Vanderbilt University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dorothy Ackerman Chemistry20142018 Steven D. Townsend (grad student)
Chinessa T. AdkinsPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2009 Eva Harth (grad student)
Ahmad H. Al-Mestarihi Chemistry2012 Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Charles F. AlbrightMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Leslie N. Aldrich2012 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Amy L. AltmanMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2000 Ellen Fanning (grad student)
Dean R. ApplingRegulation And Organization Of Metabolic Pathways1981 Frank Chytil (grad student)
Hossein ArdehaliCell Biology, Physiology Biology, Biochemistry1996 Daryl K. Granner (grad student)
Richard N. ArmstrongBiochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology
Mario AscoliReceptors and Signal Transduction, Cellular and Molecular Endocrinology1975 John David Puett (grad student)
Brian O. BachmannChemistry, Biosynthesis, Synthetic Biology
Mingfeng BaiImaging, Bioanlytical, Backscattering Interferometry2007 Darryl J. Bornhop (grad student)
Ryan BaldridgeProtein quality control, protein degradation, ubiquitination, membranes Biological Sciences20082013 Todd Graham (grad student)
Omari J. BandeleBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Toxicology2008 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Susan L. BaneOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry1983 John David Puett (grad student)
Debasis Banik Matthew J. Lang (post-doc)
Ronda Sandifer Bardorganic chemistry, archaeometry Chemistry19761980 Thomas M. Harris (grad student)
Clinton R. BartholomewCell Biology2008 Christopher Hardy (grad student)
Suzanne M Batiste
Jeremiah Beam Chemistry Charles Lukehart (grad student)
William N BeaversChemical Microbiology Chemistry20102015 Lawrence J. Marnett (grad student)
Joseph A. Beavocontrol of signal transduction by cyclic nucleotide second messengers in the cell1970 Earl W. Sutherland (grad student), Joel G. Hardman (grad student)
Joseph M. BeechemGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Ryan P. BenderBiochemistry, Toxicology2007 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Kalisankar Bera20162018 Jeffrey N. Johnston (post-doc)
Lawrence J. Bergorganic synthesis Chemistry Steven D. Townsend (research assistant)
Jeanette L Bertron Chemistry2016 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Albert H. BethGeneral Biophysics, Physiology Biology, Biochemistry
Robert Earl Bird
William Birmingham20082013 Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Jordan Danielle Blodgett2004 David M. Hercules (grad student)
Mitsi A. BlountBiochemistry2006 Jackie David Corbin (grad student)
Louis H. BluhmAnalytical Chemistry2001 Tingyu Li (grad student)
Paul E. Bockhuman blood coagulation and fibrinolysis and their roles in cardiovascular and infectious diseases
Gary M. Bokoch Peter W. Reed (grad student)
Darryl J. BornhopImaging, Bioanlytical, Backscattering Interferometry
Deborah L. Boxall2000 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Erik D. BradyInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2001 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Megan C. BranchBiochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology2011 Richard N. Armstrong (grad student)
Blake T. Branson2010 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Alan R. BrashBiochemistry, Cell Biology
William T. BriganceMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2000 Todd Graham (grad student)
Robin C. Brooks BairleyCell Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology2011 Todd Graham (grad student)
Christopher Michael BrowneProteomics, Covalent Inhibitors, Kinases Biochemistry20072013 Andrew J. Link (grad student)
Carson J Bryant Chemistry20142017 David Edward Cliffel (research assistant)
Jason R. BuckOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2002 Carmelo Rizzo (grad student)
Saeed Baqir Bukallah2000 David M. Hercules (grad student)
Kristin E. Burnum-JohnsonImaging2008 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Jennifer L. BuschMolecular Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2003 Jackie David Corbin (grad student)
Nellie E. ByunNeuroscience, neuropharmacology, neuroimaging, mGluRs, muscarinic receptors20102010 John C. Gore (post-doc), Jeffrey P. Conn (research scientist), Eric Delpire (grad student)
Joshua D. Caldwell
Margaret C. CalhounAnalytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry Chemistry2016 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Lee S CantrellLens Proteomics Biochemistry2018 Kevin L. Schey (grad student)
