Harvard Medical School

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Kaushik Ragunathan Danesh Moazed (post-doc)
Nurunisa Akyuz David P. Corey (post-doc)
Mohammad Parvez AlamMultifunctional Radical Quenchers, Natural Products, Bleomycin, Bioactive Heterocycles Genetics2018 David Sinclair (post-doc)
Faisal Aldaye20082011 Pamela A. Silver (post-doc)
Assaf AlonStructural Biology
Almaris N. AlonsoMicrobiology, Biochemistry Department of Genetics and Immunobiology20092014 Darren Edward Higgins (post-doc)
Nitya AnandOrganic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry19581961 Bernard D. Davis (post-doc)
Mark Lawrence Andermannvisual system, mouse behavior R Clay Reid (grad student)
Christian B. AnfinsenProtein chemistry1943 A. Baird Hastings (grad student)
Nasim AnnabiBiomaterials2014 Ali Khademhosseini (post-doc)
Karen Marie ArndtMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, General Biology1994 Fred Winston (post-doc)
Peter R. ArvanCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
John A. Assadattention, motivation19851991 David P. Corey (grad student)
Paris Ataliotis Mark Mercola (post-doc)
J. Thomas Augustimmunology and vaccine development George W. Thorn (post-doc)
Jonathan M. BackerCell Biology, Biochemistry1987 Eliezar Aryeh Dawidowicz (grad student)
Hojae Bae Ali Khademhosseini (post-doc)
John E. BaenzigerBiochemistry, Medicine and Surgery19891992 Keith W. Miller (post-doc)
yael s. balazsnmr James J. Chou (research scientist)
Emily Balskusmicrobial chemistry20082011 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Duhee Bangtotal synthesis of proteins to apply advanced physical methods to understand the chemical basis of protein function20062009 George M. Church (post-doc)
Diego BaptistaBiophysics, NMR Spectroscopy, Membrane Proteins Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology20132018 Gerhard Wagner (grad student)
Sudipta Basu20062012 Shiladitya Sengupta (post-doc)
Sean A Beausoleilproteomics, cell biology, bioinformatics Cell Biology20012007 Steven P. Gygi (grad student)
Jonathan R. Beckwithbacterial genetics
Anuj Bellare
Peter J. BelshawOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology19961999 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Edward J. Benz
Katherine E. Berry20112016 Ann Hochschild (post-doc)
Stephen M. Beverley
William R. Bishaimolecular pathogenesis of tuberculosis Microbiology and Molecular Genetics1989 John R. Murphy (grad student)
Elkan Rogers Bloutprotein chemistry
Suzanne A. Blumorganic synthesis20042008 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Richard S. Blumberg
David A. BoothmanBiochemistry, Cell Biology Arthur B. Pardee (grad student)
Donald P Bottarocancer biology, cancer genetics, cell and molecular biology Joslin Diabetes Center Joslin Diabetes Center19872000 George L King (post-doc), Morris F. White (collaborator)
Thomas BöttcherChemical Biology, Natural Products, Enzyme Inhibitors20112014 Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
Jeremy P. Brockesregeneration, stem cells19721975 Zach W. Hall (post-doc)
John M. Buchananprotein and enzyme chemistry1943 A. Baird Hastings (grad student)
Richard R. BurgessMicrobiology Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19641969 James D. Watson (grad student)
Michael D. BurkartNatural product synthesis/biosynthesis, Biological chemistry and enzymology, Metabolic engineering2000 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Li CaiNeural Development19972000 Constance L. Cepko (post-doc)
Bradley R. CairnsMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Fred Winston (post-doc)
Walter Bradford CannonPhysiology Henry Pickering Bowditch (grad student)
S. Roy CaplanKinetic and Thermodynamic Studies of Molecular Machines and Oscillatory Processes
