Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ahmad A A Majid
Brian Barnes Chemical & Biological Engineering20122014 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Vivek S Bharadwaj chemical and biological engg chemical and biological engg20102015 Anthony M. Dean (grad student), Christopher Mark Maupin (grad student)
Rama Ranjan BhattacharjeePolymer chemistry, nanomaterials20072008 Ryan M. Richards (post-doc)
Andrea C. BlaineEnvironmental Sciences, Plant Culture Agriculture, Organic Chemistry Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 Christopher P. Higgins (grad student)
Wendy A. Bohrson
Ryan Booker Chemical & Biological Engineering20092012 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Stephen G. BoyesPolymer Chemistry, Nanoscience20012003 William J. Brittain (post-doc)
Sridhar Budhi Chemistry20102015 Brian G. Trewyn (grad student)
Christopher Cabusao Chemical & Biological Engineering20102012 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Stephanie A. CarrGeobiology, Geochemistry Chemistry and Geochemistry2013 Kevin W. Mandernack (grad student)
Asa E Carre-BurrittChemistry
Kevin J. Cashbiomolecular physics, biomolecular engineering Chemical Engineering2009 Kevin W. Plaxco (grad student)
Minjun Cha Chemical & Biological Engineering20132014 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Somendra Chakraborty Chemical & Biological Engineering20112012 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Rafael Charin Chemical & Biological Engineering20152016 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Piyush Chaudhari Chemical & Biological Engineering20112015 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Jacqueline E. CloudInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry and Geochemistry2014 Yongan Yang (grad student)
Scott W. CowleyCatalysis
Anthony M. Deanchemical kinetics, combustion, pyrolysis, free radical, physical chemistry
Ann Deml Metallurgical and Materials Engineering2014 Charles B. Musgrave (grad student)
Michael F. DoeGeology, Plate Tectonics Geology and Geological Engineering2014 Bruce D. Trudgill (grad student)
Jianwei Du Chemical & Biological Engineering20142015 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
James E. ElyThermophysical Properties of Fluids, Prediction, Estimation and Correlation
Imma FerrerAnalytical Chemistry20002003 Kent J. Voorhees (post-doc)
Salvatore J Frucianosupramolecular polymers Chemistry2019 Daniel M. Knauss (grad student)
Nuno Jorge Rosa Lopes Galambathermophysical properties of refrigerants and molten salts Chemical and Petroleum Engineering20002004 James E. Ely (grad student)
Andrew GlossnerGeochemistry, Geobiology Geochemistry2013 Kevin W. Mandernack (grad student)
Giovanny Grasso Chemical & Biological Engineering20102015 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Eric M. Grzelak Chemical & Biological Engineering20092012 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Jennifer L. GuelfoHydrology Hydrology2013 Christopher P. Higgins (grad student)
Matthew D. HartleChemistry, Hydrogen Sulfide
Thomas E. Hearon IVGeology, Geochemistry Geology and Geological Engineering2013 Bruce D. Trudgill (grad student)
Govind Hedge Chemical & Biological Engineering20132015 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Christopher P. HigginsEnvironmental Chemistry
Bruce D HoneymanRadiochemistry, aquatic chemistry, surface chemistry
Renfeng HuChemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Chemical and Biological Engineering2013 David Tai-Wei Wu (grad student)
Yue Hu Chemical & Biological Engineering20132017 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Katherine C. HylandEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences Civil and Environmental Engineering2014 Christopher P. Higgins (grad student)
Paul W. JagodzinskiPhysical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Jay Janzenmolecular structure, materials science, polymer physics, rheology
Mark P. Jensen
Robert E. JinkersonBiochemistry, Botany Biology, General Chemistry Chemistry and Geochemistry2014 Matthew C. Posewitz (grad student)
Madhura Joglekar Chemistry2015 Brian G. Trewyn (grad student)
Melissa R. KernPolymer Chemistry, Nanoscience Chemistry and Geochemistry2014 Stephen G. Boyes (grad student)
Daniel M. Knauss
Patrick Lafond Chemical & Biological Engineering20092014 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Bo Ram Lee Chemical & Biological Engineering20122016 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Shuo Liu Chemical & Biological Engineering20152017 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Kevin W. MandernackGeobiology, Geochemistry
Ryan M MarsicoGeochemistry, oceanography, limnology
Christopher Mark Maupin
Casey R. McAlpinAnalytical Chemistry, Nanoscience Chemistry and Geochemistry2013 Kent J. Voorhees (grad student)
Erica R. McKenzieEnvironmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences
Aline Melchuna Chemical & Biological Engineering20172019 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Denise M. MitranoNanotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Geochemistry Chemistry and Geochemistry2013 James F. Ranville (grad student)
Christine N. Morrison
Eric OseckyChemical Engineering Chemical and Biological Engineering2013 Anthony M. Dean (grad student)
Matthew C. PosewitzEnvironmental Sciences, General Biology, Biochemistry
Matther Posewitz Chemistry Michael Seibert (post-doc)
James F. RanvilleNanotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Geochemistry
Nathaniel T. RebeckMaterials Science Engineering, Polymer Chemistry Chemistry and Geochemistry2012 Daniel M. Knauss (grad student)
Jeong-Hoon Sa Chemical & Biological Engineering20162019 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Susanta K. SarkarOptics Physics
Robin J. Schneidergeochemistry, environmental chemistry, astrobiology Chemistry20092015 Bettina Voelker (grad student)
Maxwell Schulze Chemistry David E. Chavez (research assistant)
Rebecca ShircliffCatalysis Chemistry and Geochemistry2013 Scott W. Cowley (grad student)
Earl Dendy Sloan
William Conner SmithAnalytical Chemistry; Field-Flow Fractionation Chemistry2014 S Kim Ratanathanawongs Williams (grad student)
Tyler Sodia Quantitative Biosciences and Engineering2020 Kevin J. Cash (grad student)
Francesca Stanzione Chemical & Biological Engineering20112014 Amadeu K. Sum (post-doc)
Timothy J. StrathmannEnvironmental Chemistry
Valerie K. StuckerGeochemistry, Environmental Studies Chemistry and Geochemistry2013 James F. Ranville (grad student)
Amadeu K. SumWater science, gas hydrates, flow assurance, multiphase flow, molecular thermodynamics Chemical Engineering19951996 Earl Dendy Sloan (grad student)
Regina N. TempelGeology, Hydrology, Geochemistry1993 Wendy J. Harrison (grad student)
Eric S. Toberermaterials chemistry
Brian G. TrewynInorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Bruce D. TrudgillGeology, Geochemistry
Prithvi Vijayamohan Chemical & Biological Engineering20112015 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Bettina Voelker
Kent J. VoorheesAnalytical Chemistry, Nanoscience
Shubham Vyasreaction mechanisms20122014 Anthony M. Dean (post-doc), Bettina Voelker (post-doc)
Matthew Walsh Chemical & Biological Engineering2011 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)
Kun Wang chemical and biological engg20102015 Anthony M. Dean (grad student)
Jatuporn WittayakunHeterogeneous Catalysis, Materials Chemistry19931995 Scott W. Cowley (grad student)
David Tai-Wei Wu
Yongan YangInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
Xianwei Zhang Chemical & Biological Engineering20132017 Amadeu K. Sum (grad student)