Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Cyril Clifford Addisonanhydrous metal nitrates and their derivatives1937 Clifton William Gibby (grad student)
Chris Ainsworth John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Jesus Aldegunde Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Simon Allen John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Cate Anstoter Chemistry Chemistry20192019 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student), Jan R. R. Verlet (post-doc)
Josie Auckett Chemistry Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (post-doc)
Colin D. BainPhysical, Spectroscopy, Interfaces
Arthur BanisterMain Group Chemistry
Neil Bartlettnoble-gas chemistry1958 Percy Lucock Robinson (grad student)
Harry Beeverssubcellular compartments in the plant cell1946 Meirion Thomas (grad student)
Jessica R. BreenFluorine chemistry Graham Sandford (grad student)
Claire Brodie Phil Dyer (grad student)
Martin R. Bryce
James Bull Chemistry20132015 Jan R. R. Verlet (post-doc)
Adam D J CalowOrganic chemistry / Catalysis
Paula C. CastilhoChemistry of Natural Products, Organic Chemistry Chemistry19871990 Jack Yarwood (grad student)
Richard D. Chambersorganofluorine compounds
Matthew Chambers Chemistry Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Adam Chatterley Chemistry20102013 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
David L. Cheung Mark R. Wilson (grad student), Stewart J. Clark (grad student)
Stewart J. Clark
James D CresswellPolymer Chemistry
James F. E. Croft Jeremy M. Hutson (grad student)
Clare Crossland John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Basile F. E. CurchodNonadiabatic dynamics
Leonardo Curti Phil Dyer (research scientist)
Marko T. Cvitaš Jeremy M. Hutson (grad student)
Krishna K. DamodaranAnion recognition, coordination polymers, catalysis, crystal engineering, supramolecular gels20122013 Jonathan William Steed (post-doc)
Luiza Rosa de Araujo John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Sagar Doderri Chemistry20092010 Jan R. R. Verlet (post-doc)
Phil Dyer Vernon Gibson (grad student)
Jack S. Eardley
Andreas Ernesti Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Ivana Radosavljevic EvansSolid state chemistry
John S. O. EvansSolid state chemistry
Samantha Ford Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Jack Fradgley20172021 David Parker (grad student)
David Free John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Matthew D. Frye Jeremy M. Hutson (grad student)
Chloe Fuller Chemistry Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Amel Garbi Patrick G. Steel (grad student)
John M. Gardiner Chemistry19851988 Martin R. Bryce (grad student)
John A. GatehousePlant-Insect Interactions, and Recombinant Proteins
Clifton William Gibbysurface chemistry
Richard Gover John S. O. Evans (post-doc)
Dermot G. Green Physics Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Matthew Hampson John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Michael Heeran Phil Dyer (grad student)
Dominikus Heift Phil Dyer (post-doc)
Trygve Helgaker20062007 David J. Tozer (research scientist)
Paul Hodgkinson
Catherine E. HousecroftCoordination chemistry and materials19761979 Kenneth Wade (grad student)
Luciano Howard John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Jeremy M. Hutson
Lea M. Ibele Chemistry20182022 Basile F. E. Curchod (grad student)
Jaime A IsernOrganic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Medicinal Chemisty, Chemical Proteomics Chemistry Chemistry20222023 Patrick G. Steel (grad student), Patrick G. Steel (post-doc)
Callum Johnson Chemistry Clare Mahon (grad student)
Matthew Jones
Tijs Karman Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Hannah E. KerrNMR Crystallography, solid-state NMR, NMR spectroscopy Chemistry Paul Hodgkinson (grad student)
Ian King John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Matthew O. Kitching
Xiao Jun Kuang Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (post-doc)
Michael J. Lamb Phil Dyer (grad student)
Ben Lancaster Dominikus Heift (research scientist)
Mark M. Law Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Simon Lawrence Arthur Banister (grad student)
Julien Lecointre Chemistry20082009 Jan R. R. Verlet (post-doc)
C. Ruth LeSueur Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
James Lewis John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Huiyu Liu Chemistry Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Paul J. Low
Jesse J. Lutzcoupled-cluster theory Department of Chemistry Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Clare Mahon
Graham R. MartinRadiochemistry Fritz Paneth (research scientist)
Emma McCabe John S. O. Evans (post-doc)
Paul R. McGonigalSupramolecular Chemistry, Organic Synthesis
Golda Mensa-Bonsu Chemistry20162020 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
