Georgetown University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Winston Lee AdairBiochemistry1972 Othmar Gabriel (grad student)
Alyssa K Adcock Chemistry20142019 Karah E. Knope (grad student)
Christiana A. Addei-MaanuBiochemistry Chemistry2014 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Maram A. Al-OtaibyBiochemistry, Cell Biology, General Biology, Oncology Tumor Biology2012 Anna Tate Riegel (grad student)
Chris AlbaneseOncology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Giulio A. AmadeiInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2000 Joseph E. Earley (grad student)
Daniel W. ArmstrongSeparations, Molecular recognition, Ionic liquids, Chiral recognition, Colloid & micelle chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry. Chemistry Biology19851987 Richard E. Boehm (collaborator), K.H. Rich Blanquet (collaborator)
Barney Axelrodpentose phosphate shunt1943 Arnold K. Balls (grad student)
Rahul D. BallalBiochemistry, Cell Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2010 Eliot M. Rosen (grad student)
Julie S. Barber-RotenbergOncology, Biochemistry Tumor Biology2012 Jeffrey A. Toretsky (grad student)
Regina M. Barry19821983 Daniel W. Armstrong (research assistant)
Amani M. BatarsehMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Biochemistry & Molecular2010 Vassilios Papadopoulos (grad student)
Elspeth M. BeauchampOncology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry Tumor Biology2010 Aykut Uren (grad student)
Nebebech BelaiInorganic Chemistry2005 Michael T. Pope (grad student)
Barbara H. Berrieart conservation science Chemistry Joseph E. Earley (grad student)
Alexei V. BesserguenevInorganic Chemistry, Environmental Engineering2002 Michael T. Pope (grad student)
Carole A. BewleyBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Shuguang BiBiochemistry2004 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Juraj BiesBiochemistry, Immunology, Cell Biology
K.H. Rich Blanquet
Kwabena P. Boakye-YiadomBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2002 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
David M. BodineGenetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Richard E. Boehm
William L. Boncher Chemistry2012 Sarah Stoll (grad student)
Khanh H. Bui Chemistry1983 Daniel W. Armstrong (grad student)
Allan Jay CardenasInorganic Chemistry Chemistry Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Richard B. Carterbehavioral pharmacology, drug discovery, drug development19831985 Donald M. Thompson (post-doc)
Leah B. CasabiancaPhysical Chemistry2008 Angel C. de Dios (grad student)
Kevin B. ChandlerBiochemistry, Bioinformatics Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2013 Radoslav Goldman (grad student)
George B. Chapmanbiological electron microscopy
Saikat Chaudhuri2018 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (post-doc)
Christopher D. ChienOncology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology Tumor Biology2011 Anna Tate Riegel (grad student)
William L. Clinton
Orkid Coskunerproteins, metals, saccharides Chemistry20082009 Toshiko Ichiye (post-doc)
Anatasha C. CrawfordCell Biology, Molecular Biology Tumor Biology2009 Anna Tate Riegel (grad student)
DeLanson R. CristOrganic Chemistry
Daniel R. CrooksBiochemistry, Medicine and Surgery, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2012 Tracey A. Rouault (grad student)
Xuliang DaiInorganic Chemistry2004 Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Mrinal Kanti Das2019 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (post-doc)
Angel C. de DiosNMR
Robert de Levieanalytical chemistry and electrochemistry
Eliseu O. De OliveiraAPI process development, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, flow chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, drug discovery, drug development, CNS, cancer, inflammation, pain, COPD, Oncology Milton Brown (post-doc)
Daniel DjakiewBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Oncology
Veselin Svetoslavov DobrevIDP, NMR, Protein Purification, Biophysical measurements Chemistry Chemistry20102018 Steven J. Metallo (grad student), Angel C. de Dios (grad student)
Bingchen DuAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemistry2009 YuYe Tong (grad student)
Joseph E. EarleyInorganic Chemistry
M Samy El-ShallMolecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Nanoscience1985 Michael Noah Mautner (grad student)
Evgenij A. EvdokimovBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2005 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Joanna FaresBiochemistry, Immunology, Cell Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2012 Linda Wolff (grad student)
Minghao FengBiochemistry Chemistry2012 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Albert J. Fornace
Colby A. FossInorganic Chemistry
Lisette M. Fred Chemistry20092016 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Ying FuCancer Therapy
Othmar GabrielBiochemistry
Maureen Gallagher Chemistry1982 Daniel W. Armstrong (grad student)
