Royal Institute of Technology

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Tore Brinck
Julius GlaserInorganic Chemistry Georg Johansson (grad student)
Bertil GrothOrganic chemistry
Bror HolmbergOrganic chemistry
Georg JohanssonInorganic Chemistry
Peter KlasonOrganic chemistry
Ke Linstructure of liquid and physics on surface Yi Luo (post-doc)
Yi Luo
Lars ÖhrströmInorganic Chemistry Julius Glaser (grad student)
Martin Rahmtheoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry, inorganic chemistry, prebiotic chemistry Chemistry20062011 Tore Brinck (grad student)
Tore E. TimellCellulose Research1950 Bertil Groth (grad student)
Lizhe ZhuComputational Chemistry and Biophysics Computational Biophysics20062007 Erik Aurell (research assistant)