Harvard Medical School/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Utsarga AdhikaryCancer Biology Cancer Biology2016 Loren D. Walensky (grad student)
Christopher Michael BrowneProteomics, Covalent Inhibitors, Kinases BCMP, CB BCMP, CB2014 Jarrod A. Marto (post-doc), Nathanael Gray (post-doc)
Sara J. BuhrlageChemical biology20102015 Nathanael Gray (research scientist)
Quan CaiDrug Discovery cancer biology20162017 Nathanael Gray (post-doc)
Guangyan Du Cancer Biology2015 Nathanael Gray (post-doc)
Fleur Marcia FergusonChemical Biology Cancer Biology2015 Nathanael Gray (post-doc)
John M. Hatcher Cancer Biology Cancer Biology20152015 Nathanael Gray (post-doc), Nathanael Gray (research scientist)
Jaebong Jang
Baishan Jiang2015 Nathanael Gray (post-doc)
Seungwoo LeeSoft Photonics and Bioinspired Optics William M. Shih (post-doc)
Qingsong LiuTranslational Medicine
Mark Mercolacardiology Microbiology and Immunology (HMS)19851991 Charles D. Stiles (post-doc)
Calla M. OlsonCancer Biology, Kinase Inhibition, Cyclin-dependent kinases
Suman RaoCancer Biology Cancer Biology2015 Nathanael Gray (post-doc)
Humayun SharifXray Crystalllography, Structural biology, Cancer Biology, Cell Signaling, Protein Protein Interation Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology20142015 Michael J. Eck (post-doc)
Sindhu Carmen SivakumarenKinase signaling inhibition in cancer therapeutics Harvard Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology/ DFCI Cancer Biology2014 Nathanael Gray (grad student)
Yuan XiongMedicinal Chemistry