Florida Atlantic University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alfred Addo-MensahOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry20052008 Predrag Cudic (grad student)
Mohammad A. Al-GhoulBiochemistry2007 Gregg B. Fields (grad student)
Mireille J. AlemanMolecular Biology, Bioinformatics Biology2007 Ramaswamy Narayanan (grad student)
Beatrix AuksziBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry2008 Gregg B. Fields (grad student)
Harinathachari BahudhanapatiMolecular Biology2009 Keith Brew (grad student)
Girish V. BarotPolymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2009 Ramaswamy Narayanan (grad student)
Amitabh J. BattinPolymer Chemistry2009 Ramaswamy Narayanan (grad student)
Jennifer M. BoehnleinBiochemistry2006 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Keith BrewBiochemistry
David J. Brunellprotection against oxidative damage and specifically the role of the methionine sulfoxide reductase system in this process2009 Herbert Weissbach (grad student)
Herminsul CanoBiochemistry2005 Frank Mari (grad student)
Charles E. CarraherPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Donna Chamely-WiikPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2004 Jerome E. Haky (grad student)
Predrag CudicOrganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2015 Herbert Weissbach (collaborator)
Maurice P. De YoungMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Oncology2003 Ramaswamy Narayanan (grad student)
Sanaz DovellBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Oceanography Biology2010 Frank Mari (grad student)
Deguo Dustructure, funtion, dynamics of proteins
Tyrone A. FernsBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry2005 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Gregg B. FieldsBiochemistry
Aldo FrancoBiochemistry2006 Frank Mari (grad student)
Jamie L. FrenzAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry2006 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Michael Stephen FreundAnalytical Chemistry, Conducting Polymers, Sensing, Solar Fuels, Polymer Electronics Chemistry19861987 Franklin A. Schultz (research assistant)
Orsolya GiriczMolecular Biology2008 Gregg B. Fields (grad student)
Cidya GrantLimnology Biology, Environmental Sciences2011 J William Louda (grad student)
Jerome E. HakyPharmaceutical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Asmaa B. HamzeBiochemistry2008 Keith Brew (grad student)
Mari D. HeghinianBiochemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology2014 Frank Mari (grad student)
Vanessa P. HormannCell Biology, Oncology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicine and Surgery Integrative Biology2012 James Kumi-Diaka (grad student)
Claudia James-Johnson Chemistry and Biochemistry2004 Predrag Cudic (grad student)
Marc KantorowMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Abhijeet S. KateOrganic Chemistry2008 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Russell G. KerrOrganic Chemistry, Oceanography Biology, Biochemistry
David R. KhanBiochemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2007 Gregg B. Fields (grad student)
Amber C. KohlBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry2003 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
James Kumi-DiakaCell Biology, Oncology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicine and Surgery
Janelle Lauer-FieldsBiochemistry2007 Keith Brew (grad student)
Wanda LeeMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry2008 Marc Kantorow (grad student)
J William LoudaOrganic Chemistry
Frank MariBiochemistry
Elena MateiGeneral Physics, General Biophysics2005 Frank Mari (grad student)
Rebecca McGrealMolecular Biology2012 Marc Kantorow (grad student)
LuAnne McNulty
Kendra MerchantMolecular Biology, Oncology2009 James Kumi-Diaka (grad student)
Dmitriy MinondBiochemistry2006 Gregg B. Fields (grad student)
Ian MoenchMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2008 Howard Prentice (grad student)
Carolina MollerToxins, Toxicology, Biochemistry chemistry20012006 Frank Mari (grad student)
Mitra Mortezaei-RadOrganic Chemistry2007 J William Louda (grad student)
Ramaswamy NarayananPolymer Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry
Gauri NayakNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology2009 Howard Prentice (grad student)
Nealie C. NewbergerOrganic Chemistry, Oceanography Biology, Biochemistry2006 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Chunliu PanBiochemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Cell Biology2012 Howard Prentice (grad student)
Cyril ParkanyiAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
J R. PerumareddiInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Howard PrenticeMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Llanie K. RanzerBiochemistry2006 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Jose A. Rivera-OrtizBiochemistry2011 Frank Mari (grad student)
Maria C. Rodriguez Chemistry and Biochemistry Predrag Cudic (grad student)
Maysoon B. SalehBiochemistry2005 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Tito S. Sempertegui PlazaAnalytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology Biology Chemistry and Biochemistry2013 Andrew C. Terentis (grad student)
Di ShaNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry2005 Jang-Yen Wu (grad student)
Andrew C. TerentisBiochemistry
Percy TumbaleBiochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology2009 Keith Brew (grad student)
Zhongliang WanOrganic Chemistry2006 Russell G. Kerr (grad student)
Herbert Weissbachprotection against oxidative damage and specifically the role of the methionine sulfoxide reductase system in this process
Chamindra S WilliamsPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry
Chamindra S. WilliamsInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2005 J R. Perumareddi (grad student)
Jang-Yen WuNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry
Heng WuNeuroscience Biology2005 Jang-Yen Wu (grad student)
Jing YeBiochemistry2011 Andrew C. Terentis (grad student)
Peng Yi
Zuzana ZajickovaAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2006 Cyril Parkanyi (grad student)
Yuxiang ZhaoOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Virology Biology, Oncology2007 Cyril Parkanyi (grad student)