Paul ChangPoly(ADP-ribose) and PARP function2007 Timothy J. Mitchison (post-doc)
Soo-Ik Chang"Angiogenesis, Protein-protein interaction, Droplet-based microfluidics, Protein microarray"19881991 Bert Lester Vallee (post-doc)
Xing CHENChemical Biology20072010 Timothy A. Springer (post-doc)
Wen-Qiang ChenNeurobiology, drug addiction, depression PCMM Joslin Diabetes Center20192019 Yi Zhang (post-doc), C. Ronald Kahn (post-doc)
Hong Cheng Robin Reed (post-doc)
Yifan Cheng Thomas (Tom) Walz (post-doc)
Zhen ChengNuclear Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry Department of Radiology20012003 Alun G. Jones (post-doc)
Vincent A. Chiappinelli19771980 Richard E. Zigmond (post-doc)
James J. Choumolecular mechanism of membrane channels, receptors, and transporters
Gilbert ChuDNA repair1980 Herman N. Eisen (grad student)
Yen-Ho ChuBiomolecular Recognition, Combinatorial Organic Synthesis, Ionic Liquids for Chemical and Biochemical Applications19931994 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Yen-Ho Chu Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
George M. ChurchComputational Genetics
L. Stirling S. Churchmanmotor mechanism of RNA polymerase
Donald J. Ciappenellimedicinal chemistry
Lindsay D. Clark Tom A. Rapoport (post-doc)
William ClemonsX-ray crystallography Tom A. Rapoport (post-doc)
Jesse C. CochraneRNA, Ribosome Robert E. Kingston (post-doc)
Jonathan B. Cohen nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChR) and GABAa receptors
Carl M. Cohen Arthur K. Solomon (grad student)
Philip A. ColePharmacology, Biochemistry19931996 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Kevin Daniel Corbett Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
David P. CoreyIon channels, hair cells19741975 Ann E. Stuart (research assistant)
Brendan P. Cormack19871993 Kevin Struhl (grad student)
Deirdre A. Costello Priscilla L. Yang (post-doc)
Nicholas R. Cozzarelli1966 Edmund Chi Chien Lin (grad student)
Jason M. CrawfordChemical Biology20072011 Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
Alan Culbertson20142018 Olga Zabotina (grad student)
Han Dai HHMI20072008 Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
Saurja DasGupta Jack W. Szostak (post-doc)
Bernard D. Davisbacterial genetics1940 Edwin Joseph Cohn (grad student)
Edward Alan DennisBiochemistry: phospholipase A2, signal transduction in macrophages, lipid maps, prostaglandin regulation, mass spec of lipids and proteins1970 Eugene Patrick Kennedy (post-doc)
Melvin L. DePamphilischemistry, bacterial structure and physiology, enzymology, DNA replication, chromatin structure, gene expression
Ratmir Derdadrug discovery20082011 Donald E. Ingber (post-doc)
James Dewar20112016 Johannes C. Walter (post-doc)
Peter DewsBehavioral pharmacology Otto Krayer (research scientist)
Howard Dintzis1953 J. Lawrence Oncley (grad student)
Frank J. DixonExperimental Pathology Shields Warren (post-doc)
Paul W. DoetschMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry Pathology19821985 William Alan Haseltine (post-doc)
Min DongClostridial neurotoxins
Volker Dötsch Gerhard Wagner (post-doc)
Sylvie Doublié19951998 Thomas E. Ellenberger (post-doc)
Laura Nicole DriscollG-protein coupled receptors Neurobiology2012 Christopher Harvey (grad student)
Michael J. EckStructural Biology19911996 Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
Elazer R. Edelman Morris J. Karnovsky (research scientist)
Stephen J. Elledgeresponse to DNA damage and regulation of the cell cycle
Thomas E. Ellenberger1989 Stephen M. Beverley (grad student)
Michael J. Emanuelecell cycle, mitosis, protein stability, ubiquitin, cancer, genetics, cell biology2013 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)
