Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Martin W. AdlerPharmacology, substance abuse Murray Jarvik (grad student)
Pooja Aroraprotein folding, protein translocation, bacterial infection, ribonucleoprotein assembly and cellular signaling
David BaltimoreVirology, Oncogenes, Immunology, Gene Regulation19641965 Jerard Hurwitz (post-doc)
Daniel BasilioBiophysics of Membrane Transport20042005 Michael V. Bennett (research assistant)
Gary J. BassellmRNA transport, local protein synthesis Robert H. Singer (grad student)
Gabriel T BedardChemistry, Biochemistry, Medicine Biochemistry20182026 Vern L. Schramm (grad student)
Richard Alan BernsteinTranscription, DNA replication, Metabolism, Neuroscience Developmental Biology and Cancer19821983 Jerard Hurwitz (research assistant)
Jeetayu BiswasRNA Binding Proteins Anatomy and Structural Biology2015 Robert H. Singer (grad student)
John S. BlanchardEnzymology
Barry Bloom
Isabella BrewBiochemistry Biochemistry Vern L. Schramm (research assistant)
Emmanuel Burgos20142021 David M Shechter (research scientist)
Stavros Caratzoulas
Hongshan Chen Biochemistry20142016 David M Shechter (research scientist)
Chi-Wing Chowtranscription factors and signaling pathway
Carmen Chowbiochemistry, enzymology Biochemistry20112015 John S. Blanchard (grad student)
Fredric S. CohenMembrane fusion from a biophysical and cell biological perspective Alan Finkelstein (post-doc)
Stanley N. Cohenantibiotic resistance1968 Jerard Hurwitz (post-doc)
Hersh Cohen19651969 Samuel H. Barondes (post-doc)
Marco ColombiniMembrane Transport Phenomena Alan Finkelstein (post-doc)
David Cowburn
Rafael Guimaraes da Silva Biochemistry20082012 Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Joseph DeAngelo biochemistry2020 David M Shechter (grad student)
Ronald A. DePinhomolecular and biological processes governing the development of cancer, the basis for aging and degenerative diseases, and the maintenance of normal and cancer stem cells.19841985 Matthew D. Scharff (post-doc)
Gary Dutton
Joseph Dybas
Laurel A. EckhardtMolecular Biology19801984 Barbara K. Birshtein (post-doc)
Jack ErlichmanBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology1974 Ora M. Rosen (grad student)
James C. ErreyBiochemistry, enzymology, membrane protein, GPCR, carbohydrates Biochemistry20032006 John S. Blanchard (post-doc)
Roozbeh EskandariChemical Biology Biochemistry2022 Vern L. Schramm (research scientist)
Carly Farmer20182020 Yoel Ohayon (research scientist)
Howard Feit1969 Samuel H. Barondes (grad student)
Mariana Figuera-Losadabiochemistry
Alan FinkelsteinIon-Conducting Channels Incorporated into Planar Lipid Bilayer Membranes
Patrick A. Frantomcatalytic and regulatory mechanisms of enzymes John S. Blanchard (post-doc)
Joel M. Friedman
Malcolm L. Gefter1967 Jerard Hurwitz (grad student)
Gourisankar Ghoshtranscription, signaling, pre-mRNA splicing, mRNA transport, protein-protein, protein-DNA and protein-RNA interactions1991 LaDonne Heaton Schulman (grad student)
Sankar Ghoshtranscription factor NF-κB1988 Umadas Maitra (grad student)
Allan L. GoldsteinThymosins, Immunology19641970 Abraham White (collaborator)
Elvin Harper1966 Sam Seifter (grad student)
Subray Hegde Biochemistry2020 David M Shechter (research scientist)
Bernard L. Horeckercytochrome c
Nicole A. HorensteinOrganic Chemistry, Enzymology, Bioorganic Chemistry Biochemistry19891993 Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Tim Hunt1966 Irving London (research assistant)
Humaira Ilyas2021 David M Shechter (post-doc)
Karen S. JakesMolecular biology of Colicin channels Alan Finkelstein (research scientist)
Edmund C. JenkinsGeneral Biology, Human Development, Biochemistry Paraic A. Kenny (post-doc)
Bruce L. Kagan Channel forming toxins/ Amyloid/Planar lipid bilayers Alan Finkelstein (grad student)
Jerome Karp David Cowburn (grad student)
Kamran KhodakhahIP3 receptors, cell signalling, biophysics
Paul K. Kienker Alan Finkelstein (post-doc)
Isaac Krasnopolsky2022 David M Shechter (grad student)
Jonathan R. LaiBiochemistry, Chemical Biology, Protein Chemistry
Dongsheng Liu David Cowburn (post-doc)
Benjamin Lorton Biochemistry20152021 David M Shechter (grad student)