Amanda L Cao
Jorge CapdevilaBiochemistry
David A. CappelPhysiology Biology2014 John M. Stafford (grad student)
Richard M. CaprioliImaging
Christin N. CarlsonInorganic Chemistry2004 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Clare K. CarneyBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2006 David W. Wright (grad student)
Graham F. CarpenterMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Melissa D. CarterBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2009 David W. Wright (grad student)
James Casonorganic chemistry
Barbaros CetinMechanical Engineering2009 Dongqing Li (grad student)
Almary Chaconfree radical chemistry2007 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Selena Chacón SimonMedicinal Chemistry Medicine20162020 Stephen Walter Fesik (grad student)
C. Roger ChalkleyBiochemistry
Schuyler A. Chambers Chemistry20162021 Steven D. Townsend (grad student)
Scott M. Chapp Chemistry20152021 Nathan David Schley (grad student)
Stephen T. ChauOrganic Chemistry2011 Gary A. Sulikowski (grad student)
Stephen C. ChmelyInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2010 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Bernard Karsten Choi2000 David M. Hercules (grad student)
Goutam Chowdhury Biochemistry F Peter Guengerich (post-doc)
Plamen P. ChristovOrganic Chemistry2007 Carmelo Rizzo (grad student)
Peter N. CiesielskiElectrochemistry2010 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Lily L. ClaiborneGeochemistry, Petrology2011 Calvin F. Miller (grad student)
Derek P. ClaxtonGeneral Biophysics, Neuroscience Biology, Physiology Biology2010 Albert H. Beth (grad student)
David Edward CliffelElectrochemistry
Simona G. CodreanuBiochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology2003 Richard N. Armstrong (grad student)
Sergio Coffa2011 Benjamin Spiller (grad student)
John Giglio Conigliofatty acid metabolism1950 Charles Summers Robinson (grad student)
Jackie David Corbin Biochemistry1968 Charles Rawlinson Rollo Park (grad student)
David K. CortezBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Anthony D. Couvillonthe mechanisms by which growth factors and hormones control cell functions2005 John H. Exton (grad student)
Lauren A. CowartBiochemistry2001 Jorge Capdevila (grad student)
Kelly M. Craft Chemistry20142019 Steven D. Townsend (grad student)
Jeffrey A. CrispInorganic Chemistry2009 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Teresa A. CrocePolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2009 Eva Harth (grad student)
Cornelia E. CrookeBiochemistry, Cell Biology2009 Graham F. Carpenter (grad student)
Gabriella CsekeBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2006 David W. Wright (grad student)
Peter T. CummingsMolecular Modeling
Richard d'Arcy Biomedical engineering Craig L. Duvall (research scientist)
Larry R. Daltonmaterials chemistry with particular emphasis on high technology electronic, electro-optic, and nonlinear optical materials and emphasis on nanoscale materials and architectural construction techniques
Esha Dalvie Biochemistry20172022 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Steven M. Damo
Richard Nathan Daniels2010 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Sambhu N. Datta John Robert Van Wazer (post-doc)
Tyler A. Davis20052011 Jeffrey N. Johnston (grad student)
James Hillard Davisionic liquids Chemistry19821986 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Eric S. DawsonPharmacology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2001 Jack N. Wells (grad student)
Sean M. DeGuireGeneral Chemistry, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry2013 Gary A. Sulikowski (grad student)
Leila F. DeraviBioanalytical Chemistry, Materials Chemistry2009 David W. Wright (grad student)
Susan C. DeSensiBiochemistry, Computer Science, Physical Chemistry, Bioinformatics Biology2007 Terry P. Lybrand (grad student)
Joseph E. DeweeseBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2009 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Jennifer S. DickeyBiochemistry2005 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
William M. Diffey2002 Warren F. Beck (grad student)
Yuqing Ding2002 M. Douglas LeVan (grad student)
James N. Dodds2018 John A. McLean (grad student)
Matthew G. DonahueOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20052007 Jeffrey N. Johnston (post-doc)
Stephen S. DotsonImaging, Bioanlytical, Backscattering Interferometry2008 Darryl J. Bornhop (grad student)