Scott D. Emrbiogenesis of organelles1981 Jonathan R. Beckwith (grad student)
Aaron E. EngelhartNucleic Acids
Felicia A. Etzkornprotein structure and enzyme inhibitors by designing and synthesizing conformationally constrained mimics of peptides19911993 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
John Douglass Ferrypolymer science, rheology19371938 J. Lawrence Oncley (research scientist)
Robert Harley FillingameBiochemistry19731975 Eugene Patrick Kennedy (post-doc)
Robert W. FinbergBiochemistry, Cell Biology19771979 Baruj Benacerraf (post-doc)
Lorenzo I. FinciGeneral Biophysics Dana Farber Cancer Institute20112015 Jia-huai Wang (post-doc)
Cyrus H. Fiskechemical composition of living tissues, specifically blood, the liver, the spleen, and the pancreas19141915 Otto Folin (post-doc)
William W. FlemingPharmacology19571960 Ullrich Trendelenburg (post-doc)
Otto Folinbiological chemistry
Charles Patrick FranceBehavioral pharmacology William H. Morse (post-doc)
Ivan D. Frantzcholesterol and heart disease1947 Paul C. Zamecnik (research scientist)
Christin A. Frederick
Blaise deBonneval FrederickfMRI, NIRS, cerebral hemodynamics, NMR, sodium Psychiatry19951997 Perry Renshaw (post-doc)
Dominique P. FruehNMR spectroscopy, structural biology Gerhard Wagner (post-doc)
Robert F GagelBone Biology, Endocrine Neoplasia Pharmacology and Toxicology19771981 Armen H. Tashjian (post-doc)
Ethan C. Garnersingle-molecule biology and bioimaging2012 Timothy J. Mitchison (post-doc)
Scott A. GerberAnalytical Chemistry, Genetics, Organic Chemistry Cell Biology20002006 Steven P. Gygi (post-doc)
John Gergelymuscle proteins
Ronald N Germain Baruj Benacerraf (grad student)
Vadim N. Gladyshevredox biology and trace elements as applied to cancer, aging and male reproduction
J.N. Mark Glover Don C. Wiley (post-doc)
David E. Golanmolecular biophysics, biochemistry
Alfred Goldberg
Howard M. GoodmanGenetics & molecular biology
Luigi Gorini
Eric Griffith Jun O. Liu (grad student)
Linda Griffith Joseph P. Vacanti (post-doc)
John D. Gross Gerhard Wagner (post-doc)
Frederico Gueiros-Filho Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology Stephen M. Beverley (grad student)
Edgar HaberImmunochemistry
Stephen J. Haggartyneuroplasticity, chromatin, neural stem cells
Sen-itiroh Hakomoristructure and function of glycosphingolipids19561957 Roger W. Jeanloz (post-doc)
Ulla Margrete HansenMammalian gene regulation, Transcription, Cell cycle, Cancer
Steven C. Harrison
Tayyaba Hasanphotodynamic therapy (PDT)
Anwarul Hasan2013 Ali Khademhosseini (post-doc)
William Alan Haseltinebiotechnology
A. Baird HastingsBiochemistry, metabolism
Dane Z HazelbakerGene Expression BCMP Steve Buratowski (post-doc)
Selig HechtSensory biophysics19221924 Lawrence Joseph Henderson (post-doc)
Matthew T. Henkenatural products, biosynthesis, analytical chemistry2016 Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
Judith Herzfeldstatistical thermodynamics and solid state NMR
George H. Hitchings1933 Cyrus H. Fiske (grad student)
Daniel R. Hochbaumtools to study biomolecules Neurobiology Bernardo L. Sabatini (post-doc)
James M. Hoglestructural biology
Florian Hollfelderenzyme mechanism, directed evololution, physical-organic chemistry, microfluidics Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology19982001 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Jacob Matthew Hookerpositron emission tomography, radiotracer chemistry, epigenetics, neuroscience, neurotransmitters
Guang HuStem Cell Biology2009 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)
Billy G. HudsonBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Analytical Chemistry Biological Chemistry19681970 Robert G. Spiro (post-doc)
Reid HuntPharmacology
