Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ryan BabbushQuantum Information Physics Arjendu PATTANAYAK (research assistant)
Kara L. BrenBioinorganic chemistry Chemistry1991 Lynn Buffington (research assistant)
Lynn Buffington
Charles "Chuck" H. Carlin
Joseph Walter Chihade
Gregory S. Duckersignal transduction pathways in cells and whole organisms Chemistry20042006 Joseph Walter Chihade (research assistant)
Franz Frederick Exner
Deborah S GrossChemistry
Wenlai Hanorganometallic, photo-induced isomerization Chemistry20202023 Matthew T. Whited (research assistant)
Aaron M. LeconteChemical Biology Chemistry20032004 David G. Alberg (research assistant)
Jerry R. MohrigOrganic and bio-organic chemistry
Erin T. PelkeyHeterocyclic chemistry, total synthesis Chemistry19901994 Charles "Chuck" H. Carlin (research assistant)
Mary Kay H. PflumBiochemistry, Cell Biology1992 Jerry R. Mohrig (research assistant)
Derek A. PrattFree radicals, antioxidants Chemistry1999 Keith U. Ingold (research assistant)
Kazimer L. Skubiorganic chemistry, methodology, radicals Chemistry20102011 David G. Alberg (research assistant)
Buck L. H. TaylorOrganic chemistry, computational chemistry
Luke Philip WestawkerInorganic chemistry20182020 Matthew T. Whited (research assistant)
Matthew T. WhitedInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry