Argonne National Laboratory

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ali Abouimraneenergy storage, materials development Chemical Science and Engineering20082014 Khalil Amine (research scientist)
Raymond John Ackermannhigh temperature chemistry, actinide chemistry
Khalil AmineEnergy Storage, Fluorides
C. Austen Angellphysical chemistry, glass science, water, ionic liquids, energy storage19641966 Dieter M. Gruen (post-doc)
Raymond Bairhigh performance computing19811983 Thom H. Dunning (post-doc)
Ryan David BaylissMaterials Chemistry Chemical Science & Engineering20142016 John Vaughey (post-doc)
Gregory A. BechtSolid State Chermistry, Energy Materials Materials Science20082010 Millie Firestone (post-doc)
Ilias Belharouakenergy storage, materials development Chemical Sciences and Engineering19992001 Khalil Amine (post-doc)
Michael K. BowmanMagnetic Resonance, physical chemistry Chemistry1976 James R. Norris, Jr. (post-doc)
Fikile R. BrushettMicrofluidics, Flow Batteries, Fuel Cells, Tissue Engineering Chemical Sciences20112012 John Vaughey (post-doc)
Daniel E. BugarisInorganic, Solid State, Actinides, X-Ray Crystallography, Materials Materials Science20122015 John Mitchell (post-doc)
Emilio E. Bunelorganometallic chemistry, catalysis, pharmaceuticals
Megan Buonaiuto Chemical Sciences20102010 John Vaughey (research assistant)
Anthony K. Burrellorganometallics, energy storage, hydrogen
Emily Carinoelectrochemistry, energy storage
Maria ChanModeling, Batteries, Photovloltaics, Catalysis, Thermal Transport20102012 Jeffrey Greeley (post-doc)
Duck Young Chungsolid state chemistry, materials science
Peter ChupasPDF, syncrotron science, energy storage
Yanjie Cuienergy storage, thermoelectrics Chemical Science and Engineering Chemical Science and Engineering20162019 Ali Abouimrane (post-doc), Christopher S. Johnson (research scientist)
Damian Dambournetmaterials chemistry, fluorides, energy storage Chemical Sciences20122014 Ilias Belharouak (post-doc)
Seth B. Darlingsurface chemistry and catalysis, surface physics, and materials research, thin film polymer dynamics and AFM imaging studies of bacterial cell wall structure
Fulya DoganNMR, catalysis, energy materials, energy storage20112013 John Vaughey (post-doc)
Sijia Dong
James Dongorganic chemistry, energy storage Chemical Sciences20082011 Khalil Amine (post-doc)
Wesley Doseenergy storage, new materials, electrochemistry Chemical Sciences and Engineering20152018 Christopher S. Johnson (post-doc)
Michael S. EberhartInorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Photochemistry, Photophysics Karen L. Mulfort (post-doc)
Jeffrey W. Elam
James A. EnterkinInorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry
Gian Felcher
Millie Firestonepolymeric materials, soft matter
Jonathan J. FoleyTheoretical Chemistry, Nanophotonics Center for Nanoscale Materials20122015 Stephen Kevin Gray (post-doc)
Elizabeth A. Gardnerforensics19982000 Christopher Marshall (post-doc)
Le Ge Chemical Sciences and Engineering20152018 Brian J. Ingram (post-doc)
Andrea M. GeyerInorganic Chemistry Chemical Sciences and Engineering20032003 John Vaughey (research assistant)
Colin Godenergy storage, electrolyte development, microbatteries Chemical Sciences and Engineering20112012 Anthony K. Burrell (post-doc)
Solon A. GordonPlant Physiology
Stephen Kevin GrayTheoretical Chemistry, Nanophontonics, Plasmonics
Dieter M. Gruen
Peijun Guo
Arturo Gutierrezsolid state chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science Chemical Sciences20142015 Christopher S. Johnson (post-doc)
Jeff R. Hammondquantum chemistry, computer science20092011 Raymond Bair (post-doc)
Binghong Hanmicroscopy, NMR, energy storage, fuel cells Chemical Science and Engineering2016 Fulya Dogan (post-doc)
Mitch Hopperceramics, fuel cells, diffusion Chemical Sciences and Engineering20122015 Brian J. Ingram (post-doc)