Sun Hurfunctions and mechanisms of several pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) that specifically recognize viral nucleic acids, such as several Toll like receptors and RIG-I-like helicases
Edward L. Huttlin Cell Biology2009 Steven P. Gygi (post-doc)
Donald E. Ingberbiologically inspired engineering Moses Judah Folkman (post-doc), James D. Jamieson (grad student)
Franz Joseph Ingelfinger Medicine1937 Chester Scott Keefer (post-doc)
Vishwanath R Iyer Kevin Struhl (grad student)
Lior IzharBiochemistry, Microbiology Biology, Cell Biology20102015 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)
John JanetzkoGPCRs, biochemistry, biophysics, GRK, post-translational modifications, mass spectrometry Microbiology and Immunobiology20122017 Suzanne Walker (grad student)
Hae Lin Jang2017 Ali Khademhosseini (post-doc)
Roger W. Jeanlozglycobiology
Finith E. JerniganChemical Biology, Computational Drug Discovery
Aaron Johnson Danesh Moazed (post-doc)
Cassandra M JoinerProtein-protein interactions, O-GlcNAc Transferase Microbiology and Immunobiology2017 Suzanne Walker (post-doc)
Alun G. Jonesradiopharmaceutical chemistry
Barbara B. Kahn
Geoffrey KaplerMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology1989 Stephen M. Beverley (grad student)
Morris J. KarnovskyPathological Anatomy
Jeffrey M. KarpBiomedical Engineering
Regis B. Kellyneuro-signaling and long-term memory1971 Zach W. Hall (post-doc)
Deborah Kelly Thomas (Tom) Walz (post-doc)
Eugene Patrick Kennedyphospholipid biosynthesis
Ali Khademhosseinibioengineering - biomedical engineering - biomaterials - tissue engineering - microfluidics
Jongseong Kimsingle molecule biophysics Timothy A. Springer (grad student)
George L King
Robert E. Kingstonchromatin-modifying proteins
Tomas KirchhausenImmune Disease
Marc W. KirschnerCell Cycle, Cytoskeleton, Systems Biology
Roy Kishonysystem-level architecture of genetic networks
Daryl E. KleinMedical Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry BCMP20092016 Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
Ronald H. Klugerorganic chemistry Biological Chemistry19651966 Elkan Rogers Blout (grad student)
Puck Knipscheer20072010 Johannes C. Walter (post-doc)
W. Eugene Knox
Dieter Koch-Weser
Richie E. Kohmanbioorganic chemistry, neurotechnology, nucleic acid chemistry, nanotechnology, polymer chemistry, biomaterials The Wyss Institute2016 George M. Church (research scientist)
Richard D. Kolodnergenetic recombination and DNA repair
Roberto KolterBacterial Biofilms
Sriram KosuriBiochemistry, Systems Biology and Biological Regulation, Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology, Genomic20092011 George M. Church (post-doc)
Bryan A. KrantzBiophysical chemistry of membrane proteins20042006 R. John Collier (post-doc)
Edward KravitzTransmitter biochemistry Stephen W. Kuffler (research scientist)
Nathan Lamarre-Vincent Kevin Struhl (post-doc)
Ralph H LambalotMechanistic Enzymology, Biosynthesis, Macrolide Antibiotics, Phosphopantetheinylation, Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmcology19941996 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Salomon Z. LangerMonoamines Ullrich Trendelenburg (grad student)
Robert LangridgeMolecular Graphics
Peter T. Lansbury, Jr.http://www.researchprofiles.collexis.com/jad/expert.asp?u_id=78
Watson J. Leesprotein folding19951998 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Robert J. LefkowitzG protein-coupled receptors19701973 Edgar Haber (post-doc)
Michael LevinXenopus, chick, zebrafish, left-right asymmetry, laterality, polarity, regeneration, bioelectricity, biophysics19962000 Clifford J. Tabin (grad student), Mark Mercola (post-doc)
Wekai Li Tom A. Rapoport (post-doc)