Wenyue DuDNA replication Biological Sciences2013 Brandt Eichman (grad student)
Nicole A. DucharmeCell Biology, Biochemistry2007 James R. Goldenring (grad student)
Albert D. DukesNanocrystal Quantum Dots2011 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Madeline J. DukesImaging, Bioanlytical, Backscattering Interferometry2011 Darryl J. Bornhop (grad student)
David T. DuongMolecular Biology2003 Daryl K. Granner (grad student)
Kristie L. DurstBiochemistry2003 Scott W. Hiebert (grad student)
Peter J. DyerMolecular Modeling2008 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
Brian S. EganMolecular Biology2000 Virginia L. Shepherd (grad student)
Martin EgliBiochemistry, Genetics
Brandt EichmanDNA replication
Carl E. ElmquistOrganic Chemistry2005 Carmelo Rizzo (grad student)
Andrew J. EnglandeGeochemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geology1974 Wesley William Eckenfelder (grad student)
Kevin ErregerDopamine Transporter and Receptors Aurelio Galli (post-doc)
Mary M. ErwinNanocrystal Quantum Dots2005 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Jonathan A. Ewaldprotein structure & function, signal transduction19972001 James V. Staros (grad student)
John H. Extonthe mechanisms by which growth factors and hormones control cell functions Earl W. Sutherland (post-doc)
Olugbeminiyi FadeyiOrganic Chemistry2011 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Ellen FanningMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Adam R. FarleyBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology2011 Andrew J. Link (grad student)
Tiffany E. FarmerBiochemistry, Genetics, Cell Biology2008 Scott W. Hiebert (grad student)
Caleb D. Fast20182021 Nathan David Schley (grad student)
Stephen Walter Fesik
Sidney Fleischermolecular biology
Sara L. FrappierImaging2011 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
William R. FrenchMolecular Modeling2013 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
Kyle A. FurgeMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2000 Charles F. Albright (grad student)
Kristina E. FurseBiochemistry2005 Terry P. Lybrand (grad student)
David GailaniPathology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Walter E. GallMolecular Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology2002 Todd Graham (grad student)
Aurelio GalliTransporters Louis J. DeFelice (post-doc), Randy D. Blakely (collaborator)
James J Galligan Biochemistry20122018 Lawrence J. Marnett (post-doc)
Kelly A. Gangwer2010 D. Borden Lacy (grad student)
David Lorn GarbersReproductive Biology1974 Earl W. Sutherland (post-doc), Joel G. Hardman (post-doc)
Pedro Manuel Garcia-Barrantes Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Maria D. GarrettNanocrystal Quantum Dots2008 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Aaron T Garrison20182019 Craig W. Lindsley (post-doc)
Yipeng GengPathology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry2014 David Gailani (grad student)
Amanda C. GentryBiochemistry2011 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Robert V. GerbasiMolecular Biology2007 Andrew J. Link (grad student)
Aren E. GerdonElectrochemistry2006 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Katherine L. Germane2011 Benjamin Spiller (grad student)
Pratibha Ghodke F Peter Guengerich (post-doc)
David P. GiedrocBiochemistry1984 John David Puett (grad student)
Timothy J. Giesy2014 M. Douglas LeVan (grad student)
Jason G. GillmoreMechanistic Organic Chemistry Dept of Chemistry and Center In Molecular Toxicology20032004 Ned A. Porter (post-doc)
Thomas Grant Glover2008 M. Douglas LeVan (grad student)
Jeremy A. GoettelCell Biology, Biochemistry2010 Steven K. Hanks (grad student)
James R. GoldenringCell Biology, Biochemistry
Angela K. GoodenoughOrganic Chemistry, Toxicology2005 Carmelo Rizzo (grad student)
Todd GrahamMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, General Biology
Daryl K. GrannerHormonal regulation of gene expression
Cameron K. GrenInorganic Chemistry2009 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Mark R. GrosecloseImaging2009 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Jinming GuMolecular Biology, Cell Biology2005 Ellen Fanning (grad student)
F Peter GuengerichBiochemistry1973 Harry P. Broquist (grad student)
Emma R Guiberson
Richard F. HaglundMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics
Jonathan L. Haines
Kristin C. HalfpennyBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2009 David W. Wright (grad student)
Sharon K. HamiltonPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2009 Eva Harth (grad student)
