Harvard University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Xiaojun Wu 20172019 Yoel Ohayon (research scientist)
Stephanie Oyola-Reynoso (Harvard Chemistry20182018 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Jonathan Paul Dilworth AbbattAtmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences1990 James G. Anderson (grad student)
Nicholas L. Abbottinterfacial phenomena and complex fluids19911993 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Robert Heinz Abelesmechanistic enzymology1957 Frank H. Westheimer (post-doc)
Joshua Abell Chemistry20092011 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Jonathan Abrahamstructural cell biology2010 Stephen C. Harrison (grad student)
Catalina AchimInorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry and Chemical Biology19992001 Richard Hadley Holm (post-doc)
Kazuo Achiwa Chemistry19691970 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Allison Kalben Ackerman Chemistry Eric J. Heller (grad student)
Drew James Adams2009 David A. Evans (grad student)
Roger AdamsOrganic chemistry Chemistry19131916 Henry Augustus Torrey (grad student), Charles Loring Jackson (post-doc), Theodore William Richards (research assistant)
Steven A. Adelmantheoretical physical chemistry1972 Dudley R. Herschbach (grad student)
Utsarga AdhikaryCancer Biology
Suneet AgarwalImmunology, Molecular Biology2001 Anjana Rao (grad student)
Ritesh AgarwalUltrafast Spectroscopy20022005 Charles M. Lieber (grad student)
Alexander Agassiz1855 Louis Agassiz (grad student)
Isao Agata Chemistry19611964 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Christian AgatemorChemistry Bioengineering20172018 Samir Mitragotri (post-doc)
William C. AgostaOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19581959 Robert B. Woodward (grad student), Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Dimitris Agrafiotis Chemistry19901991 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Vincent AguirreBiochemistry, Pathology2002 Morris F. White (grad student)
Kyo Han Ahn Chemistry Elias James Corey (research scientist)
Joanna Aizenbergbiomineralization, biomimetics, self-assembly, crystal engineering, surface chemistry, nanofabrication, biomaterials, biomechanics and biooptics19961998 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Özge AkbulutMicro/nanofabrication, Enrichment of rare cells, Composite materials, Chiral Nanoclusters20092012 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Venkateswarlu Akelia Chemistry19691972 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Deniz C AkselStem Cell Biology, Development, Systems Biology Biophysics2016 Sharad Ramanathan (grad student)
Mohammad H. Al-SayahSupramolecular Chemistry, Host-Guest Interactions, Molecular Recognition, Fluorescent Sensors20122013 George M. Whitesides (research scientist)
Colleen E. AlbackerGenetics Biology: Medical Sciences, Division of2012 Scott Allen Armstrong (grad student)
David G. Alberg Chemistry Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Bruce AlbertsDNA replication, cell cytoskeleton1965 Paul Mead Doty (grad student)
Sem Albonico Chemistry19691970 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
John Albright Chemistry19761982 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Millard H. AlexanderTheoretical Chemistry, Collision Dynamics19691971 Roy Gerald Gordon (post-doc), Edgar Bright Wilson (post-doc)
Becky AlexanderAtmospheric chemistry: physical chemistry of isotope effects; solar system formation Earth and Planetary Sciences20032005 Daniel James Jacob (post-doc)
Augustine Oliver AllenRadiation chemistry1938 Oscar Knefler Rice (grad student)
Charles Francis Hitchcock Allen1924 Elmer P. Kohler (grad student)
Brett Douglas Allison2001 David A. Evans (grad student)
Warren Douglas AllmonPaleontology, macroevolution1988 Stephen J. Gould (grad student)
A. Louis AllredInorganic chemistry1957 Eugene George Rochow (grad student)
Dariela Almeda Engineering and Applied Sciences Engineering and Applied Sciences2014 Guido Guidotti (grad student), Kevin Kit Parker (grad student), David J. Mooney (grad student), Debra T. Auguste (grad student)
Steven C. AlmoBiochemistry1990 Gregory A. Petsko (grad student)
Allen Dennis Aloise2004 Matthew D. Shair (grad student)
Jose Alonsorotational spectroscopy1980 Edgar Bright Wilson (post-doc)
Michael David Alpert Biology: Medical Sciences, Division of2012 David A. Evans (grad student)
Frederick W. AltDNA repair, immunology, lymphoma
Mark A. AltabetAnalytical Chemistry, Geochemistry1984 James J. McCarthy (grad student)
Sidney AltmanBiochemistry Matthew S. Meselson (post-doc)
Carlos E. Alvarezcanine-human comparative genomics, molecular pharmacology Walter Gilbert (grad student)
Douglas V. AmatoPolymer Science; Emulsions; Thiol-ene Physics2016 David A. Weitz (research scientist)
Babak Amir-Parviz20012003 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Helen M. AmosAtmospheric Chemistry Modeling Earth and Planetary Sciences2014 Daniel James Jacob (grad student)
Giridhar Anand Sharad Ramanathan (grad student)
Mark Lawrence Andermannvisual system, mouse behavior2006 Christopher I. Moore (grad student)
Niels H. Andersenbiorecognition Chemistry19661968 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Jerome Anderson Chemistry19631971 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Erin Michelle Anderson Engineering and Applied Sciences2014 David J. Mooney (grad student)
Janelle R. AndersonBio-organic and Biophysical Chemistry2001 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
Amy Christine AndersonX-Ray crystallography, Structural biology, Molecular modeling, Structure-based drug design1997 Christin A. Frederick (grad student)
James M AndersonEpithelial Biology Biology19741979 Guido Guidotti (grad student)
Charles D Anderson Chemistry1959 Peter Yates (grad student)
D. Ryan AndersonOrganic synthesis2009 Matthew D. Shair (grad student)
Jim AndersonInorganic Chemistry
Roger William Andersonexperimental and theoretical aspects of chemical reactions, energy transfer and gas phase chemical processes that produce solid or liquid phase products1968 Dudley R. Herschbach (grad student)
James G. AndersonAtmospheric Chemistry
Xavier AndradeElectronic structure2010 Alán Aspuru-Guzik (post-doc)
Peter R. AndreanaOrganic Chemistry20022005 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Stefan A. Andreevchemistry, physics, and biology of disordered materials2006 David R. Reichman (grad student)
Amy H. AndreottiNuclear magnetic resonance, Macromolecular structure and recognition19941996 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
E. Raymond Andrewsolid state NMR, MRI1948 Edward Mills Purcell (post-doc)
Frank Clinton Andrewsthermodynamics and statistical mechanics1961 Ilya Prigogine (grad student)
Arlyn E. AndrewsAtmospheric and Environmental Science2000 Steven C. Wofsy (grad student)
Ioan AndricioaeiTheoretical Chemistry and Biophysics 2003 Martin Karplus (post-doc)
Merritt B. AndrusOrganic Chemistry Chemistry19911993 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Samantha Angle
David Allen Annis Chemistry1998 Eric N. Jacobsen (grad student)
Aseem Z. AnsariRegulation of gene expression at the interface of chemistry, biology and genomics1998 Mark Ptashne (post-doc)
Fred C. Ansonelectrochemistry1957 James J. Lingane (grad student)
Scott T. Aokistructural cell biology2010 Stephen C. Harrison (grad student)
Chanat Aonbangkhen Chemistry & Chemical Biology20182020 Christina M. Woo (post-doc)
Roland Appel Chemistry20112012 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Meredithe Lee AppleburyBiochemistry of Vision
Jon B. ApplequistConformation of biological macromolecules 1959 Paul Mead Doty (grad student)
Brent A. Appletonstructural biology2004 James M. Hogle (grad student)
Yoshinobu Arai Chemistry19781979 Elias James Corey (research scientist)
Praveen Ravindra AranyBiomedical engineering; Dentistry2011 David J. Mooney (grad student)
Georgios Archontis Biophysics1994 Martin Karplus (grad student)
Yair ArgonFunctions of molecular chaperones in modulating cell surface receptors and secreted proteins1980 Samuel Ward (grad student)
Scott Allen ArmstrongGeneral Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Oncology
Edward McC. Arnettreactive intermediates1957 Paul D. Bartlett (post-doc)
Kelly L. Arnettstructural cell biology2005 Stephen C. Harrison (grad student)
John Arnett Chemistry19731974 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Zdenek Arnold Chemistry1968 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Natasha AroraHuman Development, Virology Biology, Cell Biology Biology: Medical Sciences, Division of2014 George Q. Daley (grad student)
Hiroki Asarivisual system Markus Meister (post-doc)
Paul D. Ashbynanoscience2003 Charles M. Lieber (grad student)
Sanford A. AsherAnalytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry19771980 Peter S. Pershan (post-doc)
Damon R. AsherImmunology, Molecular Biology2004 Robert W. Finberg (grad student)
Eric Ashley Chemistry20062009 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Eric Robert Ashley Chemistry20062009 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Alán Aspuru-Guzikenergy transfer in photosynthetic complexes, spectroscopy of molecules in nanoscale environments
Edwin B. Astwoodendocrinology, hyperthyroidism19371939 Frederick Lee Hisaw (grad student)
Yeung (Billy) AuChemical Vapor Deposition, Thin Films20072012 Roy Gerald Gordon (grad student)
Paul A. AuerbachGenetics, Molecular Biology2005 Bruce Demple (grad student)
Debra T. AugusteBiomaterials, Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering
David J. Austin19941996 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Fred M. AusubelMolecular Biology19741975 Lawrence Bogorad (post-doc)
Roy AutyMolecular Biology2005 Stephen Buratowski (grad student)
Gary J AxenGeology, Geochemistry, Materials Science Engineering1991 Brian P. Wernicke (grad student)
Yimon Aye2009 David A. Evans (grad student)
William Alfred Ayernatural products chemistry19571958 Robert B. Woodward (post-doc)
Mihai Azimioara Chemistry19901996 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Zhaoqing Ba Yijun Qi (grad student)
Timor Baasov19861988 Jeremy R. Knowles (post-doc)
Ryan BabbushQuantum Information Alán Aspuru-Guzik (grad student)
David J. Babinski2013 Tobias Ritter (post-doc)
Thorsten Bach Chemistry19911992 David A. Evans (post-doc)
Mikael P. Backlundoptical nanoscopy and applied quantum sensing Physics20162020 Ronald L. Walsworth (post-doc)
Abraham K. Badu-Tawiahdiagnostic mass spectrometry, Accelerated droplet reactions, Aerosol therapy20122014 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Yunjung BaekOrganometallics Chemistry and Chemical Biology20142020 Theodore A. Betley (grad student)
Kenneth Bailey1939 Edwin Joseph Cohn (post-doc)
Colin D. BainPhysical, Spectroscopy, Interfaces Chemistry1989 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
C. Baker Chemistry19931998 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Murray BakerSynthetic chemistry19881990 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Brian M. Bakermolecular recognition and cellular communication2001 Don C. Wiley (post-doc)
Thomas A. BakerMolecular Interactions with Water on Metal Oxide Surfaces2009 Cynthia Marie Friend (grad student)
Mark Bakkus Priscilla L. Yang (grad student)
Raman Bakshi Chemistry19861989 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Somenath BakshiQuantitative fluorescence microscopy in vivo and in vitro Systems Biology20142018 Johan Paulsson (post-doc)
Anand Bala SubramaniamSynthetic Biology, Soft Matter Physics, Colloid and Interface Science, Microfabrication and Microfluidics20112014 George M. Whitesides (post-doc), Howard Alvin Stone (grad student)