Bo LiChemical Biology, Natural Product Biosynthesis and Discovery, Antibiotic Mechanism of Action, Metabolomics, Synthetic Biology20092013 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Jin Billy Li Genetics George M. Church (grad student)
kunhua Li
Wenlong Lian Priscilla L. Yang (post-doc)
Bo Liang2016 Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
Maofu Liao
Brian B. LiauOrganic synthesis Pathology Bradley E. Bernstein (post-doc)
Stephen D. LiberlesOlfaction and pheromone signaling, Vagus nerve
Edmund Chi Chien Lincatabolism of polyhydric alcohols1957 W. Eugene Knox (grad student)
Hening Linchemistry, biology, and application of enzymes Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology20032006 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Andrew J. Link George M. Church (grad student)
Milan Alexander Logan1928 Cyrus H. Fiske (grad student)
R. Scott Lokeydrug discovery2002 Timothy J. Mitchison (post-doc)
David Long20082014 Johannes C. Walter (post-doc)
Joseph J. Loparooptical spectroscopy to probe the dynamics of molecules2010 Antoine M. van Oijen (post-doc)
Jon LorschProtein synthesis, regulation of translation Jack W. Szostak (grad student)
J. Christopher C. LoveNano-based Drugs, Personalized Medicine, Cancer Immunology20042005 Hidde L. Ploegh (post-doc)
Susan Loweythe role of myosin in muscle contraction
Kun Ping LuMolecular mechanisms and treatments of Alzheimer's disease and cancer
Jianrong LuMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology2005 Philip Leder (post-doc)
Bai Luan Systems Biology2016 Marc W. Kirschner (post-doc)
Martha L. Ludwigstructural biology J. Lawrence Oncley (post-doc)
Andrej LuptákChemical biology, RNA20022007 Jack W. Szostak (post-doc)
Costas Lyssiotis Signal Transduction20102015 Lewis C. Cantley (post-doc)
Victor Pui-Yan MaNanotechnology Jeffrey M. Karp (post-doc)
Nathan A. Magarveynatural products20052008 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Boris Magasanikmicrobial physiology and the regulation of gene expression in bacteria and yeast.19491951 J. Howard Mueller (research scientist)
Kirill A. MartemyanovPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology, Biochemistry Opthalmology20002005 Vadim Y. Arshavsky (post-doc)
Jarrod A. Martoproteomics
Martha Marvin Mark Mercola (post-doc)
Seiji Masuda Robin Reed (post-doc)
Edmund Matayoshi Arthur K. Solomon (grad student)
Shibin Mathew
Dewey G. McCaffertychemical biology, mechanistic enzymology and molecular medicine19951997 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Ralph Wendell McKeeBiochemistry
Randall McNallyStructural Biology of Cellular Signal Transduction and DNA Replication Michael J. Eck (post-doc)
Elizabeth Meiering19921996 Gerhard Wagner (post-doc)
James Laurence Michel1982 John R. Murphy (grad student)
Hannes Mikula20142016 Ralph Weissleder (post-doc)
Keith W. Milleranesthesia research
Oscar R. MirandaNanotechnology, Nanomedicine, Supramolecular Chemistry, Bioengineering, Biomedical and Materials Applications of Nanosystem, Biomedical Engineering, Drug Delivery Systems, Biomedicine Biomedical Engineering20102014 Jeffrey M. Karp (post-doc)
Timothy J. MitchisonMicrotubules, Actin, Mitosis, Cell cycle
Yorgo E. Modismolecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions using X-ray crystallography, microscopy, and other biophysical and biochemical approaches19992004 Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
Paul L. ModrichDNA Mismatch Repair19751978 Charles C. Richardson (post-doc)
David J. MooneyAngiogenesis, drug delivery, mechanotransduction, immune therapies and cancer, musculoskeletal tissue engineering, new biomaterials19921994 Joseph P. Vacanti (post-doc)
Claudio Morales-Perez Ryan E. Hibbs (grad student), Maofu Liao (post-doc)
Richard MulliganGene therapy