Antonis Messinis Phil Dyer (grad student)
Markus MeuwlyComputational and Theoretical Chemistry Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Edward TJ MitchellSupramolecular Chemistry Chemistry20162017 Paul R. McGonigal (research assistant)
Gustavo Alberto Monti19961998 Robin Kingsley Harris (post-doc)
Victor Mougel20082008 David Parker (research assistant)
Robert E. MulveyInorganic Chemistry19841986 Kenneth Wade (post-doc)
W. Kenneth R. MusgraveFluorine chemistry
Elizabeth J NewChemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, chemical biology20062010 David Parker (grad student)
Pawel Nowakowski Chemistry20122016 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
Rafael Nunes John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Sayonara Eliziario Nunes Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (post-doc)
Eder Olivas Phil Dyer (grad student)
Abdullah Othman John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Robert Pal20042007 David Parker (grad student)
Fritz Paneth
David Parker
Simon ParsonsCrystallography Arthur Banister (research assistant)
Julia Payne Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Tom Peacock
Joseph Peet Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Dmitrii F Perepichkaorganic chemistry, materials science, supramolecular chemistry, surface science Chemistry19992001 Martin R. Bryce (post-doc)
Ehmke Pohl
Exequiel O.J. Porta Chemistry2019 Patrick G. Steel (grad student)
James Radcliffe Phil Dyer (grad student)
Jeremy Rawson1990 Arthur Banister (grad student)
Ivan RaymentStructural Biology1975 Harrison Massey Macdougall Shearer (grad student)
Gareth M. Roberts20072010 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
Percy Lucock Robinson1918 Henry V.A. Briscoe (research assistant)
Melissa Monzerrat Rodriguez Chemistry Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Joshua P Rogersphotoelectron spectroscopy, rydberg excitons Chemistry20132017 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
Davide De Rosa2020 Robert Pal (grad student), David Parker (grad student)
Stephen Rouse Phil Dyer (grad student)
Arnold SandersonTransplantation Antigens James Baddiley (grad student)
John M. Sanderson
Graham SandfordOrganofluorine Chemistry1991 Richard D. Chambers (grad student)
Melbourne John SchriverInorganic Main Group Chemistry1984 Arthur Banister (research scientist)
Peter J. H. ScottPET radiochemistry; organic synthesis; fluorine chemistry; nuclear medicine; molecular imaging. Chemistry20012005 Patrick G. Steel (grad student)
Scott K. ShawElectrochemistry, Spectroscopy, Surface Science20082008 Colin D. Bain (post-doc)
Harrison Massey Macdougall Shearercrystallography
Haraldur SigurdssonGeological oceanography1970 George Malcolm Brown (grad student)
Helen Sims2020 Clare Mahon (grad student)
Derek Sleeman Chemistry Tom Peacock (grad student)
Ronald Snaithorganic and inorganic chemistries of early Main Group metals1971 Kenneth Wade (grad student)
Pavel Soldán Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)
Anne Soleivahoup John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Laurence Stanley Chemistry20132017 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
Patrick G. Steel
Gabriel Stein1949 Joseph Joshua Weiss (grad student)
Matthew Tate Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (grad student)
Natalie J. TatumStructural biology Chemistry20102015 Ehmke Pohl (grad student)
Jack Taylor Chemistry2021 Basile F. E. Curchod (grad student), David J. Tozer (grad student)
Andrew M. TealeComputational chemistry20032006 David J. Tozer (grad student)
Christopher Teasdale Patrick G. Steel (grad student)
Meirion ThomasCO2 fixation
David J. TozerComputational chemistry
Andrew Tuxworth John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Luke Tuxworth Phil Dyer (grad student)
Alexandra Tyson Chemistry20152019 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
Jan R. R. Verlet
Kevin B. Vincent Chemistry20102014 Paul J. Low (grad student), Phil Dyer (post-doc)
Kenneth Wadecluster, organometallic and polymer chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis
Mark Patrick WalshOrganic synthesis, stereochemistry, supramolecular chemistry, crystallography Department of Chemistry20172020 Matthew O. Kitching (grad student)
James Walton
Chun Hai Wang John S. O. Evans (post-doc)
Joseph Joshua Weiss
Yuzhen Wensupramolecular chemistry
Christopher W West Chemistry20122016 Jan R. R. Verlet (grad student)
Daniel Whelligan20002004 Patrick G. Steel (grad student)
Luke A. Wilkinson Chemistry20162017 James Walton (grad student)
John Wilkinson Graham R. Martin (post-doc)
Mark R. Wilson
Ho Chi WongChemistry Chemistry20202024 Paul R. McGonigal (grad student)
David Woods Chemistry20122016 Jan R. R. Verlet (post-doc)
Jack Yarwood
Rebecca Yue John S. O. Evans (grad student)
Piotr S. Zuchowski Jeremy M. Hutson (post-doc)