B Edward H. Madenmapping of the RNA methyl groups19671969 Jonathan Warner (post-doc), James E. Darnell (post-doc)
Umadas Maitra molecular mechanisms and control of initiation of protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells19631965 Jerard Hurwitz (post-doc)
Maxim Maron Biochemistry20172021 David M Shechter (grad student)
John L. McCrackenBiophysical chemistry, magnetic resonance Jack Peisach (post-doc)
Jin K. Montclareprotein engineering, biomaterials, biocatalysis Genetics19951997 Raju S Kucherlapati (research assistant)
Daniel E. MorseBiochemistry Molecular Biology1967 Bernard L. Horecker (grad student)
Andrew S. MurkinStudies on novel enzyme mechanisms; epimerases and racemases; sugar nucleotide-modifying enzymes; isotope effects; inhibitor design; site-directed mutagenesis Biochemistry20042009 Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Walter Newman Immunology19751978 Barry Bloom (post-doc)
Takashi Onikubo Biochemistry20102015 David M Shechter (grad student)
George Orr Jeremy R. Knowles (post-doc)
Ashleigh S PaparellaEnzymology, Enzyme Transition States, Enzyme Inhibitors, Antibiotics Biochemistry Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Jack Peisach
Jeff W. Pollardtumor progression and metastasis
Davide ReatoNeural circuits, Electrical stimulation
David C. Reevesion channel Myles H. Akabas (post-doc)
Ora M. Rosenhuman insulin receptor1966 Bernard L. Horecker (post-doc)
Jacob Roth Biochemistry2021 David M Shechter (grad student)
Jeffrey L. SalisburyCentrosome biology, Cancer biology Peter Satir (post-doc)
Matthew D. Scharffmolecular and biochemical mechanisms of antibody variable region hypermutation and class switch recombination
Vern L. Schrammenzymatic mechanisms and transition state structure
LaDonne Heaton Schulmantransfer RNA
Phillip A. SchwartzMechanisms of enzyme and coenzyme action; stereochemistry and mechanisms of phospho- and nucleotidyl transferase action; structure and function of multienzyme complexes Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Sam Seiftercollagen
Giridhar Sekar David Cowburn (post-doc)
Lucy Shapirocell cycle progression and cell differentiation1966 J. Thomas August (grad student)
David M ShechterMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
David Simpson
Richard L. Soffer
Samuel Sparks David Cowburn (grad student)
Jerry O Stern Pharmacology19701977 Jack Peisach (grad student)
Arpita TawaniNMR, Protein Biochemistry, G-quadruplex, Biochemistry2022 David Cowburn (post-doc)
Erika A. Taylorstructure/function relationships and inhibitor design for enzyme-catalyzed reactions Biochemistry20042007 Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Deniz B. TemelNMR, kinases David Cowburn (post-doc)
Eshwar B. Udho
Mathew J. Vetticattorganic, organometallic, and bioorganic reaction mechanisms20112013 Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Andrew George WagnerPyrimidine salvage enzymes Biochemistry Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Zhen WangEnzyme Catalysis; Protein Dynamics; Transition State Analysis2013 Vern L. Schramm (post-doc)
Wei-lin Wang Biochemistry20112014 David M Shechter (post-doc)
Christopher Warren Biochemistry20122018 David M Shechter (grad student)
Abraham Whiteprotein hormones of the pituitary
Sue WicknerMolecular Chaperones1973 Jerard Hurwitz (grad student)
Reed B. Wicknerinfectious proteins (prions) of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae1972 Jerard Hurwitz (post-doc)
Carola Wilczek Biochemistry20102013 David M Shechter (post-doc)
Yinghao WuComputational Biophysics
Cheng-Wen WuMolecular Biology
Rong Xu David Cowburn (research scientist)
Lynwood R YarbroughBiochemistry and biophysics of microtubules, RNA polymerase, and phosphatidyinositol transfer protein Developmental Biology and Cancer19731975 Jerard Hurwitz (post-doc), Cheng-Wen Wu (research scientist)
Yong Zhang Biochemistry20062011 Vern L. Schramm (grad student)
Deyou ZhengBiochemistry, General Biophysics2003 Gaetano T. Montelione (grad student)
Joshua ZimmerbergThe fundamental membrane mechanisms of enveloped viral infection, parasitic diseases, neurotransmitter release, apoptosis, and cell-cell fusion. Tissue mechanisms of pathogenesis and regeneration by stem cell fusion. Alan Finkelstein (grad student)