Oklahoma State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Pride T. AbongwaGeology, Geochemistry Geology2014 Eliot A. Atekwana (grad student)
Suaad M. AbuskhunaOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Richard A. Bunce (grad student)
Fadi Al JorfPlant Culture Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture Food Science2008 Patricia Rayas-Duarte (grad student)
Omar Al-Danoon Smita Mohanty (grad student)
Mohammed H. Al-Hazmi2005 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Zeid A. Al-Othman2006 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Sulaiman M. Alfadul2006 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Hendratta N. AliGeology, Geochemistry, Hydrology, Biogeochemistry Geology2010 Eliot A. Atekwana (grad student)
Darin J. AllenAnalytical Chemistry2003 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Amogh AmbardekarFood Science and Technology Agriculture Food Science2009 Patricia Rayas-Duarte (grad student)
William A. Ames1963 Otis Clifford Dermer (grad student)
Allen Apblett
Yohan Mathota Arachchige Chemistry20092014 LeGrande Mancel Slaughter (grad student)
Daryl B. ArnallAgronomy Agriculture Plant & Soil Science2008 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Amandeep Arora Jimmie D. Weaver (grad student)
Eliot A. AtekwanaGeology, Geochemistry, Hydrology, Biogeochemistry
Kevin D AusmanPhysical Chemistry, Nanotechnology
Ludivina AvilaAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2002 Mario Rivera (grad student)
Mohammad O. B. Jimmie D. Weaver (post-doc)
Abdulaziz A. Bagabas2005 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Kevin N. Barber Chemistry2009 Allen Apblett (grad student)
William W. BarrowVeterinary Science Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry
Tyler A. Bartholome
Krishna P. BastolaGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry20072012 Kevin D Ausman (grad student)
Kenneth John Bell
Carl M. BennettPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2007 Lionel M. Raff (grad student)
Stacy D. BensonBiochemistry
Kenneth Darrell BerlinOrganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Sumana BhatBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2005 Marie E. Petracek (grad student)
Abdel A. BiorBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2000 Richard C. Essenbers (grad student)
Ronnie A. BockVeterinary Science Biology, Animal Physiology Biology, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry2006 William W. Barrow (grad student)
Phani K. Bollapragada2003 Allen Apblett (grad student)
John Michael BowenAnalytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Trace Water Pollutants Chemistry1982 Neil Purdie (grad student)
Frank V. BrightChemical sensors, wound repair1985 Linda B. McGown (grad student)
Roy Edward Bruns J. Paul Devlin (grad student)
Richard A. BunceOrganic Chemistry
Jacob T. BushongSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture Soil Science2014 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Harita BylupallaProcess Modeling and Simulation Arland H. Johannes (grad student)
Gregori A. CaignanBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry2003 Mario Rivera (grad student)
Bharat P ChaudharyCloning, mutagenesis, expression, purification, NMR, structure and function of proteins, molecular dynamics simulation, protein ligand interaction, ligand docking, drug design Chemistry20152020 Smita Mohanty (grad student)
Mohamed Chehbouni2006 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Junho Cho20112016 Kevin Scott Wilson (grad student)
Lakshmi Chockalingam Kasi ViswanathOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2013 Kenneth Darrell Berlin (grad student)
Pavalee ChompooratFood Science and Technology Agriculture Food Science2014 Patricia Rayas-Duarte (grad student)
Byungkyun ChungSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2007 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Volkan Cicek Chemsitry2008 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Larissa N. D'Souzapolymer chemistry Chemistry2008 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Shiping DengSoil Science Agriculture, Range Management Agriculture, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry
Otis Clifford Dermer
Kefyalew G. DestaSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2005 William Robert Raun (grad student)
J. Paul DevlinInfrared spectroscopy
Biao DingBiochemistry
Matt Downey Chemistry2012 Ronald J. Rahaim, Jr. (research assistant)
Gerard G. DumancasPhysical Chemistry, Biostatistics Biology, Bioinformatics Biology Chemistry2012 Neil Purdie (grad student)
Edmund J. Eisenbraunsynthesis of organic compounds
Ziad El RassiAnalytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Mohamad A. El-OstaMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2005 Patricia Rayas-Duarte (grad student)
Richard C. EssenbersBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Warren T. Fordpolymer chemistry
Solomon GebreyohannesProcess Modeling and Simulation, Thermodynamics20082010 Arland H. Johannes (grad student)
Muhammed K. GheithOptics Physics, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry2004 James P. Wicksted (grad student)
Amrapali Ghosh2016 Kevin Scott Wilson (grad student)
Lance GillPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2012 Jeffery L. White (grad student)
Earl H. GilmorePhysical chemistry
Surya C. GnyawaliMedical Biophysics2007 James P. Wicksted (grad student)
George Gorinchemical information
Dilani N. GunasenaOrganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Gaumani GyanwaliPolymer Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2013 Jeffery L. White (grad student)
