Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kim Francis AlbizatiChemistry, Biochemistry 19831985 D. John Faulkner (post-doc)
Gustaf ArrheniusGeochemistry, Geology, Biogeochemistry1952 Roger Randall Dougan Revelle (post-doc)
Katherine A. Barbeau trace metal chemistry in marine systems
Andrew Alm BensonPlant biochemistry
Robert A. Berner1963 Melvin Norman Adolph Peterson (post-doc)
Enora Briand20122013 William H. Gerwick (post-doc)
Kristen N. BuckTrace Metal Biogeochemistry; Metal-Binding Organic Ligands20072009 Katherine A. Barbeau (post-doc)
Matthew J. Burtin
Robert J. Capon University of California, San Diego19821984 D. John Faulkner (post-doc)
W. Brian Clarke1965 Harmon Craig (post-doc)
Edward F. DeLongMicrobiology, Ecology, Evolution, Genomics, Biogeochemistry, Oceanography Marine Biology1986 A Aristides Yayanos (grad student)
John Marmion Edmondchemical oceanography1970 Melvin Norman Adolph Peterson (grad student)
Edward William Fagerecology, chemistry
D. John FaulknerMarine Natural Products Chemistry
William H. FenicalNatural Products Chemistry
Amanda M. FennerPharmacy20112015 William H. Gerwick (post-doc)
William H. Gerwickbioactive molecules with anticancer, antibacterial, neurotoxic, antiviral, or anti-inflammatory activity from marine organisms
Edward D. GoldbergMarine Chemistry and Ocean Pollution
Anthony D. J. HaymetAntarctic fish antifreeze proteins and nucleation
Yuskuke Kasai20122016 William H. Gerwick (research scientist)
Ramanarayanan Krishnamurthyinformational polymers Gustaf Arrhenius (post-doc)
Roger G. LiningtonMarine natural products William H. Gerwick (post-doc)
Philip S. Lowligand-targeted imaging and therapeutic agents for the diagnosis and treatment of important human diseases1975 George N. Somero (grad student)
Ellen R. M. DruffelChemical Oceanography, Oceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry Hans Suess (grad student)
John B. MacMillanNatural Products isolation from cyanobacteria Chemistry20042007 William H. Fenical (post-doc)
Tadeusz MolinskiOrganic chemistry of marine natural products, synthesis, NMR, and biomedical applications Pharmacognosy19841989 D. John Faulkner (post-doc)
Brian T. Murphy William H. Fenical (post-doc)
Benjamin NamanAnalytical chemistry, Natural Products identification2015 William H. Gerwick (post-doc)
Carl Oppenheimer1951 Claude Ephraim ZoBell (grad student)
George PerryAlzheimer's disease, oxidative stress, cytoskeleton19741979 David Epel (grad student)
Melvin Norman Adolph Petersonmarine geology, sedimentology, geochemistry1962 Edward D. Goldberg (post-doc)
Gregory C. RobertsAerosol chemistry and physics
Paul R RobinsonChemistry, Inorganic, Biochemistry, Catalysis, Petroleum, Renewables Kenneth Nealson (grad student)
William Malcolm Sackett Edward D. Goldberg (post-doc)
Eric W. Schmidt Department of Medicinal Chemistry19962000 D. John Faulkner (grad student)
Nicole Stoddard Biochemistry and Biophysics K. V. Lakshmi (research assistant)
Hans Suess
Robert R. Swezey George N. Somero (grad student)
Herbert Windom Oceanography Edward D. Goldberg (grad student)
John H. WormuthOceanography Biology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Analytical Chemistry1971 John Arthur McGowan (grad student)
Claude Ephraim ZoBellMicrobial Ecologist