Steven K. HanksCell Biology, Biochemistry
Timothy HanusaInorganic Chemistry
William M. HardestyImaging2010 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Christopher Hardy
S. Harikrishna Jens Meiler (post-doc)
Thomas M. Harris
Melissa A. HarrisonNanocrystal Quantum Dots Materials Science2012 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Stephen R. HarryBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2010 David W. Wright (grad student)
Eva HarthPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Sean M. HartigBiomedical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2006 Ales Prokop (grad student)
Melanie J. HarveyInorganic Chemistry2000 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Jiangtao HeAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2005 Prasad L. Polavarapu (grad student)
David M. Herculesinstrumental analytical techniques
Kristen HerringImaging2009 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
B. Andes Hess
Kayla A Hess
Leslie A. HiattElectrochemistry2011 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Scott W. HiebertBiochemistry
Valda C. HilliardCell Biology2011 Steven K. Hanks (grad student)
Anh N. HoangBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2010 David W. Wright (grad student)
Ericka C. HolmstrandHigh-affinity choline transporter2010 Randy D. Blakely (post-doc)
Bradley J. Homoelle2000 Warren F. Beck (grad student)
Ki Bum Hong Chemistry Chemistry20122015 Jeffrey N. Johnston (grad student), Jeffrey N. Johnston (post-doc)
Brenda D. HopkinsCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics2001 Todd Graham (grad student)
Yunfeng Hu20052009 Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Zhaolin HuaCell Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Todd Graham (grad student)
Jiansheng Huang
Brian J. HuffmanElectrochemistry2009 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Aubrey A. HuntBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2013 Scott W. Hiebert (grad student)
Eric D Huseman Chemistry20152021 Steven D. Townsend (grad student)
Arthur William IngersollOrganic chemistry
Kenneth Keith Innes
Kristin K. IsaacsBiomedical Engineering2002 Thomas M. Harris (grad student)
Enrique M. Jackson chemical sensors, antifouling coatings, responsive interfaces, and nanoparticle dispersions Interdisciplinary Materials Science2014 Paul E. Laibinis (grad student)
Somnath Janatotal synthesis of natural products2014 Gary A. Sulikowski (post-doc)
Junhwan JeonPolymer Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Peter T. Cummings (post-doc)
Jeffrey Jian Biochemistry20192023 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Xiaohua JiangMolecular Biology2008 Ellen Fanning (grad student)
Yaoyukun JiangComputational Chemistry; Enzymology; Spectroscopy
Jeffrey N. Johnstonnatural product total synthesis
Caleb A.H. Jones Chemistry20162021 Nathan David Schley (grad student)
Margaret R. Jones Chemsitry20162021 Nathan David Schley (grad student)
Yuejun KangMechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering2008 Dongqing Li (grad student)
Erkan KarakasMolecular Biology, Pharmacology
Joseph D. Keene Chemistry20102015 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Donnan Jamin KeithChemistry Chemistry20142019 Steven D. Townsend (grad student)
Paul KemplerElectrochemistry, Hydrogen, Energy Storage, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering20132015 Paul E. Laibinis (research assistant)
J. Phillip Kennedy2010 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Caitlin N Kentneuroscience
Sheerin Khatib-ShahidiImaging2007 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Donghak KimBiochemistry, Toxicology, Pharmacology2004 F Peter Guengerich (grad student)
Hye-Young H Kimlipid oxidation, protein modification, LC/MS/MS, proteomics
Tadd KippenyNanocrystal Quantum Dots2005 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Vitaly V. KlimovichMolecular Biology2005 Ellen Fanning (grad student)
Marc R. Knechtchemistry, nanoscience, materials2004 David W. Wright (grad student)
Sarah K. KnutsonMolecular Biology2008 Scott W. Hiebert (grad student)
Vishal N. KopardeMolecular Modeling2006 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
Melissa Alara Korkmaz-VaisysOrganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry Pharmacology20202021 Craig W. Lindsley (post-doc)
Agnieszka KowalczykOrganic Chemistry2000 Thomas M. Harris (grad student)
Glenna Kramer Chemistry20082014 Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Morgan L. KrimElectrochemistry2010 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Heather Kroh2010 Paul E. Bock (grad student)