Randal L. HallfordInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2003 Elizabeth M. Holt (grad student)
Sachin Handa Chemistry20092013 LeGrande Mancel Slaughter (grad student)
Horace J. HarperSoils
LaVell M. Hendersonnutritional science, biochemistry
Russell L. Hertzlerpharmaceutical stability, structural elucidation Chemistry19861991 Edmund J. Eisenbraun (grad student)
Rangika S. Hikkaduwa Chemistry20102014 Kevin D Ausman (grad student)
Martha E. HilburnPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Nanotechnology Chemistry20072013 Kevin D Ausman (grad student)
Jack S. Hinecarbene chemistry
Elizabeth M. HoltInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Wesley T. Honeycutt Chemistry20122017 Nicholas F. Materer (grad student)
RaiAnna A Hopson
Asuka ItayaPlant Physiology, Cell Biology2001 Biao Ding (grad student)
Travis H. JamesInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2014 Nicholas F. Materer (grad student)
Jagdish Jethmalani Chemistry19921996 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Haobo JiangBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology Biology
Yazen R. JmeianAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2009 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Arland H. JohannesReaction Engineering, Plasma Reactors, Process Modeling and Simulation
Lara B. JohnsonOrganic Chemistry2003 Richard A. Bunce (grad student)
Paul B Jonesorganic chemistry; photochemistry; natural products Chemistry19911993 Richard A. Bunce (research assistant)
Evgueni B. KadossovPhysical Chemistry2004 Nicholas F. Materer (grad student)
Arron L. KarcherAnalytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering2000 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Samuel M. KarengaAnalytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry2010 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Rangarani Karnatipolymer chemistry Chemistry2009 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Eirini KatsalirouSoil Science Agriculture, Range Management Agriculture, Microbiology Biology, Biochemistry2006 Shiping Deng (grad student)
Baljinder Kaurpolymer chemistry Chemistry2010 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Mary W. KimaniAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry2012 Neil Purdie (grad student)
Jerzy S. Krasinski
Jason L. Kreiderpolymer chemistry2000 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Justin A. KrouseAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2001 Neil Purdie (grad student), Mark G. Rockley (grad student)
Satish I. Kuriyavar2006 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Sathish Lageshetty Chemistry20102014 Kevin D Ausman (grad student)
David LampertEnvironmental and Water Resources Engineering
Barry K. LavineAnalytical Chemistry
Franklin Rollin Leach19591960 LaVell M. Henderson (post-doc)
Eric A. LehouxBiochemistry2000 H Olin Spivey (grad student)
Edward C. Lim1959 Earl H. Gilmore (grad student)
Mark S. LongtineBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Gilbert J. Mains
Niels O. ManessHorticulture Agriculture, Food Science and Technology Agriculture, General Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry
Randall D. MaplesOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20072012 Kevin D Ausman (grad student)
Janakiraman MaruthavananPlant Culture Agriculture, Plant Physiology2006 Niels O. Maness (grad student)
Nicholas F. MatererPhysical Chemistry
Yoshie MatsudaBiochemistry2002 Biao Ding (grad student)
Erandi P. MayadunneAnalytical Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry Chemistry2013 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Linda B. McGownbiomaterials, nanotechnology, affinity techniques, bioseparations, genomic DNA and prebiotic chemistry
Scott McMurry
Yehia Mechref Chemistry19921996 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Nikhil S. MirjankarAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2012 Barry K. Lavine (grad student)
Shambel M. MogesAgronomy Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture2005 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Yesuf A. MohammedSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture Plant & Soil Science2012 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Smita MohantyBiochemistry
Jagadeesh MosaliSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2004 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Befrika S. MurdiantiGeneral Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Nanotechnology Chemistry20072012 Kevin D Ausman (grad student)
Erni S. MurtiniFood Science and Technology Agriculture Food Science2014 Patricia Rayas-Duarte (grad student)
Mohamed O. MusaEnvironmental Geology, Geochemistry Environmental Sciences2013 James Puckette (grad student)
Hemant K. NaikareMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry Veterinary Biomedical Sciences2005 Alain Stintzi (grad student)
Baskar NammalwarOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2010 Richard A. Bunce (grad student)
Eldon C. NelsonBiochemistry, Nutrition
Amanda J. Nichols Chemistry2008 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Mamiko NishidaBiochemistry Chemistry2010 Stacy D. Benson (grad student)
Allan Cameron Oehlschlager1965 Leon H. Zalkow (grad student)
Loralee M. OhrtmanOrganic Chemistry, Molecular Biology2002 Richard A. Bunce (grad student)
Lawanya R. OjhaGeneral Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Nanoscience, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry20072012 Kevin D Ausman (grad student)
Fred M. OkandaAnalytical Chemistry2006 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Kiran PalyadaMolecular Biology, Microbiology Biology, Genetics2004 Alain Stintzi (grad student)
