University of Texas at San Antonio

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sarah Alharthi Chemistry2012 Carlos D. Garcia (grad student)
Samir A. Bhakta
Jonathan D. CarantoBioinorganic chemistry
Banglin Chensolid state nanoporous metal-organic frameworks and nanoparticles, self-assembled by coordination of suitable metal ions/clusters with organic building blocks
Michael P Doylecatalysis, organic chemistry
Elizabeth Evans Chemistry2016 Carlos D. Garcia (grad student)
Jessica Felhofer
Frady Gouany
Howard D. GrimesCell Biology, Biochemistry
Gabrielle G. Haby Chemistry2009 Carlos D. Garcia (grad student)
M. Mozammel Hoquemetallurgy, physical chemistry
Saba A. Iyoob Chemistry2014 Carlos D. Garcia (grad student)
Peng Limetal-organic framework, enzyme immobilization, hydrogen-bonded organic framework, gas separation Chemistry20102014 Banglin Chen (grad student)
Sanford A. MillerNutrition
George PerryAlzheimer's disease, oxidative stress, cytoskeleton19982008 Gjumrakch Aliev (collaborator)
Nirmal K. RanaOrganocatalysis20122014 John C. G. Zhao (post-doc)
Kirk S. Schanzeorganic chemistry, materials chemistry
Justin C. ShenkMachine Learning, Cognitive Science, Neurobiology20062008 George Perry (grad student)
Zachary J. TonzetichInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Catalysis
Xin ZhangChemistry, MOFs, porous material