Amanda K. KussrowImaging, Bioanlytical, Backscattering Interferometry2009 Darryl J. Bornhop (grad student)
Krzysztof C. Kwiatkowski2000 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
D. Borden Lacy
Paul E. Laibinis chemical sensors, antifouling coatings, responsive interfaces, and nanoparticle dispersions
Audrey L. LambIron uptake1998 Marcia E. Newcomer (grad student)
Joey C. LathamImaging, Bioanlytical, Backscattering Interferometry2007 Darryl J. Bornhop (grad student)
Robert Raymond Lavieri Pharmacology2014 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Matthew Leighty Chemistry20102013 Jeffrey N. Johnston (grad student)
Edwin S. Lennox1942 Max Delbrück (research assistant)
M. Douglas LeVanfixed-bed adsorption
Nathanael S. Levinson2012 Sandra J. Rosenthal (research assistant)
Lang Li2007 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Song LiMolecular Modeling2014 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
Dongqing LiMechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Analytical Chemistry
Wei LiNanophotonics; Thermal Radiation; Energy Harvesting Mechanical Engineering20112016 Jason G. Valentine (grad student)
Emily Jeanne LillaOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2017 Craig W. Lindsley (research assistant)
Aaron Lim Cancer Biology20162021 W. Kimryn Rathmell (grad student)
Eugene C. Lin
Craig W. Lindsley
Bryan E. LinggiBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2003 Scott W. Hiebert (grad student)
Hanjian LiuMolecular Biology2007 Ellen Fanning (grad student)
Jian LiuGas adsorption; metal-organic frameworks2011 M. Douglas LeVan (grad student)
Elisabeth M. LoeckenBiochemistry2010 F Peter Guengerich (grad student)
Joseph P. LopezPathology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry2003 Virginia L. Shepherd (grad student)
Courtney A. LovejoyBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2009 David K. Cortez (grad student)
Amanda Lowery
Charles Lukehart
Sabata S. LundCell Biology, Oncology2008 Steven K. Hanks (grad student)
Terry P. LybrandBiochemistry
Janet MacDonald
Abdullah Al MamunComputational structural biology
Abdullah al MamunAtmospheric chemistry, Bioinorganic chemistry, Computational Chemistry Chemistry2020 Jens Meiler (post-doc)
Tom ManiatisRegulation of RNA Transcription and Splicing, The Role of Neuroinflammation in ALS, Neurobiology of Disease, Synapses and Circuits, Stem Cell Biology, ALS Disease Mechanisms, Genetic Basis of Neurological Diseases1971 Leonard S. Lerman (grad student)
H. Charles Manning John C. Gore (post-doc)
Michele MazzantiBiophysics19851991 Louis J. DeFelice (post-doc)
James R. McBrideNanocrystal Quantum Dots2005 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Clare McCabeChemical Engineering, Biochemistry
A. K. McClendonBiochemistry2006 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Russell E. McConnellCell Biology2010 James R. Goldenring (grad student)
Kriston L. McGaryproteomics, bioinformatics, systems biology Department of Biological Sciences20092016 Antonis Rokas (post-doc)
J. Oliver McIntyre
Jennifer R. McKenzieElectrochemistry2013 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Ruth McNees Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Ryan M. MeierAnalytical Chemistry2012 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Jens Meiler
Kortney M. MelanconInorganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology Chemistry20212022 Jens Meiler (post-doc)
Christine M. Micheel
Jason A. Michel2007 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Crystal M. MillerBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2005 David W. Wright (grad student)
Calvin F. MillerGeochemistry, Petrology
Ginger L. Milnefree radical chemistry2002 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Lucas Mitchell2014 M. Douglas LeVan (grad student)
Joshua T. Moore2003 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Rebecca E. Moore Chemistry20182022 Steven D. Townsend (grad student)
Daniel A. MordesBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2008 David K. Cortez (grad student)
David Gene Morgancryo-electron microscopy19781985 James V. Staros (grad student)
William H Morris, IIIChemistry Chemistry20032007 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Frank Russell MossMembrane biophysics Chemistry20092012 Darryl J. Bornhop (research assistant)
Christopher W. MothBiochemistry2008 Terry P. Lybrand (grad student)