Libo HuPolymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering Chemistry20112014 Khalil Amine (post-doc)
Libai Huangenergy transfer and charge dynamics in nanostructured solar energy conversion systems20062008 Gary P. Wiederrecht (post-doc), David M. Tiede (post-doc)
John R. HuizengaNuclear chemistry
Brian J. Ingramsolid oxide fuel cells, batteries, materials Chemical Sciences and Engineering20052008 Michael Krumpelt (post-doc)
Julius Jellinek
Christopher S. JohnsonBattery materials, spectroscopy
Marc J.A. JohnsonInorganic Chemistry, organometallic chemistry
Alamgir Karimpolymers1991 Gian Felcher (grad student)
Joseph J. Katzphtosynthesis, actinide chemistry, deuterium biochemistry
Murat KeceliTheoretical and Computational Chemistry Chemical Sciences and Engineering20142018 Albert F. Wagner (post-doc)
Kristopher Keipertquantum chemistry, high performance computing Computational Science Division20172018 Raymond Bair (post-doc)
Baris KeyMultinuclear NMR, Batteries, Materials 20112013 John Vaughey (post-doc)
Jaekook Kimenergy storage, materials science Chemical Engineering19992003 Khalil Amine (research scientist)
Alper Kinaci Center for Nanoscale Materials20132016 Maria Chan (post-doc)
Joel Kirnerartificial photosynthesis, energy materials Chemical Sciences2017 Wenquan Lu (post-doc)
Gary M. Koeniginterfacial phenomena and complex fluids Chemical Engineering20092012 Ilias Belharouak (post-doc)
Michael Krumpelt
Bob Jin Kwonmaterials synthesis, energy storage Chemical Sciences and Engineering2018 Baris Key (post-doc)
Ka Cheong Lauorganometalics, synthesis Chemcial Sciences20162019 Chen Liao (post-doc)
Anna Leephotochemistry, energy Chemical Sciences and Engineering Energy Systems20152017 Christopher S. Johnson (post-doc), Seth B. Darling (post-doc)
Eunjie Leesolid state materials, electrochemistry Chemical Sciences20112014 Christopher S. Johnson (post-doc)
Kendra Letchworth-Weaver20152018 Maria Chan (post-doc)
Liang Li2015 Maria Chan (post-doc)
Xiang LiMAS-NMR, energy storage Chemical Science2019 Baris Key (post-doc)
Chen Liaoionic liquids, electrolytes, energy storage Chemical Sciences and Engineering2013 John Vaughey (collaborator)
Albert L. LipsonMaterials Science Chemical Sciences and Engineering20132016 Brian J. Ingram (post-doc)
Carmen M. LopezEnergy Materials, Non-aqueous electrochemistry, nanoscience Chemical Sciences and Engineering20092011 John Vaughey (post-doc), Dennis W Dees (post-doc)
Walter D. LovelandNuclear chemistry19661968 John R. Huizenga (post-doc)
Jun LuLi Air Batteries, metal hydrides, metallurgy Chemical Sciences and Engineering20112013 Khalil Amine (post-doc)
Xiangyi Luo Chemical Sciences and Engineering2015 Jun Lu (post-doc)
Yun Lyna LuoMolecular dynamics simulation Benoit Roux (post-doc)
Robin T. Macalusomaterials chemistry, magnetism
Arun Kunmar Mannodi-Kannakithodi2017 Maria Chan (post-doc)
Michael F. Mansuetto
Christopher MarshallCatalysis
Pedro F B D MartinsElectrocatalysis
Alex B. Martinsonmolecular materials and supramolecular assemblies, photovoltaics
Max S. Matheson
German MillsSynthesis and Characterization of Particles in Hydrocarbons, Synthesis of particles in polymer based compound19851987 Dan Meisel (post-doc)
John Mitchellsuperconductvity, crystal growth
Anthony Montoyainorganic chemistry, photovoltaics Chemical Sciences2019 John Vaughey (post-doc)
Deb Myersfuel cells, electrochemistry
Suzanna Neuholdenergy storage, organometallic compounds, coatings Chemical Sciences and Engineering20102011 John Vaughey (post-doc)
Philippe Noirot Richard D. Kolodner (post-doc)
Daniel C O'Hanloninorganic chemisty, organometallics, energy storage
Baofei Pansynthetic inorganic, organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry Chemical Sciences20132016 Chen Liao (post-doc)