Ian GallicanoMedicine and Surgery, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
David A. Gaviriachemical biology, biophysical chemistry, and surface chemistry Chemistry2013 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Nagarjuna Gavvalapalliorganic materials, electrochemistry
Franz M. GeigerPhysical, Analytical, Energy Related, Biophysical, Bio-analytical, Catalysis, Energy and Environmental, Nanoscience, Materials1998 Janice M. Hicks (grad student)
Raymond T. GephartOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Kaitlyn P. Gerhart Chemistry20092016 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Radoslav GoldmanBiochemistry, Bioinformatics Biology
Pedro Gomez-Romerohybrid materials, energy, nanoscience Chemistry19831987 Michael T. Pope (grad student)
Norman F. GoodacreBioinformatics Biology, Molecular Biology, Artificial Intelligence Biochemistry and Molecular2014 Peter Uetz (grad student)
Fatima Hameed2018 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (grad student)
Charles F. Hammer
Dalia Issa Hammoudeh Chemistry2009 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Stephen R. HellerInChi Charles F. Hammer (grad student)
K. Travis Holman
Jingsong HuangPhysical Chemistry2006 Miklos Kertesz (grad student)
Marti JettBiochemistry
Dorothy K. Jones2016 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (grad student)
Akil I. JosephOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2015 K. Travis Holman (grad student)
Mitchell JungBiochemistry
Anthony D. Kammerichchemical biology, biophysical chemistry, and surface chemistry Chemistry2011 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Srotoswini Kar Chemistry2012 Sarah Stoll (grad student)
Tejaswita M. KarveMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2012 Eliot M. Rosen (grad student)
Yohani P. KayinamuraAnalytical Chemistry Chemistry2010 Judith F. Rubinson (grad student)
Jessica L. KefferBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Biochemistry & Molecular2012 Carole A. Bewley (grad student)
Miklos KerteszPolymer Chemistry
Ketan Sudhakar KhareMolecular thermodynamics
Elzbieta KogutInorganic Chemistry2004 Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Theodore KoppanyiPharmacology
Stephen C. Kowalczykowskibiochemistry of recombinational DNA repair1976 Jacinto Steinhardt (grad student)
Subrata KunduInorganic Chemistry
E. Frank Lafrachise Chemistry1982 Daniel W. Armstrong (research assistant)
Edwin W. LaiOncology, Cell Biology, Animal Physiology Biology Tumor Biology2009 Chris Albanese (grad student)
Huiguo LaiBiochemistry Chemistry2010 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Augusta M. LevendorfInorganic Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry2013 YuYe Tong (grad student)
Georgeta C. LicaAnalytical Chemistry2006 YuYe Tong (grad student)
Ryan Lillis2018 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (grad student)
Lance A. LiottaBiochemistry, Oncology
Denver M. LoughMedicine and Surgery, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2012 Ian Gallicano (grad student)
Julie M. Lowe Biochemistry & Molecular2010 Albert J. Fornace (grad student)
Caitlin M. MacCarthyMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry Biochemistry & Molecular2011 Vicente Notario (grad student)
Tytus D. Mak Tumor Biology2014 Albert J. Fornace (grad student)
Marlon N. ManaloPhysical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2003 Angel C. de Dios (grad student)
Daniel B. Martinez ArguellesBiochemistry, Environmental Health, Endocrinology Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2011 Vassilios Papadopoulos (grad student)
Ricardo I. Martinez ZamudioBiochemistry Biochemistry & Molecular2012 Mitchell Jung (grad student)
Louis J. MassaMolecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry1967 William L. Clinton (grad student)
Steven J. McKerrallMedicinal Chemistry20092009 Timothy H. Warren (research assistant)
Julie E. Mertzman Chemistry2009 Sarah Stoll (grad student)
Steven J. Metallochemical biology, biophysical chemistry, and surface chemistry
Bahram MoasserOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Manikandan Mohanan2018 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (grad student)
Seid MuhieImmunology, Molecular Biology2007 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Robert Thomas NaumannAmygdala, Auditory system, Affect, Communication Physiology & Biophysics20052011 Jagmeet S. Kanwal (grad student)
Vicente NotarioMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Sarai Obandochemical biology, biophysical chemistry, and surface chemistry Chemistry2008 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Hyun Oh Chemistry1983 Daniel W. Armstrong (grad student)
Michele H. Pablico Chemistry2011 Sarah Stoll (grad student)
Vassilios PapadopoulosMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Vassilios PapadopoulsBiochemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Toxicology
Clare M. PerrinBiochemistry, Materials Science Engineering, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2011 Judith F. Rubinson (grad student)