Hubert Muchalskilipid peroxidation, total synthesis of natural products, organic synthesis Chemistry Chemistry20122015 Ned A. Porter (post-doc), Jeffrey N. Johnston (grad student)
Benjamin R.J. Mueller Chemistry20152021 Nathan David Schley (grad student)
Darren J. Mushrush2011 D. Borden Lacy (grad student)
Tae-gyu Namfree radical chemistry2006 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Kellie D. NanceOrganic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
David P NannemannComputation Protein Modeling; Protein Engineering; Bioinformatics Chemistry Jens Meiler (post-doc), Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Johny M. Nguyễn20172022 Steven D. Townsend (grad student)
Tiehua Ni Richard D. Kolodner (post-doc)
J. Scott NiezgodaNanoscience, materials chemistry Chemistry20102015 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Jeremy L. NorrisImaging2003 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Ioanna Ntai20032008 Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Elleansar Okwei20142016 Jerry M. Troutman (grad student)
Michael L. Oldhamstructural biology Biochemistry19982004 Marcia E. Newcomer (grad student)
Stacey R. OppenheimerImaging2007 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Noah J. OrfieldPhysical Chemistry, Quantum Dots20102015 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Rebecca L. OrndorffNanocrystal Quantum Dots2009 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Neil OsheroffBiochemistry
Robert Ott Biological Sciences Ellen Fanning (grad student)
Jason S Overby Chemistry1996 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Peter PanizziBiochemistry, microbiology, imaging Pathology Chemistry20002004 Paul E. Bock (grad student), Richard N. Armstrong (grad student)
Charles Rawlinson Rollo Park
Kevin Kit Parkercardiac cell biology and tissue engineering, traumatic brain injury, and biological applications of micro- and nanotechnologies1998 John P. Wikswo (grad student)
Whitney B. ParsonImaging2010 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Andrea K. PattenMolecular Biology2003 Ellen Fanning (grad student)
Christina M. PayneMolecular Modeling2007 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
Gina M. PerezGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry2001 Joseph M. Beechem (grad student)
Rachel PetersonElectrochemistry2006 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Ana G. PetrovicPhysical Chemistry2007 Prasad L. Polavarapu (grad student)
Vanessa Phelan2011 Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Sarah Sewell PierceChemical Education Biomedical Engineering Chemistry20072008 Todd D. Giorgio (post-doc), David W. Wright (grad student)
Lars Plate
Prasad L. PolavarapuPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Ned A. Porterfree radical chemistry
Alka A. PotdarMolecular Modeling2009 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
Lincoln R. PotterBiochemistry1994 David Lorn Garbers (grad student)
Edward B. PrageBiochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology Chemistry2012 Richard N. Armstrong (grad student)
Derek A. PrattFree radicals, antioxidants2003 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Ales ProkopBiomedical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry
Franklin S. Prout1948 James Cason (grad student), Arthur William Ingersoll (grad student)
Daniel R. PrudhommeOrganic Chemistry2002 Carmelo Rizzo (grad student)
Qing PuMolecular Modeling2008 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
John David Puett
Nan Qi2003 M. Douglas LeVan (grad student)
Keith Thomas QuisenberryInorganic Chemistry2005 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
W. Kimryn RathmellCancer research
Christopher L. Rectorfree radical chemistry2007 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Monica Red BrewerBiochemistry2009 Graham F. Carpenter (grad student)
Patrick S. RedmillMolecular Modeling2009 Peter T. Cummings (grad student)
Peter W. Reed
Birgit Reevesfree radical chemistry2004 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Cynthia A. Reinhart-Kingcell adhesion and motility
Robyn Richie-JannettaBiochemistry2003 Jackie David Corbin (grad student)
Christopher L. RifeBiochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology2002 Richard N. Armstrong (grad student)
Rachel P. RigsbyBiochemistry, Mechanistic Enzymology2005 Richard N. Armstrong (grad student)
John L. RigueurMaterials Science Engineering2012 Timothy Hanusa (grad student)
Carmelo RizzoOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Megan A Rizzo
Patrick D. RobertsonDNA replication2010 Brandt Eichman (grad student)
