University of California, Merced

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ali AbouTaka Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Hrant P. Hratchian (grad student)
Ammar A. AlbalasmehSoil Science Agriculture, Botany Biology Environmental Systems2013 Teamrat A. Ghezzehei (grad student)
Chelsea L. ArnoldBiogeochemistry, Hydrology, Climate Change Environmental Systems20092014 Teamrat A. Ghezzehei (grad student), Asmeret Asefaw Berhe (grad student)
Anand Bala SubramaniamSynthetic Biology, Soft Matter Physics, Colloid and Interface Science, Microfabrication and Microfluidics
Ryan D. Baxter
Gary A BeaneQuantum Dots, Plasmonics, Ultrafast Spectroscopy, FRET Chemistry20142016 David F. Kelley (post-doc)
Samantha Bidwell Chemistry & Biochemistry20152021 Hrant P. Hratchian (grad student)
Martha H. ConklinBiogeochemistry, Metal cycling, Surface water/shallow groundwater interactions, Organic chemical distribution in soil and groundwater, Chemical processes in snow, K-12 environmental education
Stephen G. Dale Chemistry20122016 Erin R. Johnson (grad student)
David A. DelgadilloNatural Products Chemistry20152017 Ryan D. Baxter (research assistant)
Gregory Fendley
Teamrat A. GhezzeheiBiogeochemistry, Hydrology, Climate Change
Abigail Owusuwaa GyamfiComputational and Theoretical Chemistry
Hassan HarbElectronic structure theory, quantum chemistry, lanthanides20152021 Hrant P. Hratchian (grad student), Aurora Pribram-Jones (post-doc)
Hrant P. HratchianElectronic structure theory, quantum chemistry, transition metals, mechanism
Christine M. IsbornTheoretical Chemistry
David F. Kelley
Changho Kim Department of Applied Mathematics Eokkyun Lee (grad student)
Aleksey A Kocherzhenkophysical chemistry, computational chemistry Chemistry and Chemical Biology20152017 Christine M. Isborn (post-doc)
Shao-Yu Lumolecular dynamic, quantum chemistry Chemistry Chemistry2019 Christine M. Isborn (post-doc), Liang Shi (post-doc)
Claire E. Lukens
Matthew P Meyer
David Moses Chemistry and Biochemistry Shahar Sukenik (grad student)
Anne Myers Kelleyresonance Raman spectroscopy
Son C. Nguyenphotocatalysis, nanomaterials, spectroscopy
Alberto Otero de la Roza
Hannah Palmer Asmeret Asefaw Berhe (post-doc)
Thomas W Petersonaerosols, photochemistry, combustion
Deoyani V. SarkhotSoil Science Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture Asmeret Asefaw Berhe (post-doc)
Abhigyan Sengupta20162019 Victor Munoz (post-doc)
Sapana V ShedgeDFT, Theoretical Chemistry, Spectroscopy
Liang ShiTheoretical and Computational Chemistry
Benjamin J. Stokesorganic synthesis; physical organic chemistry; asymmetric catalysis; medicinal chemistry
Shahar Sukenikdisordered proteins, protein folding, desiccation, osmolytes, biophysical chemistry
Samuel J. Trainachemistry of contamination
Jing Xu Kevin W. Plaxco (grad student)
Feng Yu Chemistry and Biochemistry Shahar Sukenik (grad student)