John R. Murphymolecular biology and molecular genetics of bacterial protein toxins
Andrew W. MurrayCell cycle, evolution19781984 Jack W. Szostak (grad student)
Samira MusahBiomolecular recognition Genetics2013 George M. Church (post-doc)
Aurel NagyMolecular neuroscience, regulatory element engineering Neurobiology20132018 Michael E. Greenberg (grad student)
Yunsun NamStructure function of RNA Modification Proteins and ncRNAs Tom A. Rapoport (post-doc), Piotr Sliz (post-doc)
Ami NavonCell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry Alfred Goldberg (post-doc)
David Lee Nelsonsignal transductions in the protozoan Paramecium1971 Eugene Patrick Kennedy (post-doc)
Wai-Lung Ng2016 Jun Qi (post-doc)
Hermann Niemeyer FernandezMetabolism of Carbohydrates, Biochemistry, Kinetics Fritz Albert Lipmann (post-doc)
Mehdi Nikkhah2013 Ali Khademhosseini (post-doc)
Jeff Nivalananopores, synthetic biology, protein engineering20142017 George M. Church (post-doc)
Donald B. OliverMolecular Biology, Biochemistry19801981 Jonathan R. Beckwith (post-doc)
Janet M. OliverPathology, Biochemistry Cell Physiology1973 Richard D. Berlin (post-doc)
Nili OstrovChemical Complementation, Ribosome Chemistry, In Vivo Imaging George M. Church (post-doc)
Hermen S. Overkleeft1999 Hidde L. Ploegh (post-doc)
Arthur B. Pardeecancer research
Yong Il Park20132015 Hakho Lee (post-doc)
Natalya N Pavlovacancer genetics, cell metabolism Genetics Stephen J. Elledge (grad student)
Dehua Peichemical biology, medicinal chemistry1995 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Deborah L. PerlsteinIron-sulfur proteins, bioinorganic chemistry Microbiology and Chemical Biology2010 Suzanne Walker (grad student)
Afroditi PetsakouNeuroscience Biology, Biochemistry Genetics2015 Norbert Perrimon (post-doc)
Hidde L. Ploegh1980 Jack L. Strominger (grad student)
Thomas Dean PollardCell Biology, Biochemistry, Actin
Alfred S. PonticelliBiochemistry1992 Kevin Struhl (post-doc)
Matthew Powner Jack W. Szostak (post-doc)
Catherine ProenzaSinoatrial node, HCN channels20022005 Gary Yellen (post-doc)
Katarina PsenakovaStructural Biology, Epigenetics, Heterochromatin
Jun Qi
Charles M. Raddinggenetic recombination and enzymology of nucleic acids19571959 George Wald (research scientist)
Christian R.H. Raetzlipid biochemistry1973 Eugene Patrick Kennedy (grad student)
Timothy R. Ramadhar Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology2013 Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
Robert R. RandoBiochemistry of Vision
Tom A. RapoportEndoplasmic Reticulum, Secretion
Michael H. RäzBiomolecular Nanotechnology2019 William M. Shih (post-doc)
Capucine Van Rechem Johnathan R. Whetstine (post-doc)
Samara L. Reck-PetersonDynein
Robin ReedmRNA nuclear export, splicing
Charles C. RichardsonStructure and metabolism of nucleic acids
Ann Rittenhouse Richard E. Zigmond (post-doc), Peter Hess (post-doc)
Richard W. Robertsprotein design, proteins, RNA, DNA, biophysical chemistry, chemical biology, therapeutics, origin of life chemistry19931997 Jack W. Szostak (post-doc)
Jean-Christophe RochetParkinson’s disease, protein aggregation Neurology19992002 Peter T. Lansbury, Jr. (post-doc)
Rajat RohatgiBiochemical Mechanisms of Hedgehog (Hh) Signaling19921994 Jack W. Szostak (research assistant)
Derry C. RoopenianBiochemistry, Molecular Biology1984 Matthew F. Mescher (post-doc)
Brad S. RothbergK+ channels19992002 Gary Yellen (post-doc)
James E. RothmanSecretion, membrane fusion1976 Eugene Patrick Kennedy (grad student)
Hagai RottenbergBioenergetics, biomembranes1968 Arthur K. Solomon (grad student)
Joan V. Rudermanmolecular mechanisms that regulate progress through the cell division cycle
Do Hyun Ryu Robert R. Rando (post-doc)
Alan S.
