Texas State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mariana (Ocampo) Acosta Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization2015 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Makda Araya Chemistry and Biochemistry20102012 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
James D Banks
Adrian Bergia
Chad Jeffrey Booth
Blake Bowden
William J. Brittainphysical organic chemistry
Kelli Burke Chemistry and Biochemistry20162020 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Travis Cantu Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization20122016 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Jamie Carberry Chemistry and Biochemistry20112012 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Patrick E. Cassidy
Sara Collings
Michael J. Cunningham
Craig Damin
Dean Dornak
Jacob Frazer Chemistry and Biochemistry20162018 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Jose Garcia
Stephen Gates
David D. Hebertinorganic chemistry, redox-active ligands, electrically conductive polymers Chemistry and Biochemistry20182020 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Todd W. Hudnallmain group chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry20022004 Chad Jeffrey Booth (research scientist)
David J. Irvin Chemistry and Biochemistry19911993 Patrick E. Cassidy (grad student)
Jennifer A Irvinelectrically active polymers Chemistry and Biochemistry19911993 Patrick E. Cassidy (grad student)
Sean M. KerwinSynthetic Medicinal Chemistry, Nucleic Acids Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
Benjamin R. MartinInorganic chemistry
Kortney M. MelanconInorganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Computational Biology Chemistry20122016 Todd W. Hudnall (grad student)
Shiva Rastogi20122018 William J. Brittain (research scientist)
Damilola Runsewe Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization2018 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Marvin Santiago Chemistry and Biochemistry2020 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
David Schilter
Xu Wang Chemistry and Biochemistry20162017 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Katie L. Winkel Chemistry and Biochemistry20092011 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)
Leslie M. Wood Chemistry and Biochemistry20122013 Jennifer A Irvin (grad student)