Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Joseph Puglisithe role of RNA in cellular processes and disease19891991 Richard Giegé (post-doc)
Ikram Ullah KhanMicrofluidics, Capillary-based device, Polymer, Drug delivery, Microbeads, Janus particle, Core-shell particle, Trojan particle, Cytotoxicity, PH sensitive, UV initiated polymerization2014 Thierry Vandamme (grad student)
Carole Schanté2011 Thierry Vandamme (grad student)
Hermann Irving Schlesingerborohydrides and aluminohydrides19061907 Johannes Thiele (post-doc)
Damien Lemoine2013 Thomas Grutter (grad student)
Mitsuharu Kotera
Phanélie Perche2010 Mitsuharu Kotera (grad student)
Philippe MirabelSCR, Catalysis, Nitrous oxides, NOx, Diesel, Ammonia, Sampling, Analysis, Measurement
Edwin ZamSCR, Catalysis, Nitrous oxides, NOx, Exhaust, Diesel, Ammonia, Sampling, Analysis, Measurement2012 Philippe Mirabel (grad student), Anne Jaecker-voirol (grad student)
Anne Jaecker-voirolBiofuels, Combustion, Jet stirred reactor, Engine bench, SCR, NOx, Diesel, Sampling, Analysis, Measurement
Marie-pierre KrafftMicrobubbles, Magnetic nanoparticles, Adsorption, Perfluoroalkyl surfactants, Monolayers, Fluorocarbon, Pulmonary surfactant, Phase transition LE / LC, Phospholipid adsorption
Artem KovalenkoMicrobubbles, Magnetic nanoparticles, Tensiometry, Adsorption, Perfluoroalkyl surfactants, Monolayers2013 Marie-pierre Krafft (grad student)
Thierry VandammeNano-emulsion, Preclinical imaging, Passive targeting, Echinacea purpurea, Capillary-based device, Janus particle, PH sensitive, Interfacial tension, Microbubble, Magnetic nanoparticle
Mustafa Beesh2010 Thierry Vandamme (grad student)
Ylber QusajWet granulation, Tabletting, Echinacea purpurea, Optimisation of herbal extract2013 Thierry Vandamme (grad student)
Pierre Sae Houer2010 Thierry Vandamme (grad student)
Gildas Komenan Gbassi2010 Thierry Vandamme (grad student)
Paul HagenmullerFluorides, solid state materials Chemistry19391941 André Chrétien (grad student)
André ChrétienMaterials