Bernardo L. SabatiniSynaptic Transmission and Plasticity19941998 Wade G. Regehr (grad student)
Ruth SagerCancer Genetics
Ace George Santiago20162017 Peng Chen (grad student), Peng Chen (post-doc)
David F. SavageBiophysics, Synthetic Biology, and Systems Biology20072011 Pamela A. Silver (post-doc)
Ann Schlesingerdevelopmental genetics, immunology, vaccines Judy Lieberman (post-doc)
Katja SchmitzChemokines, surface modifications, inhibitors20052007 Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
R. I. SchoenfeldBehavioral pharmacology, Anxiety models
Devin Karl SchweppeProteomics Cell Biology2016 Steven P. Gygi (post-doc)
Brian Seedrapid identification of interesting genes with methods to study the consequences of their expression in an organismic context
Jason K. Selloantibacterial agents and technology platforms for bioenergy20022004 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Shiladitya Sengupta
Eli E. Sercarz1960 Albert Coons (grad student)
Mohammad R. Seyedsayamdost Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
Philip A. Shaffermetabolism in disease, nutrition in typhoid fever, protein metabolism in exophthalmic goiter, and protein metabolism in cystinuria1904 Otto Folin (grad student)
Jagesh V. Shahquantitative models of cellular behavior
Pranav NM Shahstructural virology, virology, cryo-em2017 James M. Hogle (post-doc)
Humayun SharifXray Crystalllography, Structural biology, Cancer Biology, Cell Signaling, Protein Protein Interation
Yian Shisynthesis of natural products19921995 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
William M. ShihBiomolecular Nanotechnology
Philip SiekevitzMolecular biology of PSDs Paul C. Zamecnik (post-doc)
Thomas J. Silhavybacterial genetics19751977 Jonathan R. Beckwith (post-doc)
Pamela A. SilverIntracellular Compartmentation
Matthew D. SimonChemical biology; Large non-coding RNAs; Epigenetic regulation; Histone modifications Robert E. Kingston (post-doc)
Georgios Skiniotis Thomas (Tom) Walz (post-doc)
Owen S Skinner
Frank J. SlackMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Gary Ruvkun (post-doc)
Piotr SlizMicrobiology Biology, Biochemistry Steven C. Harrison (post-doc)
Danya Martell Smart2016 Peng Chen (grad student)
Sahib Singh SokheyBiochemistry19231925 Otto Folin (post-doc)
Aniruddh P. Solanki2013 Jeffrey M. Karp (post-doc)
Mark SolomonCell Cycle Marc W. Kirschner (post-doc)
Arthur K. Solomonquantitative transport of ions and other substances across membranes
Hyun Kyu SongProtein degradation, ubiquitylation, autophagy, structural biology20012003 Michael J. Eck (post-doc)
Marcos M. SotomayorMechanotransduction - Cellular Adhesion - Structural Biology - Molecular Dynamics Simulations - Protein Biochemistry and Biophysics2013 David P. Corey (post-doc)
Robert G. Spiroglycoproteins19561958 A. Baird Hastings (post-doc)
Timothy A. SpringerImmunology
John L. Spudichphotosensory receptors Ruth Sager (post-doc)
Thressa Campbell Stadtmanselenium biochemistry1950 Christian B. Anfinsen (post-doc)
Pierre StallforthNatural Products Natural Products20112013 Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
Hanno SteenProteomics Marc W. Kirschner (post-doc)
Brian J. StockmanProtein NMR, NMR screening19901991 Gerhard Wagner (post-doc)
Aaron F. Straightchromosome segregation, genome organization and cell division2004 Timothy J. Mitchison (post-doc)
Eric R. StrieterChemistry and Biology of Protein Ubiquitination and Degradation2009 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Kevin StruhlTranscription
Peter Todd StukenbergMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry1997 Marc W. Kirschner (post-doc)
Yellapragada SubbaRowPhosphocreatine, ATP, Folic Acid, Aureomycin, Methotrexate, Diethylcarbamazine
Radhika Subramanian
Hiroaki SugaOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Massachusetts General Hospital19941997 Jack W. Szostak (grad student)
James Batcheller SumnerBiochemistry1914 Otto Folin (grad student)
Muttaiya (Sunda) SundaralingamX-ray Crystallography19651966 Robert Langridge (post-doc)
Zucai Suoenzymes involved in DNA/RNA replication, Hepatitis C replication, drug design19982000 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
H. Lee Sweeney Physiology and Biophysics1984 Martin J. Kushmerick (grad student)
Ismail SyedPharmacy, Pharmacology Department of Medicine Barbara B. Kahn (post-doc)
