University of Sussex

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Christer B. AakeröyInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry19861990 Kenneth R. Seddon (grad student)
Polly L. ArnoldInorganic chemistry19941997 Geoff Cloke (grad student)
Robin B. Bedford Chemistry Penny Chaloner (grad student)
Elena Besley (Bichoutskaia)Theoretical and computational chemistry
Norman C. Billingham
Edward O Bishopnuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Robin J. BlaggInorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry Chemistry20092010 Geoff Cloke (post-doc)
Paul R. CareyBiochemistry1969 Edward O Bishop (grad student)
Penny Chaloner
Joseph Chattinorganic and organometallic chemistry
Geoff ClokeInorganic chemistry
Richard CollinsSMMs, Single-molecule Magnets, inorganic chemistry, organometallics
John W. CornforthOrganic chemistry, stereochemistry
Robert H. Crabtreeorganometallics, inorganic19701973 Joseph Chatt (grad student)
Ian R. Crossley
Julia M. Dickinson James R. Hanson (grad student)
Jonathan Robin DilworthBiomedical, catalytic and materials applications of coordination chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory1970 Joseph Chatt (grad student)
Robert DitchfieldTheory of magnetic resonance parameters, theoretical studies of carbocation-pi complexation in the gas phase and in solution1968 John N. Murrell (grad student)
Colin Eabornorganosilicon chemistry
Stavros C. Farantos1978 John N. Murrell (grad student)
Nicholas P. FarrellBiochemistry1973 Colin Eaborn (grad student), Alan Pidcock (grad student)
Samantha Furfari Ian R. Crossley (post-doc)
David Gani Douglas W. Young (grad student)
Aaron A. GoodarziDNA Repair, Chromatin Remodelling Penny A. Jeggo (post-doc)
Hua GuoTheoretical and computational chemistry School of Molecular Sciences John N. Murrell (grad student)
James R. Hanson1963 Derek Harold Richard Barton (grad student)
Jessica A. HigginsOrganometallics20102014 Geoff Cloke (grad student)
Alan Woodworth Johnsonnatural products synthesis
Alexander (Sandy) KilpatrickOrganometallic chemistry, catalysis, small molecule activation, electrochemistry, polymerisation Department of Chemistry20102014 Geoff Cloke (grad student)
Peter J. KnowlesTheoretical and computational chemistry
Anna KowalewskaSilicon chemistry Colin Eaborn (research scientist)
Setharampattu Seshaiyer KrishnamurthyInorganic chemistry, physical chemistry Michael F. Lappert (post-doc)
Harold W. KrotoOrganic chemistry, structural chemistry
Alexandros Lappas1993 Kosmas Prassides (grad student)
Michael F. LappertInorganic chemistry
Steven Frank Leebiophysical chemistry, super-resolution imaging, single-molecule sprectroscopy Chemistry20052009 Mark Osborne (grad student)
Matthew C LeechInorganic Chemistry Department of Chemistry20142018 Ian R. Crossley (grad student)
Madeleine Levis Ian R. Crossley (grad student)
Paul D. Lickiss19841985 Colin Eaborn (post-doc)
Hugh Christopher Longuet-Higginsartificial intelligence, theoretical chemistry
Ronald Masonorganometallic chemistry
Anthony J. McCaffery
John N. Murrellquantum chemistry
Mark Osborne
Kyle G. Pearce2017 Ian R. Crossley (grad student)
Armando J. L. Pombeiro1976 Joseph Chatt (grad student)
Philip PowerInorganic chemistry19751977 Michael F. Lappert (grad student)
Kosmas Prassides
Steven P. Rannardpolymeric materials, organic nanotechnologies, nanomedicine. Chemistry Norman C. Billingham (grad student)
Paul B. ReeseBio-organic Chemistry Chemistry19791984 James R. Hanson (grad student)
Katharine L. ReidPhysical chemistry19861989 Anthony J. McCaffery (grad student)
Amy Saunders Ian R. Crossley (grad student)
Owen T. SummerscalesInorganic chemistry20042007 Geoff Cloke (grad student)
Oliver P E TownrowInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20172018 Geoff Cloke (research assistant)
Nicola (Nikki) Trathen Ian R. Crossley (grad student)
Luigi M. Venanzi Joseph Chatt (grad student)
Georgios C. Vougioukalakisorganic chemistry Chemistry20032003 Kosmas Prassides (research scientist)
Jonathan V.M. Weaver Chemistry2003 Steven P. Armes (grad student)
Anthony "Tony" G. Wedd Joseph Chatt (post-doc)
Tom Welton Chemistry1990 Kenneth R. Seddon (grad student)
Douglas W. Young
Jon A. Zubietaolid state coordination chemistry; radiopharmaceutical design1973 Ronald Mason (post-doc)