Bruce H. RobinsonElectron Paramagnetic Resonance1975 Lawrence J. Schaad (grad student)
Bartholomew P Rolandlipid biochemistry, membrane biology, pharmacology, neurogenetics Biological Sciences2014 Todd Graham (post-doc)
Ian M. RomaineGeneral Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2011 Gary A. Sulikowski (grad student)
William P. Roschekfree radical chemistry2006 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Sandra J. RosenthalNanocrystal Quantum Dots
David M. RubushOrganic Chemistry, Catalysis Chemistry Jeffrey N. Johnston (post-doc)
Paul J. RuestCell Biology2001 Steven K. Hanks (grad student)
Alexandra C. RutledgeBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2009 David W. Wright (grad student)
Ryan D. RutledgeBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2009 David W. Wright (grad student)
Michelle SabourinBiochemistry, Oncology, Pharmacology2001 Neil Osheroff (grad student)
Morgan A. SammonsMolecular Biology2010 Andrew J. Link (grad student)
Lynn SamuelsonImaging, Bioanlytical, Backscattering Interferometry2009 Darryl J. Bornhop (grad student)
Lawrence J. Schaadtheoretical chemistry
Kevin L. Schey
Bryan Joseph Schindler2008 M. Douglas LeVan (grad student)
Nathan David Schley
Claus SchneiderPharmacology, Biochemistry, Toxicology
David J. SchollPharmacology, Molecular Biology2000 Jack N. Wells (grad student)
Michael A. SchreuderNanocrystal Quantum Dots2010 Sandra J. Rosenthal (grad student)
Kenneth E. SchriverApplied Optical Physics
Michael L. SchultePET Imaging, Drug Discovery, Organic Synthesis
Michael L. SchultePET Imaging, Drug Discovery, Organic Synthesis Chemistry20092013 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Sarah A. SchwartzImaging2004 Richard M. Caprioli (grad student)
Robert Scism20032010 Brian O. Bachmann (grad student)
Donald K ScottMetabolic regulation of gene expression; beta cell biology Molecular Physiology and Biophysics19911999 Daryl K. Granner (post-doc)
Jennifer R. Sealfree radical chemistry2004 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
Deborah Lee Segaloff1980 John David Puett (grad student)
Timothy J. Senter20102015 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
Remigiusz Serwafree radical chemistry2008 Ned A. Porter (grad student)
John B. ShabbBiochemistry Department Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Department Molecular Physiology & Biophysics19881991 Jackie David Corbin (post-doc), Daryl K. Granner (post-doc)
Qianzhen ShaoEnzyme Modeling, Enzyme Engineering, Computation Chemistry
Subrata ShawDrug discovery Biochemistry20142017 Stephen Walter Fesik (post-doc)
Virginia L. ShepherdPathology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry
Nah-Young ShinCell Biology2004 Steven K. Hanks (grad student)
Brian C. ShonesySynaptic Physiology 20092015 Roger J. Colbran (post-doc), Danny Winder (collaborator)
Rafat A SiddiquiSignal Transduction Molecular Physiology19891991 John H. Exton (post-doc)
Carrie Anne Simpsonnanomaterials, separations, in vivo modeling2010 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Anand Singh2009 Jeffrey N. Johnston (grad student)
Marcin J. Skwarkprotein structure prediction, bioinformatics, drug discovery Chemistry20152017 Jens Meiler (post-doc)
Joseph M. SlocikBioinorganic and Biomaterials Chemistry2004 David W. Wright (grad student)
Rachel M. SniderElectrochemistry2009 David Edward Cliffel (grad student)
Samantha L. SoebbingInorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Cancer Biology Cancer Biology20082011 Lynn M. Matrisian (post-doc), J. Oliver McIntyre (post-doc)
Christal D. SohlBiochemistry2010 F Peter Guengerich (grad student)
Benjamin Spiller
Daniel J. SpragueSynthetic Chemistry Chemistry20112016 Jeffrey N. Johnston (grad student)
John M. StaffordMolecular Biology2001 Daryl K. Granner (grad student)
Jennifer S Stancill20112017 Mark A. Magnuson (grad student)
James V. Starosprotein structure & function, signal transduction
P. Ryan SteedBiochemistry Molecular Physiology & Biophysics20112014 Hassane S. Mchaourab (post-doc)
Eve S. Steigerwalt2001 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
Elke SteinAxon Guidance, Nervous System Development19921996 Thomas O. Daniel (grad student)
Sydney Lear Stoops2012 Craig W. Lindsley (grad student)
James S. StoverBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry2006 Carmelo Rizzo (grad student)
Stefan Strackprotein phosphatases Ford F. Ebner (post-doc)
Gary A. SulikowskiOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Lisa M. Sullivan2005 Charles Lukehart (grad student)
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