Richard Balanson19711975 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Padmanabhan BalaramBioorganic Chemistry, Molecular Biophysics19721973 Robert B. Woodward (post-doc)
Alejandro B. BalazsEngineering Immunity2006 Richard Mulligan (grad student)
Alan L. Balchchemistry1967 Richard Hadley Holm (grad student)
John D. Baldeschwielernuclear magnetic resonance and double resonance spectroscopy, nuclear Overhauser effects, ion cyclotron resonance and perturbed angular correlation spectroscopy
Carl Joseph Balibar2008 Christopher T. Walsh (grad student)
Eric Glendinning Ball
Madeleine P. Ballstructural biology2010 James M. Hogle (grad student)
Carl J. BallhausenInorganic chemistry19541955 William E. Moffitt (post-doc)
Emily Balskusmicrobial chemistry2008 Eric N. Jacobsen (grad student)
Jennifer L. Baltzstructural biology2010 James M. Hogle (grad student)
Anirban Banerjeecontrol of gene expression and preservation of genomic integrity2005 Gregory L. Verdine (grad student)
Steven M. Banik Chemistry and Chemical Biology20112016 Eric N. Jacobsen (grad student)
Allison V. BanseDifferentiation, morphogenesis and multicellularity in the spore-forming bacterium Bacillus subtilis2010 Richard M. Losick (grad student)
Younis Baqi Chemistry20072008 Elias James Corey (research scientist)
Phil S. BaranNatural Product Total Synthesis, New Methods Chemistry20012003 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Joseph K. Barbaysynthesis of natural products2002 Andrew G. Myers (grad student)
Allen J. Bardelectrochemistry1958 James J. Lingane (grad student)
Thirupathi BarlaNatural Products Synthesis and Methodology Chemistry and Chemical Biology20152018 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Diana H. BarnesAtmospheric and Environmental Science2000 Steven C. Wofsy (grad student)
David Barnes-Seeman Chemistry19962000 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Alexander H. Barnettquantum mechanics, scattering theory and quantum chaos2000 Eric J. Heller (grad student)
Matthew C. Barrquantum mechanics, scattering theory and quantum chaos Physics2014 Eric J. Heller (grad student)
Carl J. Barreletnanoscience2007 Charles M. Lieber (grad student)
Dianah S. BarrettChemical biology, enzymology, antibiotics, glycosyltransferases, inhibitors2007 Suzanne Walker (grad student)
Andrew R. Barronnanotechnology
Robert D. BarrowsOrganic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry Chemistry and Chemical Biology20202022 Matthew D. Shair (post-doc)
Sean Thomas Barryprecursor synthesis, ALD, CVD19982000 Roy Gerald Gordon (post-doc)
David P. Bartel"RNA World", regulation of gene expression by small RNAs found in animal and plant cells1993 Jack W. Szostak (grad student)
Paul D. Bartlettphysical organic chemistry1931 James Bryant Conant (grad student)
Alan Barton Chemistry19781984 Elias James Corey (grad student)
James Keane BashkinChemistry, polyamides, antivirals, gene chemistry, bioorganic, organic, biochemistry, biophysics19831985 Richard Hadley Holm (post-doc)
Venkata Basireddy Chemistry20042006 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Sundarababu BaskaranSynthetic Organic Chemistry Chemistry19931995 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Jon Bass Chemistry19621963 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Kelvin Bates
David B. BatesBacterial DNA replication Biochemistry20002007 Nancy E. Kleckner (post-doc)
Wildred M. BatesGeneral Biophysics, Physical Chemistry, Optics Physics2009 Xiaowei Zhuang (grad student)
Robert BauNeutron Diffraction and Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry19681969 William N. Lipscomb (post-doc), Melvyn R. Churchill (grad student)
Nathan Bauld Chemistry19591960 Paul D. Bartlett (post-doc)
J. Percy Baumberger1918 George H. Parker (grad student), William Morton Wheeler (research assistant)
Alfons L. BaumstarkOrganic Chemistry Chemistry Paul D. Bartlett (grad student)
Gregory P. Baxteranalytical chemistry1899 Theodore William Richards (grad student)
