The University of Adelaide

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Caroline M Bignell Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19861998 Peter J Dunlop (research assistant)
Peter J Carson Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19701973 Peter J Dunlop (grad student)
Graham S. ChandlerTheoretical chemistry1964 Wolfgang Sasse (grad student)
Habib Dalalgraphene oxide-based membrane for biomimetic transportation
Peter J Dunlop
Christopher J. EastonBiochemical reactions & molecular recognition1980 Athelstan Laurence Johnson Beckwith (grad student)
H David Ellerton Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19631966 Peter J Dunlop (grad student)
Kenneth R HarrisTransport properties of fluids; diffusion in liquids Department of Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19661970 Peter J Dunlop (grad student)
David M. Huangtheoretical chemistry, statistical mechanics, computer simulations, soft condensed matter, organic semiconductors
Dusan Losic Chemical Engineering J. Justin Gooding (grad student)
Crowther N Pepela Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19661970 Peter J Dunlop (grad student)
Helen J Robjohns Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19781987 Peter J Dunlop (research assistant)
Wolfgang Sasse
Ian R Shankland Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19751978 Peter J Dunlop (grad student)
Robert D Trengove Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19811984 Peter J Dunlop (grad student)
Donald J. WinzorPhysical biochemistry J. Michael Creeth (grad student)
Michael A Yabsley Physical and Inorganic Chemistry19721975 Peter J Dunlop (grad student)