Abhiram PamulaEnvironmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering20182022 David Lampert (grad student), Mark J. Krzmarzick (grad student)
Allison Parsons Chemistry2012 Ronald J. Rahaim, Jr. (research assistant)
Nitin V. PatilPolymer Chemistry, Nanoscience Chemistry2013 Jeffery L. White (grad student)
Anirudh R. (Andy) PatrachariChemical Engineering, Transport Phenomena, Fluid Mechanics Chemical Engineering20072012 Arland H. Johannes (grad student)
Abhijit Paulpolymer chemistry Chemistry2012 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Cory K. Perkins Chemistry2014 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Marie E. PetracekBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Spence C. Pilcherpolymer chemistry2000 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Minu R. Pilvankar Chemical Engineering20142019 Ashlee N. Ford Versypt (grad student)
Alan Piquette Chemistry2007 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Dipesh PremaInorganic Chemistry Chemistry20072009 LeGrande Mancel Slaughter (post-doc)
James PucketteEnvironmental Geology, Geochemistry
Neil PurdieAnalytical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry
Tracy M Quan
Lionel M. RaffPhysical Chemistry
Jill Rahaim Chemistry20112013 Ronald J. Rahaim, Jr. (post-doc)
Ronald J. Rahaim, Jr.Reductive Coupling, Medicinal Chemistry
Asif RahamanPhysical Chemistry, Molecular Physics2000 Lionel M. Raff (grad student)
Manjula Rathnayake Jimmie D. Weaver (grad student)
William Robert Raunsoil science
Patricia Rayas-DuarteMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Ahmad Razzaghi SoufianiPhysical Chemistry Chemistry2014 Nicholas F. Materer (grad student)
Travis M. ReedInorganic Chemistry2011 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Fred E. RegnierAnalytical Chemistry 1966 George R. Waller (grad student), Edmund J. Eisenbraun (grad student)
Lisa M. ReillyAnalytical Chemistry2006 Neil Purdie (grad student)
Mario RiveraAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Mark G. Rockley
Norman Rosenberg Jack Stone (grad student)
Anabel S.M. Ruggiero Chemical Engineering20162020 Ashlee N. Ford Versypt (grad student)
Emily J. RuttoSoil Science Agriculture Soil Science2011 William Robert Raun (grad student)
James E. SchammerhornOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Richard A. Bunce (grad student)
John L. SchragRheology1967 George B. Thurston (grad student)
Subhashini SelvarajuAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Sameera Senaweera Jimmie D. Weaver (grad student)
Robert L. Shermanpolymer chemistry2004 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Bhawani Sigdel Regmi Chemistry2012 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Melissa Simms-KelleyBiochemistry, Nutrition2000 Eldon C. Nelson (grad student)
Kamaljeet Singh Jimmie D. Weaver (grad student)
LeGrande Mancel Slaughter
H Olin SpiveyBiochemistry
Alain StintziMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry
Jack Stone
Joe B. StuderAnalytical Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry2003 Neil Purdie (grad student)
Sri Skandaraja Subramanium Science, Engineering & Technology20072011 LeGrande Mancel Slaughter (grad student)
Maxim N. Tchoulpolymer chemistry Chemistry2008 Warren T. Ford (grad student)
Roger K. TealSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2005 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Kip Teegardin Jimmie D. Weaver (grad student)
Tony J. TegelerAnalytical Chemistry2002 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Wade E. ThomasonSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2001 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Guilherme M. TorresGeneral Agriculture, Plant Culture Agriculture Plant & Soil Science2012 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Tarek M. Trad2006 Allen Apblett (grad student)
Winston Trinh Jimmie D. Weaver (grad student)
Brenda S. TubanaSoil Science Agriculture, Agronomy Agriculture2007 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Sheryl Ann Tucker
Juntanee UriyapongsonFood Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Patricia Rayas-Duarte (grad student)
Zhandos N. UtegulovCondensed Matter Physics, Optics Physics2003 James P. Wicksted (grad student)
Nisha VermaOrganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2013 Kenneth Darrell Berlin (grad student)
Charuksha Walgama
William E. WallAnalytical Chemistry2003 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
George R. Walleralkaloid research, plant biochemistry, biochemical applications of mass spectrometry1961 LaVell M. Henderson (grad student)
Olga S. WalshAgronomy Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture, General Agriculture Plant & Soil Science2009 William Robert Raun (grad student)
Jimmie D. WeaverChemistry
Jeffery L. WhitePhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
James P. WickstedOptics Physics, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Kevin Scott Wilsonmicrobiology, biochemistry, ribosomes, antibiotics
Marc-Oliver S. WirtzAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2000 Mario Rivera (grad student)
Chan Yul YooPlant Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Andrew John YostCondensed Matter Physics
Deok-Jin YuNanoscience Photonics2011 James P. Wicksted (grad student)
Leon H. ZalkowPharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry
Xiufeng ZhangEntomology Biology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology Entomology2014 Haobo Jiang (grad student)
Picheng ZhaoImmunology Entomology2010 Haobo Jiang (grad student)
Hengwen ZhongAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Ziad El Rassi (grad student)
Zhen ZouEntomology Biology2005 Haobo Jiang (grad student)