Emanuel F. PetricoinBiochemistry, Oncology
Michael T. Popepolyoxometallates
Lynn M. Pouliot Microbiology & Immunology2012 Michael M. Gottesman (grad student)
Simona C. PuiuInorganic Chemistry2004 Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Said RahimBiochemistry, Oncology, Molecular Biology Biochemistry and Molecular2013 Aykut Uren (grad student)
Alison Mae Reed Chemistry2011 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Jacqueline A. Reynoldscell membranes19651966 Jacinto Steinhardt (post-doc)
Anna Tate RiegelOncology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Lymor RingerMolecular Biology Tumor Biology2012 Chris Albanese (grad student)
Malena B. RoneCell Biology, Molecular Biology Biochemistry & Molecular2010 Vassilios Papadopoulos (grad student)
Eliot M. RosenBiochemistry, Cell Biology
Tracey A. RouaultBiochemistry, Medicine and Surgery, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology
Atabak R. RoyaeeBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Pathology2002 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Judith F. RubinsonAnalytical Chemistry
Kennan Kellaris SalineroBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Rasa SantockyteBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2007 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Jenna Sartucci2016 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (grad student)
Nabil G. SeidahBiochemistry, Medicine and Surgery1973 Robert de Levie (grad student)
Shekhar Shinde20172018 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (post-doc)
Paul SirajuddinOncology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry Tumor Biology2013 Chris Albanese (grad student)
Brad M. SlepetzGeneral Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics Chemistry2013 Miklos Kertesz (grad student)
Brian J. Smith Chemistry20012005 K. Travis Holman (research assistant)
Mark E. Smulson
Apryll M. Stalcup1988 Daniel E. Martire (grad student)
Jacinto Steinhardtvision, physical chemistry of proteins
Gail Y. Stine Chemistry19801983 Daniel W. Armstrong (grad student)
Jordan D. StocktonBiochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2001 Kennan Kellaris Salinero (grad student)
Sarah Stoll
Carlos Suarez-QuianBiochemistry, Environmental Health, Endocrinology Biology
Ceren SusutPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Chemistry2009 YuYe Tong (grad student)
Nikolay N. SveshnikovInorganic Chemistry2001 Michael T. Pope (grad student)
Harold M. SwartzBiological applications of ESR, pathological and physiological roles of free radicals and melanin, radiation biophysics1969 Martin I. Rubin (grad student)
Stephanee L. SynnottOrganic Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry Chemistry2014 Bahram Moasser (grad student)
Hani Taleb Chemistry1983 Daniel W. Armstrong (grad student)
Jerez A. Techemical biology, biophysical chemistry, and surface chemistry Chemistry2010 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Yonghui TianPolymer Chemistry Chemistry2011 Miklos Kertesz (grad student)
Laurent TillementBiochemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Toxicology Biochemistry & Molecular2011 Vassilios Papadopouls (grad student)
Daniel C. TofanInorganic Chemistry2001 Joseph E. Earley (grad student)
YuYe TongAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Jeffrey A. ToretskyOncology, Biochemistry
Onome UgonoOrganic Chemistry Chemistry2008 Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Aykut UrenOncology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Nicole A Vanagas Chemistry20142020 Karah E. Knope (grad student)
Ariele Giorgio Viacava Follisprotein structure-function, intrinsically disordered proteins, protein-protein interactions, chemical biology, tumor suppression Chemistry2009 Steven J. Metallo (grad student)
Adrian VILALTAaminoacyl-tRNA synthetase, genetic vaccines, human genetics Chemistry19851992 David Chih Hsin Yang (grad student)
Stefan WieseInorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Andreas Willems2017 Nagarjuna Gavvalapalli (grad student)
Linda WolffBiochemistry, Immunology, Cell Biology
Shehla WynneBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Oncology Biochemistry & Molecular2011 Daniel Djakiew (grad student)
Shujiang YangPhysical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry2007 Miklos Kertesz (grad student)
David Chih Hsin YangBiochemistry
Ashley O. YocumGenetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Biochemistry & Molecular2012 David M. Bodine (grad student)
Oksana ZaluzhnaGeneral Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Chemistry2012 YuYe Tong (grad student)
Brian S. ZelakiewiczAnalytical Chemistry2005 YuYe Tong (grad student)
Xiping ZhanNeural circuitry and synaptic function, IPSCs induced neurons20082009 Josef P. Rauschecker (post-doc)
Shiyu ZhangInorganic synthesis, organometallic complexes, radical organic batteries Chemistry20102015 Timothy H. Warren (grad student)
Mengping ZhuOrganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2012 Bahram Moasser (grad student)