University of Akron

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Wiley J. YoungsAntimicrobials antitumor drugs
James E. McGrathpolymers1967 Maurice Morton (grad student)
L.J. FettersAnionic Polymerization1962 Maurice Morton (grad student)
Jimmy Mays1984 L.J. Fetters (grad student)
Panchao Yinpolyelectrolyte, polyoxometalates, self-assembly, light scattering, hybrid materials Tianbo Liu (post-doc)
Ying Shi2013 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Sergey Vorontsov2015 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Xueyuan Wang
Chao Wang2018 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Clinton Wiener2015 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Longhe Zhang
Zhiyang Zhao2018 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Nicole Brostowitz
Neil G. WalshPrinciple Componant Analysis of Styrene/Butadiene copolymers Chemistry19911996 Peter L. Rinaldi (grad student)
Rostyslav Dolog
Joseph P. Kennedy
Yangyang WangPolymer dynamics and rheology Shi-Qing Wang (grad student)
Sahil Gupta
Andrew Soehnlen Frank W. Harris (grad student)
Tarak Nath Burai20132015 Ali Dhinojwala (post-doc)
Chongwen Huang2016 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
George Stafford WhitbyPolymer chemistry
Maurice MortonPolymer Science
James Michael EaganPolymers, organic chemistry, catalysis, total synthesis
Emmanuel Pitia2012 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Robson F StoreyPolymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Plastics Technology1983 Joseph P. Kennedy (grad student)
Xiaochen Shen Zhenmeng Peng (grad student)
Kevin A. CavicchiPolymers
Namrita Salunke2018 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Yanfeng Xia
Siamak Shams Es-Hagh2015 Robert A. Weiss (grad student)
Zhenmeng Peng
Changlin ZhangNano Materials, Electron Microscopy, Energy Conversion Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering20122016 Zhenmeng Peng (grad student)
Aaron M LineberrySynthetic organic chemistry Chemistry20062011 Michael J. Taschner (grad student)
Claire A. TessierInorganic chemistry, materials chemistry
David A. ModarelliSolar Energy Conversion, Organic Photovoltaics, Artificial Photosynthesis, Dendrimer synthesis, Electron-Transfer Reactions, Time-Resolved Laser Spectroscopy, Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Photophysics and Photochemistry
Christopher J. ZieglerInorganic chemistry, porphyrins
Thomas Craig LeeperBiochemistry, NMR, crystallography, RNA structure, protein structure
GengXin Liugiant molecules dynamics, polymer rheology Department of Polymer Science20102015 Shi-Qing Wang (grad student)
Frank W. HarrisPolymer Science
Jong Beom BaekPolymers, Materials, Graphene, Chemistry, Catalysis Department of Polymer Science Frank W. Harris (grad student)
Bryan D. Vogt
Robert A. Weiss
Chao WangRheology, Hydrogel Polymer Engineering2015 Bryan D. Vogt (grad student)
Matthew L. BeckerFunctional Biomaterials
Jeremy Warren2006 Frank W. Harris (grad student)
Ronald Douglas Sanderson Polymer Science1969 Maurice Morton (grad student)
Visit Vao-soongnernComputational Polymer Science Polymer Science19941999 Wayne L. Mattice (grad student)
Alamgir Karimpolymers
Mark D. Fosterpolymers
Christopher Y. Li Polymer Science Polymer Science19951999 Stephen Z. D. Cheng (grad student), Frank W. Harris (grad student)
Nicole ZachariaLbL directed assembly