University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Gillian M. AirVirology Biology, Biochemistry
Natarajan AravindanPathology, Oncology, Biochemistry
Daryl R. BakerPublic Health2007 Robert H. Broyles (grad student)
Visar BeleguMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2004 Robert H. Broyles (grad student)
Ron BowditchBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology
Lance C. BridgesBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Immunology2003 Ron Bowditch (grad student)
Robert H. BroylesMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Pablo Ceres2004 Adam Zlotnick (grad student)
Charlotte H. ChungNeuroscience Biology2010 Jordan Tang (grad student)
Kathleen A. CooleyNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2010 Jordan Tang (grad student)
Paul L. DeAngelisBiochemistry
Jingzhen DingBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2012 Jialing Lin (grad student)
Kelley J. Dowd2012 Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
Leslie M. DriskillNicotine and tobacco, pulmonary and critical care medicine, cell biology, metabolic disorders Pediatrics Cell Biology Theodore L. Wagener (research assistant), Marie Hanigan (research assistant)
Allison J. Farrand2010 Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
Kara S. Giddings2005 Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
LeAnn J. GodderzBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2005 Karla Rodgers (grad student)
Marie Hanigan
Franklin A. HaysMechanisms of anticancer drug efficacy and transport; membrane protein expression, purification, crystallization, and functional analysis20092010 Paul H. Weigel (post-doc)
Jay HunasBiochemistry
Wei JingMolecular Biology2002 Paul L. DeAngelis (grad student)
Bruce Connor Johnsonmolecular mechanisms of vitamins in health, disease and aging
Stephanie E. LaChapelle2009 Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
Jason L. LarabeeBiochemistry2005 Jay Hunas (grad student)
Janis T. LeeMolecular Biology2004 Gillian M. Air (grad student)
Xiaoman LiBiochemistry2010 Jordan Tang (grad student)
Jialing LinBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Jeffrey A. LoyBiochemistry2000 Jordan Tang (grad student)
Patrick A. McKee
Andria P. MedinaStructure-function of Glycosaminoglycan Receptors and Hyaluronic Acid Synthases and their roles in human diseases2009 Paul H. Weigel (grad student)
Jody A. Melton2003 Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
Blaine H. MooersRNA structure, crystallography
Albert T. NguyenImmunology2009 Gillian M. Air (grad student)
Nigel J. OttoBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2011 Paul L. DeAngelis (grad student)
Madhu S. PandeyStructure-function of Glycosaminoglycan Receptors and Hyaluronic Acid Synthases and their roles in human diseases2012 Paul H. Weigel (grad student)
John Thomas PierceIndustrial hygiene and toxicology
James Z. PorterfieldVirology Biology, Biochemistry2010 Gillian M. Air (grad student), Adam Zlotnick (grad student)
Philip E. PummillBiochemistry2002 Paul L. DeAngelis (grad student)
Jordan Douglas Ramey2010 Kenneth A. Bradley (grad student), Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
Karla RodgersBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Daniel W. Schuerch2006 Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
Ali ShilatifardMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Richard Cummings (grad student)
Terry Smith1995 Binghe Wang (research scientist)
Casie E. Soltani2007 Rodney K. Tweten (grad student)
Jordan TangBiochemistry
Mary M. TappertVirology Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology2012 Gillian M. Air (grad student)
Breca S. TracyBiochemistry2007 Paul L. DeAngelis (grad student)
Rodney K. Tweten
Jamunarani VeeraraghavanPathology, Oncology, Biochemistry2012 Natarajan Aravindan (grad student)
Weidong Wang
Paul H. WeigelStructure-function of Glycosaminoglycan Receptors and Hyaluronic Acid Synthases and their roles in human diseases
Jasper H. YikStructure-function of Glycosaminoglycan Receptors and Hyaluronic Acid Synthases and their roles in human diseases2002 Paul H. Weigel (grad student)
Shuying ZhaoBiochemistry, Molecular Chemistry, Immunology2010 Karla Rodgers (grad student)