Kyle D. BayesPhotochemistry of small molecules1959 George Bogdan Kistiakowsky (grad student)
Hagan P. BayleyChemical Biology 19741979 Jeremy R. Knowles (grad student)
Martin Z. Bazant Efthimios Kaxiras (grad student)
Peter A. Bealribonucleic acids (RNAs)19941996 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Herbert BeallBoron Hydrides, Crystallography19631967 William N. Lipscomb (grad student)
David Beames Chemistry19711974 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
David C. BearOptics, Biomedical Imaging2000 Ronald L. Walsworth (grad student)
Adilson BeatrizOrganic Chemistry Chemistry20182019 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Jesse L. BeauchampFourier transform ion cyclotron resonance1967 John D. Baldeschwieler (grad student)
André M. BeaucheminOrganic Cheistry20012004 David A. Evans (post-doc)
Elizabeth Beck Chemistry20082010 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Konrad Becker Chemistry19711972 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Jonathan R. Beckwithbacterial genetics1961 Lowell P. Hager (grad student)
Mark D. Bednarskito develop nanoparticles that could selectively kill cancer cells1986 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Christine Beemelmanns Jon C. Clardy (post-doc)
Jakob BegunMolecular Biology2005 Fred M. Ausubel (grad student)
Victor Behar Chemistry19951998 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Douglas Carl Behenna Chemistry20062010 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Jason James Beiger Chemistry and Chemical Biology2013 David A. Evans (grad student)
Theodore Wiseman Beiler1952 Robert B. Woodward (grad student)
Lee Belding Chemistry20172019 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Kevin D. BelfieldChemistry, two-photon absorption19901992 William von Eggers Doering (post-doc)
Peter M. Bellhigh pressure science1963 Cornelius S. Hurlbut Jr. (grad student)
John J. Bellizzibiochemistry, X-ray crystallography, natural products20002008 Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
Peter J. BelshawOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry Chemistry and Chemical Biology19901996 Stuart L. Schreiber (grad student)
Danny Ben-ZviAnatomy Biology, Human Development Douglas A. Melton (post-doc)
Myron L. Benderreaction mechanisms and the biochemistry of enzyme action Paul D. Bartlett (post-doc)
George B. Benedekphase transitions, self-assembly and aggregation of several biological molecules19551957 Edward Mills Purcell (grad student), Percy Williams Bridgman (grad student), Nicolaas Bloembergen (post-doc)
Francis G. Benedictmetabolism1894 Josiah Parsons Cooke (research assistant)
Steven A. Benner"synthetic biology"1979 Robert B. Woodward (grad student), Frank H. Westheimer (grad student)
Vann BennettMembrane Biochemistry Daniel Branton (post-doc)
Doran BennettUltrafast Spectroscopy20152019 Alán Aspuru-Guzik (post-doc)
Sidney W. Bensonthermochemistry19411942 George Bogdan Kistiakowsky (grad student), George Shannon Forbes (post-doc)
Ilya V. BerezinBiochemistry, chemical kinetics19621963 Bert Lester Vallee (post-doc)
Elizabeth Hulme Berezovsky2010 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
James Berg2008 Gary Yellen (grad student)
Howard C. BergMolecular motors1964 Norman F. Ramsey (grad student)
Jeremy Mark Bergstructural and functional roles that metal ions, especially zinc, have in proteins1985 Richard Hadley Holm (grad student)
Steven H. Bergensenantioselective homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous catalysis of electrochemical reactions in fuel cells19911993 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
James M. BergerBiochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology1995 James C. Wang (grad student), Stephen C. Harrison (grad student)
Joseph Berkowitz1955 George Bogdan Kistiakowsky (grad student)
David B. BerkowitzOrganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology1990 Steven A. Benner (grad student)
