materials for Analytical Applications19971999 Robert Kerrich (post-doc)
Jian YangMedicinal Chemistry and Structural Biochemistry Chemistry1998 John Wilson Quail (grad student)
Lacramioara I. ZahariaOrganic Chemistry, Botany Biology, Plant Culture Agriculture2001 C Pedras (grad student)
Hongyan ZhengBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2010 David R. J. Palmer (grad student)