Institut Pasteur, Paris

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Paola B. Arimondo
Victor BabeșBabesia, Tuberculosis, Rabies, Louis Pasteur (grad student), Victor Andre Cornil (grad student)
Jérémie BarralHearing, Complex Systems, Biophysics, Neuroscience
Jonathan R. Beckwithbacterial genetics1965 François Jacob (post-doc)
Hugues BedouelleProtein engineering19781983 Maurice Hofnung (grad student)
Seymour BenzerNeurogenetics19511952 Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc), François Jacob (post-doc)
Gabriel Bertrandbiological chemistry Emile F. Duclaux (grad student)
Arnaud BlondelStructural bioinformatics19881992 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Corentin BonMedicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, HTE Chemistry, structural biology and chemistry structural biology and chemistry20182021 Paola B. Arimondo (grad student), Ludovic Halby (grad student)
Daniel Bovet Ernest Fourneau (research scientist)
Elodie Brient-LitzlerProtein engineering, biosensors20052009 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Donald D. Brownhormone signaling, amphibian development19591960 Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Jean-Pierre ChangeuxMolecular Neurobiology19601964 Jacques Lucien Monod (grad student), François Jacob (grad student)
Emmanuelle Marie CharpentierInfection Biology19931995 Patrice Courvalin (grad student)
Cyrus H. ChothiaComputational Molecular Biology19741976 Joel Janin (post-doc)
Jonathan B. Cohen nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChR) and GABAa receptors Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Georges N. Cohenbiosynthetic pathways and their regulation by allosteric feedback inhibition and repression Jacques Lucien Monod (grad student)
Seymour S. Cohenbiochemistry of virus multiplication19471948 André Michel Lwoff (research scientist), Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Melvin Cohnimmune response19491955 Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc)
François CuzinOncogenic Viruses François Jacob (grad student)
Julian E. Daviesantibiotics and vaccines
Marc Delarue
Pascale DuplayBiochimie moléculaire et cellulaire, Régulation du système immunitaire, Signalisation intracellulaire19821983 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Stuart J. Edelsteinhemoglobin19671968 Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc)
Harvey Eisen François Jacob (grad student)
Patrick EnglandAntibody engineering, Biophysics of macromolecules19942003 Hugues Bedouelle (post-doc)
Ernest Fourneau
Carole Fruchart-GaillardMolecular engineering of proteins19981999 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Stephen E. GirardinCell Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry20012005 Moshe Yaniv (grad student), Philippe J. Sansonetti (grad student)
François Gros François Jacob (grad student)
Thomas Grutter Jean-Pierre Changeux (grad student)
Valérie GuezProtein engineering, Proliferative diseases19891998 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Ludovic Halby
Dolph Lee HatfieldMolecular Biology of Selenium Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc)
Gerald L. HazelbauerBacterial Chemotaxis Neuroscience19711973 Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Maurice HofnungMolecular microbiology, Genetic toxicology19651972 François Jacob (grad student)
David S. Hognessgenetic regulation19521954 Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc)
Marcel HollensteinNucleic acid chemistry
Ferdinand Huchoneurochemistry19731973 Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Alain Jacquierintron ribozymes
Sean P. Kennedy
Gen-itsu KitaIndustrial Chemistry Gabriel Bertrand (research scientist)
Ignacio Ribas Marqués19251928 Ernest Fourneau (post-doc)
Jacques Lucien MonodCell Genetics1965 Jeffries Wyman (collaborator), André Michel Lwoff (research scientist)
Jean–François Nicolas
Frederick George NovyBacteriology, hygiene, physiological chemistry1897 Emile Roux (research scientist)
Richard W OlsenGABA-A receptor proteins Jean-Pierre Changeux (post-doc)
Mohammed B. Ould-AbeihProtein engineering, Protein folding, Cell receptor20082012 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Arthur B. Pardeecancer research Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Young-Chul ParkProtein engineering, X-ray cristallography19941998 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Frederic Poitevinstructural biology, statistical mechanics Biologie Structural et Chimie20092013 Marc Delarue (grad student)
Martin Pollockenzyme induction in bacteria Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Andries Queridoendocrinology19381939 André Michel Lwoff (post-doc)
Linda L. Randallprotein export in Escherichia coli Maxime Schwartz (grad student)
Martial RenardProtein engineering, Biosensors, Retroviruses19982003 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)
Robert Harvey RowndDNA replication control, molecular medicine19651966 Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc)
Harry Luman RussellDairy bacteriology1891 Louis Pasteur (research assistant)
Maxime Schwartz
Earl R. StadtmanProtein chemistry, aging1961 Georges N. Cohen (research scientist)
Julien Tap"gut, microbiota, metagenomics" Philippe Glaser (grad student), Patrick Grimont (grad student)
Hugo Theorell1924 Albert L. C. Calmette (research assistant)
Alfred Tissièresribosomal proteins19621964 Jacques Lucien Monod (post-doc)
Agathe UrvoasProtein modeling, Protein engineering20032005 Hugues Bedouelle (post-doc)
P. Roy Vagelosfatty acid biosynthesis and metabolism1963 Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Anne Vidal-CrosBiological organic chemistry, Protein engineering19881990 Hugues Bedouelle (research scientist)
Carl WoeseThe Genetic Code, Archaea, RNA world hypothesis1962 Jacques Lucien Monod (research scientist)
Moshe Yaniv
Nora ZidaneProtein engineering, Bioinformatics, Genomics20082012 Hugues Bedouelle (grad student)