Jacob M. Berlin20002001 Eric N. Jacobsen (research assistant)
Ernst BerlinerOrganic chemistry1943 Louis Frederick Fieser (grad student)
Curtis P. Berlinguettephysical inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry20042006 Richard Hadley Holm (post-doc)
Robert A. Berner1962 Raymond Siever (grad student)
Gabriel F. BerrizProtein Folding and Design, Molecular Evolution, Drug Discovery2001 Eugene I. Shakhnovich (grad student)
R. Stephen BerryStructures, Properties and Dynamics of Clusters and Biopolymers, Dynamics of Few-Body Systems, Finite-time Thermodynamics1955 William E. Moffitt (grad student)
Marla J. BerryMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Richard BersohnPhysical chemistry1949 John H. van Vleck (grad student)
Jerome A. BersonPhysical Organic Chemistry19491950 Robert B. Woodward (post-doc)
Carolyn R. BertozziBioorthogonal chemistry1988 Joseph J. Grabowski (research assistant)
Steven H. Bertz Chemisty19731977 Robert B. Woodward (grad student)
Theodore A. BetleyPolynuclear complexes for cooperative redox chemistry
Arley Tunis Bever1955 Frederick Lee Hisaw (post-doc)
Diego vaz Bevilaqua20022005 Eric J. Heller (post-doc)
Beyton Beyer2020 Eric N. Jacobsen (grad student)
Elsa M. BeyerProtein Systems2010 Gavin MacBeath (grad student)
Susan A. Bezman Chemistry19681973 Melvyn R. Churchill (grad student)
Prerna BhargavaGeneral Biology, Immunology, Cell Biology Biological Sciences in Public Health2013 Chih-Hao Lee (grad student)
Friedrich BickelhauptOrganometallic chemistry1960 Robert B. Woodward (post-doc)
William Bies Eric J. Heller (grad student)
Z. Başar Bilgiçerdesign of multivalent molecules to provide enhancement in selectivity and avidity in targeting various diseases for diagnostic and therapeutic applications20052008 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Peter H. Bird Chemistry19661968 Melvyn R. Churchill (post-doc)
George R. Birdorganic dyes1953 Edgar Bright Wilson (grad student)
Robert R. Birgenanotechnology19731975 Martin Karplus (post-doc)
James Birrell Chemistry and Chemical Biology2013 Eric N. Jacobsen (grad student)
Kyle J.M. Bishopcolloidal materials20092010 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Mina J. BissellMicroenvironmental Influences on Gene Expression and Tissue Specificity in Normal and Malignant Breast1969 Luigi Gorini (grad student)
Dimitris Bitounis School of Public Health2018 Philip Demokritou (post-doc)
Joshua A. BittkerThe Chemistry of Molecular Evolution2004 David R. Liu (grad student)
Pamela J. Björkmancell surface recognition1984 Don C. Wiley (grad student)
Miriam BlaauboerQuantum transport and dynamics in solid-state nanostructures20002001 Eric J. Heller (post-doc)
Stephen C. Blacklowstructure and function of cell surface receptor molecules1991 Jeremy R. Knowles (grad student)
Helen Elizabeth Blackwellsynthesis of biologically active molecules19992002 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Paul C. Blaineyroom-temperature single-molecule spectroscopy2007 X. Sunney Xie (grad student)
Landy K. Blasdelsynthesis of natural products2009 Andrew G. Myers (grad student)
Larry Blaszczak Chemistry19731975 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Albert Harold Blatt19231926 Elmer P. Kohler (grad student)
Samuel M. BlauReaction networks, high-throughput molecular electronic structure, electrochemistry, open quantum systems Chemistry and Chemical Biology20122017 Alán Aspuru-Guzik (grad student)
Megan Blewett20082011 Elias James Corey (research assistant)
Seymour M. BlinderTheoretical Chemistry1961 William E. Moffitt (grad student), John H. van Vleck (grad student)
Konrad BlochBiological Synthesis of Cholesterol
Eric D. BlochInorganic and Solid State Chemistry20142016 Daniel G. Nocera (post-doc)
Eric BlockOrganosulfur chemistry, olfaction, Allium chemistry, organoselenium chemistry19621967 Elias James Corey (grad student)