Cameron Peeblesorganic materials, electrochemistry Chemical Sciences20152017 Chen Liao (post-doc)
Elizabeth A. PiocosPhysical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Reactive Intermediates Chemistry Chemistry Alexander D. Trifunac (post-doc), David Werst (collaborator)
Heather A. Plattmaterials chemistry, photovoltaics, solid state batteries Chemcial Sciences and Engineering20022003 John Vaughey (research assistant)
Vilas Polenergy storage, carbon, materials synthesis IPNS20072010 Thiyaga P Thiyagarajan (post-doc)
Danielle Proffitenergy storage, batteries, ceramics, thin films Chemical Science Materials Science20132015 John Vaughey (post-doc), Dillon D. Fong (grad student)
Kirill Prozumentkinetics, spectroscopy
Yan Qinelectrochemical engineering, batteries Chemical Engineering20072010 Khalil Amine (post-doc)
Niya Saelectrochemistry, nanoscience, analytical chemistry, energy storage Chemical Sciences Chemical Sciences and Engineering20162017 Anthony K. Burrell (post-doc), John Vaughey (post-doc)
Marie Louise Saboungi
Alfred P. Sattelbergerinorganic chemistry, radiochemistry
Nathan A. Seifert Chemical Sciences and Engineering2019 Kirill Prozument (post-doc)
Fatih Sen20142018 Maria Chan (post-doc)
Premkumar Senguttuvanenergy storage, materials Chemical Sciences20142016 Christopher S. Johnson (post-doc)
Nannan Shan
Raghu SivaramakrishnanCombustion Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics20072010 Joe V. Michael (post-doc)
Michael Douglas Slater Chemical Sciences and Engineering20092013 Christopher S. Johnson (post-doc)
Luis J. SmithMaterials Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Materials Science Division20012003 Marie Louise Saboungi (post-doc)
Nicholas Alexander SmithActinide Chemistry
Lynda SoderholmActinide Science, Magnetism
Yugang Sunnanoscience
Sanja Tepavcevicelectrochemistry, nanomaterials2012 Nenad Markovic (post-doc)
Thiyaga P Thiyagarajanneutron scattering
Rebecca ThompsonRAIRS,Molecular Beams Chemical Sciences20112011 John Vaughey (research assistant)
Marion C. Thurnauerphotosynthesis19741977 James R. Norris, Jr. (post-doc), Joseph J. Katz (post-doc)
David M. Tiedesolar cell technology, Photosynthesis
Margaret E.M. TolbertEducational Programs
Joe David Toney Chemistry19651969 Joseph J. Katz (grad student)
Lynn TraheyPhysical and Inorganic Chemistry
Alexander D. Trifunacradiolysis and photoionization
John VaugheyMaterials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Energy Storage Chemical Sciences1997 Christopher S. Johnson (collaborator)
Robert von DreeleNeutron Diffraction
Anh D. VuLithium ion battery, Energy storage, Porous materials
Albert F. Wagner19721974 Arnold Christian Wahl (post-doc)
Arnold Christian Wahl
Jinlan Wang Theoretical Chemistry20022005 Julius Jellinek (post-doc)
Hao WangNMR Spectroscopy, Li-S batteries Chemical Sciences20142016 Baris Key (post-doc)
Hsien-Hau Wangpolymers
Michael R. Wasielewskiphotoinduced electron transfer and charge transport in organic molecules and materials, artificial and natural photosynthesis, self-assembly of nanoscale materials, spin dynamics of multispin organic molecules, materials for molecule-based optoelectronics Joseph J. Katz (post-doc)
David Werst
Kamila M. Wiaderekelectrochemistry, PDF, SAXS
Gary P. Wiederrechtnanophotonics Chemistry19921995 Michael R. Wasielewski (post-doc)
Mark A. Williamsonhigh temperature chemistry, actinides
James L Willitmolten salt electrochemistry, actinide chemistry,
Gui-Liang Xu Chemical Sciences and Engineering20152018 Khalil Amine (post-doc)
Daniel P. Zaleskirotational spectroscopy, artificial intelligence Chemical Sciences & Engineering20152018 Kirill Prozument (post-doc)
Junjie ZhangStrongle correlated materials, crystal growth Materials Science Division20132017 John Mitchell (post-doc)
Linghong Zhangenergy storage, materials, diamond films Chemical Sciences2015 Wenquan Lu (post-doc)