U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Lauren L. BischelMicrofluidics, Cell and Cancer biology, Global Health Chemistry Russell Kirk Pirlo (post-doc)
Amy Szuchmacher BlumPhysical Chemistry, Nanoscience, Plasmonics, Self-assembly
Darryl A. BoydInorganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Biochemistry20112014 Frances S. Ligler (post-doc)
Christopher N. ChervinMaterial Chemistry, nanomaterials
Greg E. Collins
David W. Conrad
Jeffrey Deschamps Lab for Structure of Matter19881996 Keith B Ward (post-doc)
Junghwan DoSolid State Chemistry, Ionics
Martin D. Donakowskicrystallography, electrochemistry Electrochemical20142016 Deborah Rolison (post-doc)
J L Flippen-Anderson
Delana Amber Gajdosik-NivensCHEM education, Environmental analytical chemistry, spectroscopy Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering19982000 Frances S. Ligler (post-doc), David W. Conrad (post-doc)
Clifford George
David J. Haascrystallography, biophysics Crystallography19651965 Jerome Karle (post-doc)
Amanda J. HaesChemistry20042006 Greg E. Collins (post-doc)
Linda Hannick Lab for Structure of Matter19901993 Keith B Ward (post-doc)
Wayne A. Hendricksonbiological macromolecules19691971 Jerome Karle (post-doc)
Jerome KarlePhysical chemistry, structural chemistry
Isabella L. Karle
Jihyun Kim
K Kopec-Smyth Lab for Structure of Matter19921993 Keith B Ward (research assistant)
Gary KushtoMatrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy Raman Spectroscopy
Thomas J. Larrabeesurface science
Frances S. LiglerBiosensors, Microfluidics
J H Matthews Lab for the Structure of Matter19931994 Keith B Ward (post-doc)
Joel Bruce Millermagnetic resonance
Tony MroczkowskiAstrophysics, Astronomy and Experimental Physics
Herbert H. NelsonGas Phase Dynamics
Jeffrey Carl Owrutskychemical dynamics, ultrafast infrared spectroscopy, plasmonics, photochemisry, solid oxide fuel cells
N Pattabiraman Lab for Structure of Matter19901994 Keith B Ward (research scientist)
Mary Ann Perozzo Lab for Structure of Matter19861996 Keith B Ward (post-doc)
Diogenes PlacenciaElectrochemistry ESTD Joseph G. Tischler (post-doc)
J L Popinno Lab for Structure of Matter19921993 Keith B Ward (research assistant)
Daniel Ratchford
Deborah Rolisonelectrochemistry, materials surface science
John N. Russell, Jr.Surface Chemistry
Anirban Samanta
L W Schultz Lab for Structure of Matter19901992 Keith B Ward (research assistant)
Ronald S. SheinsonCombustion Dynamics
Rachel M. SniderElectrochemistry
Martha M TeeterProtein Crystallography, Ultra-high resolution crystal structure, role of water and disorder in protein function19761977 Wayne A. Hendrickson (post-doc)
Kathryn J Wahl
Jean Marie WallaceElectrochemistry
Keith B WardProtein crystalography, molecular modeling Lab for Structure of Matter Lab for Structure of Matter Lab for Structure of Matter Lab for Structure of Matter19951996 J L Flippen-Anderson (collaborator), Clifford George (collaborator), Patrick John Fleming (collaborator), Wayne A. Hendrickson (post-doc)
Brad R. WeinerGas Phase Dynamics, Nanotechnology Herbert H. Nelson (post-doc)
James Wick Lab for Structure of Matter19861988 Keith B Ward (research assistant)
Matthew A. Willardmagnetic materials and nanostructured alloys20002003 Vincent G. Harris (post-doc)
Matthew F. WolfordLaser (Excimer) Inertial Confinement Fusion
James P. Yesinowskisolid-state NMR, semiconductors
William Zuk Lab for Structure of Matter19881996 Keith B Ward (post-doc)