James Lawrence BloomerBiosynthesis1965 Robert B. Woodward (post-doc)
Walter R. Bloorfats in human nutrition1911 Otto Folin (grad student)
Timothy R. Blossersingle-molecule approaches to examine protein-RNA complexes2010 Xiaowei Zhuang (grad student)
Elkan Rogers Bloutprotein chemistry1943 Louis Frederick Fieser (post-doc), Robert B. Woodward (post-doc)
Thomas BlumenthalMolecular Biology, Biochemistry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology19701973 James D. Watson (post-doc)
Yunxin Bo Chemistry19971999 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Niel Boaz Chemistry19811985 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Mark Bock Chemistry1974 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Kristie A. BoeringPhysical and Atmospheric Chemistry1994 Steven C. Wofsy (post-doc)
Alessandro Boezio20032005 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Joshua Boger Chemistry19731979 Jeremy R. Knowles (grad student)
Dale L. Bogersynthetic organic chemistry Chemistry19761979 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Lawrence Bogoradthe biogenesis of chloroplasts and the photosynthetic apparatus in plants, algae, and cyanobacteria
Gregory E. Bokinsky2007 Xiaowei Zhuang (grad student)
Madhuri BordeMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology2006 Anjana Rao (grad student)
Weston T. BordenComputational Chemistry19601968 Elias James Corey (grad student)
Stefan BoreschComputational Chemistry19901997 Martin Karplus (grad student)
George Borg2007 David A. Evans (post-doc)
George BorgBio-organic Chemistry2007 David A. Evans (grad student)
Ajay Kumar BoseBeta-lactam chemistry,19501951 Robert B. Woodward (post-doc)
Zarko V. Boskovic2011 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
William H. BossertMathematical models of complex biological systems1963 Edward Osborne Wilson (grad student), Anthony Gervin Oettinger (grad student)
Aksel A. Bothner-Bynuclear magnetic resonance1949 Robert B. Woodward (grad student)
David BotsteinGenomics1963 Boris Magasanik (research assistant)
Paul Davis Boudreau Chemistry2013 Emily Balskus (post-doc)
Steeve BoulantVirology, Innate Immunity, Clathrin mediated endocytosis Max L. Nibert (grad student)
Roman A. BoulatovChemistry of stressed polymers20032005 George M. Whitesides (post-doc)
Cara C. BoutteMicrobiology, biochemistry Immunology and Infectious Disease20112017 Eric J. Rubin (post-doc)
Roderick BoveeBiogeochemistry Earth and Planetary Sciences2014 Ann Pearson (grad student)
Ned B. Bowdenorganic materials19941999 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
Kit H. Bowen Jr.clusters and nanoparticles1978 Dudley R. Herschbach (grad student), William Klemperer (grad student)
Deric Bowndsphotoreceptor transduction, rhodopsin1967 George Wald (grad student)
Rustum Boyce Chemistry19941997 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Raymond BoyerOrganic Chemistry1935 Elmer P. Kohler (post-doc)
Paul Julius BracherPrebiotic chemistry20022010 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
Alexander S Bradley2012 David T Johnston (post-doc)
Kenneth A. Bradleybiological toxins2002 John A. T. Young (grad student)
James Bradner Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Charles Kilgo Bradsherpolynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons1937 Louis Frederick Fieser (grad student)
Jacqueline M. Brady The Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard20152020 Alejandro B. Balazs (grad student)
Katrien Brak20102012 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Bruce Branchaud Chemistry19761981 Robert B. Woodward (grad student)
Bridget Debora Brandes (Rohde) Chemistry19921998 Eric N. Jacobsen (grad student)
Clifford P. Brangwynneself-assembly of biological materials2007 David A. Weitz (grad student)
Lewis M. Branscombscience and technology policy1949 Donald Howard Menzel (grad student)
Daniel Brantonbiophysics