Karen SymesBiochemistry, Human Development Cell Biology Mark Mercola (post-doc)
Jack W. Szostakorigin of life
Rasmus S. SørensenDNA Nanotechnology, Self-assembly, Programmable Materials, Nanotechnology, Cancer Immunotherapy, Drug Delivery Wyss Institute20142016 William M. Shih (post-doc)
Clifford J. Tabingenetics, morphogenesis, limb, evolution
Herbert Tabor1941 A. Baird Hastings (grad student)
Tatsuro Takahashi20022007 Johannes C. Walter (post-doc)
Shay Tal
Lorillee Tallorin Microbiology Priscilla L. Yang (post-doc)
David A. TalmageNeuregulin Pathology19831988 Thomas L. Benjamin (post-doc)
Chun Pong TamChemistry Genetics20132018 Jack W. Szostak (grad student), Albert C. Fahrenbach (collaborator)
Xu Tan20082014 Stephen J. Elledge (post-doc)
Mathew C. Tantamaoptical biosensors to study metabolic and oxidative stress in neurodegeneration associated with Parkinson’s disease20082014 Gary Yellen (post-doc)
Jack Tauntonsignaling proteins Timothy J. Mitchison (post-doc)
Cornelis (Cox) Pieter Terhorst
David Dale ThomasStructural Biology Boston Biomedical Research Institute1977 John Gergely (post-doc)
C. Giovanni TraversoBiomedical engineering
Benjamin Turk Lewis C. Cantley (post-doc)
Edward C TwomeyCryo-electron microscopy, biophysics, ion channels, membrane signaling Cell Biology2018 Tom A. Rapoport (post-doc)
Frederick C. UhlePharmacology, medicinal chemistry Otto Krayer (research scientist)
Daizo Ushiba1952 Boris Magasanik (post-doc)
Bert Lester Valleezinc enzymology Edwin Joseph Cohn (post-doc), John Tileston Edsall (post-doc)
John Valliant19971999 Alun G. Jones (post-doc)
Lambertus (Bert) Van den Bergmembrane transport proteins2004 Tom A. Rapoport (post-doc)
Antoine M. van OijenMolecular microscopy and spectroscopy
Lucas S. Van OrdenMonoamines, immunohistochemistry19661967 Ullrich Trendelenburg (post-doc)
Matthew G. Vander Heidencancer metabolism Lewis C. Cantley (post-doc)
Birgit Vennesland A. Baird Hastings (post-doc)
André Verdel Danesh Moazed (post-doc)
Alan Verkman Arthur K. Solomon (grad student)
Hector Viadiu-IlarrazaX-ray Crystallography and Cryo-Electron Microscopy of DNA Binding Proteins and Membrane Proteins Thomas (Tom) Walz (post-doc)
Christopher R. VickeryChemical biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Structural Biology
Valerie A. Villarealmolecular basis of bacterial pathogenesis Priscilla L. Yang (post-doc)
David A. Vosburgorganic synthesis20022005 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Gerhard Wagnerstructural aspects of protein function
Suzanne WalkerChemical biology, enzymology, antibiotics, glycosyltransferases, inhibitors
Richard M. WalshCryo-EM
David R. Walt
Johannes C. WalterDNA replication and repair mechanisms
Thomas (Tom) WalzStructural Biology
Jia-huai Wang
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Shields Warren
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David J. Waxman
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David A. Williams Richard Mulligan (post-doc)
John R. Williamson Albert Reinold (research scientist), GF Cahill (research scientist)
Jeremy WinklerChemistry, molecular pharmacology, biological chemistry
George B. WislockiComparative anatomy
Wesley P. WongSingle-molecule Force Studies
Gerard D. WrightAntibiotic resistance; chemically synthesizing antibiotics19911995 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Hao Wustructural immunology
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Hao Wu
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Ee-Lynn Yap Neurobiology2014 Michael E. Greenberg (grad student)
Gary YellenIon Channel Biophysics, Metabolism and Excitability
Jun Yinenzyme directed evolution20032006 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Peng YinMolecular Technology
Calvin Yip Thomas (Tom) Walz (post-doc)
Travis S. YoungImmuno-oncology Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology20102012 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Qing Yu
Deborah ZambleBiochemistry Molecular Pharmacology19992001 Christopher T. Walsh (post-doc)
Paul C. ZamecnikProtein biosynthesis and anti-sense DNA
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Jean ZhaoPI3K, malignant transformation
Jidong Zhu
Joshua J. Ziarekbiochemistry, protein chemistry, NMR, structural biology, conformational dynamics Gerhard Wagner (post-doc)
Ali R. Zomorrodi
Pinar Zorlutuna2012 Ali Khademhosseini (post-doc)
Lee Zou