Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Bingcong Chen
Shuxun CuiSingle molecules Chemistry19992004 Xi Zhang (grad student)
Yanjie Cuienergy storage, thermoelectrics State Key Lab of Inorganic Synthesis & Preparative Chemistry20022005 Wenqin Pang (grad student)
Hong-Hua Fang20062013 Hong-Bo Sun (grad student)
Zhiwu Han Luquan Ren (post-doc)
Fei Jiaoorganic thermoelectrics, supercapacitors, field-effect transistors
Wei-Wei Liao Department of Organic Chemistry20052006 Thomas J. J. Müller (post-doc)
Zhihe LiuSemiconducting Polymer Dots, Single-Particle Photophysics, Super-resolution Imaging, Cell Labeling.
Shiyong Liu
Yuguang Ma
Zhengzhi MuBio-inspired functional materials Zhiwu Han (grad student), Luquan Ren (post-doc)
Wenqin Pang
Luquan Ren Bingcong Chen (grad student)
Junqi Sun19962001 Xi Zhang (grad student)
Hong-Bo Sun
Li-Li Tan
Rui WangOrganic Chemistry, Nucleic Acid Modification, Structural Biology and Origins of Life
Xin Wang Klaus D. Jandt (research scientist)
Shiming ZhangOrganic Electronics, Soft Electronics Electrical Engineering Shiyong Liu (grad student)
Xi Zhang Chemistry19861992 Jiacong Shen (grad student)
Wenke Zhang Chemistry19972002 Xi Zhang (grad student)