Craig Braunmolecular mechanisms of various antibiotics Chemical Biology2012 Daniel E. Kahne (grad student)
Rolf Breinbauer19982000 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Thomas Brennan Chemistry19691971 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Marshall R. BrennanInorganic, Organometallic Chemistry20102011 Tobias Ritter (research assistant)
William R BrennenChemical kinetics Chemistry19581965 George Bogdan Kistiakowsky (grad student)
Michael B. Brenner
Ronald Charles David Breslowphysical organic chemistry1955 Robert B. Woodward (grad student)
Matthias Breuning Chemistry19992001 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Gérard Bricogneprotein and virus structure determination1981 Stephen C. Harrison (post-doc)
Cheyenne S. Brindle20102012 Eric N. Jacobsen (post-doc)
Francis Brion Chemistry19801981 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Scott Talmadge Brittain2000 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
William Keith Brooksmorphologist, zoologist, embryology1875 Alexander Agassiz (grad student)
Charles L. Brookscomputational biophysics19821985 Martin Karplus (post-doc)
Bernard R BrooksComputational Biophysics Martin Karplus (post-doc)
Arthur Brosius19982000 Stuart L. Schreiber (post-doc)
Adam Brown Chemistry and Chemical Biology2013 Eric N. Jacobsen (grad student)
Stephanie L. Brown2011 Suzanne Walker (grad student)
Walter Eric Brown19421948 Edgar Bright Wilson (grad student)
Ronald Frederick Brown1939 Paul D. Bartlett (grad student)
M. Kevin Brown Chemistry Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Douglas T. Browne Frank H. Westheimer (post-doc)
Jason D. Brubakersynthesis of natural products2008 Andrew G. Myers (grad student)
Anna Bruchez Priscilla L. Yang (grad student)
Raphael J. Brucknerorigin of life2010 Jack W. Szostak (grad student)
Yevgeny BrudnoThe Chemistry of Molecular Evolution Chemistry20042010 David R. Liu (grad student), David J. Mooney (post-doc)
Julia L. Brumaghimbiological applications of inorganic chemistry19931993 George M. Whitesides (research assistant), Andrew R. Barron (research assistant)
Paul W. Brumertheoretical chemical physics1972 Martin Karplus (grad student)
Eric Y. Brumerchemistry, physics, and biology of disordered materials2003 David R. Reichman (grad student)
William Henry BruneAtmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry1978 James G. Anderson (post-doc)
Daniel Brunelle Chemistry19751977 Elias James Corey (post-doc)
Steven Douglas Bruner2000 Gregory L. Verdine (grad student)
Axel Brungercrystallography, synaptic neurotransmission19821983 Martin Karplus (post-doc), Gregory A. Petsko (post-doc)
Derek A. Bruzewicz20012007 George M. Whitesides (grad student)
Doryen A. Bubeckstructural biology2005 James M. Hogle (grad student)
Victoria Buch Alexander Dalgarno (post-doc)
Stephen L. Buchwaldorganometallic chemistry1982 Jeremy R. Knowles (grad student)
Itay Budinorigin of life Biology, Molecular and Cellular2012 Jack W. Szostak (grad student)
Bruce BuffettGeophysics, Geochemistry1990 Richard John O'Connell (grad student)
William J. Buikema19791985 Fred M. Ausubel (grad student)
John E. BulkowskiProfessor Emeritus1975 John Anthony Osborn (post-doc)
Martha L. Bulyktranscriptional regulation2001 George M. Church (grad student)
Stephen C. BunnellImmunology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry1998 Leslie Joan Berg (grad student)
Stephen BuratowskiBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Jonathan J. BurbaumChemistry; Enzymology Chemistry19821988 Jeremy R. Knowles (grad student)
Jason David Burch2005 David A. Evans (grad student)
Anthony W.G. Burgett Chemistry20072010 Matthew D. Shair (post-doc)
Albert William Burgstahlerchemistry of natural products1953 Gilbert Stork (grad student)
Martin D. Burkesynthesis and study of small molecules with protein-like functions2004 Stuart L. Schreiber (grad student)
Charles W. Burnhamstructural mineralogy
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