University of Missouri - Columbia

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Thomas V. O'HalloranResearch Interests: Inorganic, Synthetic, Bio-inorganic, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Organic, X-Ray Crystallography, Physical, Biophysical, Bio-analytical, Environmental, Nanoscience R. Kent Murmann (research assistant)
Aaron Tesfai Sheryl Ann Tucker (research assistant)
Nathan L. CalkinsOrganic Synthesis2010 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Paitoon RashatasakhonSynthetic organic chemistry2002 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Praput Thavornyutikarn2010 Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Karen A. Kirby2007 Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Michael William Heaven2006 Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Agoston Jerga2003 Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Eric Elisabeth2001 Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Ryan Harold Groeneman2000 Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Jacqueline Marie KnaustInorganic Chemistry2003 Steven W. Keller (grad student)
Susan Lopez2000 Steven W. Keller (grad student)
Douglas A. Knight2005 Steven W. Keller (grad student)
Steven Bockhold2008 Steven W. Keller (grad student)
Chad L. Magee2008 Steven W. Keller (grad student)
Dana L. Richter-Egger2001 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Deborah A. Wade2000 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Charlotte L. Larson2001 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Chunfeng Mao2003 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Elizabeth J. Morgan2005 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Daniel B. Bassil2007 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Cheerapa Boonyakong2009 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Jena L. Whetstine2010 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Mazdak KhajehpourSolvation dynamics, ultrafast spectroscopy2001 John F. Kauffman (grad student)
Kathy L. WiemersSolvation dynamics, ultrafast spectroscopy2001 John F. Kauffman (grad student)
Nail A. SalehSolvation dynamics, ultrafast spectroscopy2002 John F. Kauffman (grad student)
Patrick L. Kirchhoefer2004 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Xuechuan Hong2005 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Sumrit Wacharasindhu2005 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Dong Reyoul Lee2006 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Pinguan Zheng2007 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Nattawut Yongpruksa2011 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Jae Seung LeeOrganic synthesis20052011 Timothy E. Glass (grad student)
James A. GawenisNuclear Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Engineering2001 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Huma MohsinRadiation Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2004 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Leah M. ArrigoEnvironmental Sciences, Nuclear Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2007 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Stephanie R. LaneBiochemistry, Oncology, Radiology2009 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Shorouk DannoonPharmaceutical Chemistry, Radiation Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2009 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Valerie CarrollNuclear Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2013 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Steven R. Van DorenBiochemistry
Brian J. PhilipsBiochemistry2001 Dennis B. Lubahn (grad student)
Xiaohui YuanMolecular Biology2001 Dennis B. Lubahn (grad student)
Peter J. AnsellMolecular Biology2004 Dennis B. Lubahn (grad student)
Mary S. SaklaOncology, Molecular Biology2006 Dennis B. Lubahn (grad student)
Mark V. BerjanskiiBiochemistry2002 Steven R. Van Doren (grad student)
Gui-in LeeBiochemistry2003 Steven R. Van Doren (grad student)
Zhaofeng DingGeneral Biophysics, Molecular Biology2007 Steven R. Van Doren (grad student)
Mian LiuGeology, Hydrology, Geochemistry
Peter I. NabelekGeology, Hydrology, Geochemistry
Bruce W. FlintInorganic Chemistry2001 Paul R. Sharp (grad student)
Alan J. JamesInorganic Chemistry2002 Paul R. Sharp (grad student)
Jeffery W. CooperAnalytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2004 Paul R. Sharp (grad student)
Endre SzuromiInorganic Chemistry2005 Paul R. Sharp (grad student)
Xiaojun CuiGeology, Hydrology, Geochemistry2002 Mian Liu (grad student)
Qingsong LiGeophysics2006 Mian Liu (grad student)
Mona-Liza C. SirbescuGeology, Geochemistry, Mineralogy2002 Peter I. Nabelek (grad student)
David J. PintelMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry
Joseph C. PolaccoMolecular Biology, Biochemistry
Kevin L. SheltonGeology, Geochemistry
Pamela G. LloydAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2000 Christopher D. Hardin (grad student)
Tara J. AllenAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry2000 Christopher D. Hardin (grad student)
Johana Vallejo RodriguezCell Biology2004 Christopher D. Hardin (grad student)
Heather M. MatternAnimal Physiology Biology2006 Christopher D. Hardin (grad student)
Robbin L. LongMolecular Biology, Biochemistry2000 Joseph C. Polacco (grad student)
Catherine A. RichterMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry2000 Mark Hannink (grad student)
Shih-Ching (Joyce) LoMolecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology2007 Mark Hannink (grad student)
Matthew B. MouwMolecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry2000 David J. Pintel (grad student)
Chaoyang YeMicrobiology Biology, Virology Biology2007 David J. Pintel (grad student)
Kerry D. FarrisVirology Biology, Microbiology Biology, Molecular Biology2008 David J. Pintel (grad student)
Nowattee L. SukhuVirology Biology2012 David J. Pintel (grad student)
Robert L. McGrawAgronomy Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Michael J. PetrisGenetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Pathology, Biochemistry
Byung-Eun KimGenetics, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Pathology, Biochemistry2004 Michael J. Petris (grad student)
Michael J. FormoloBiogeochemistry2004 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Nancy W. MungaiSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry2004 Peter P. Motavalli (grad student)
Patthra PengthamkeeratiSoil Science Agriculture2004 Peter P. Motavalli (grad student)
Javier Aguilera AlconSoil Science Agriculture2010 Peter P. Motavalli (grad student)
Kristen S. VeumSoil Science Agriculture, General Agriculture, Environmental Sciences2012 Peter P. Motavalli (grad student)
Humberto A. Leblanc UrenaAgronomy Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Biogeochemistry2004 Robert L. McGraw (grad student)
Mark E. MaartinBiochemistry
Bruce A. McClureBotany Biology, General Biology, Biochemistry
Lesa J. BeamerBiochemistry
Latisha D. Love-GregoryGenetics2001 Charlotte L. Phillips (grad student)
Anthony (Tony) VomundMolecular Biology2002 Charlotte L. Phillips (grad student)
Amanda C. BrodeurBiochemistry2006 Charlotte L. Phillips (grad student)
Brent J. PfeifferBiochemistry2006 Charlotte L. Phillips (grad student)
Stephanie M. CarletonGenetics2006 Charlotte L. Phillips (grad student)
Anna M. Roberts-PilgrimBiochemistry, Pathology2009 Charlotte L. Phillips (grad student)
Catherine A. RegniBiochemistry2005 Lesa J. Beamer (grad student)
John D. PattonBiochemistry2005 Mark E. Maartin (grad student)
Cynthia Breanne LombardoIon channels, neuroscience Lorin S. Milescu (grad student)
Brenda PeculisBiochemistry
Melissa Taylor-HolouBiochemistry2009 Brenda Peculis (grad student)
Per E. StromhaugMolecular Biology, General Biophysics, Biochemistry
Mariana Morales QuinonesMolecular Biology, General Biophysics, Biochemistry2011 Per E. Stromhaug (grad student)
Ritu ShahBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2003 David W. Emerich (grad student)
Zachary J. WenzGeochemistry2011 Martin Stephan Appold (grad student)
Rose-Marie MuzikaSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences
Paul B. DuvalInorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry
Anthony E. VaughnInorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry2008 Paul B. Duval (grad student)
Irene M. UngerSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry, Environmental Sciences2008 Rose-Marie Muzika (grad student)
Francis J. SchmidtBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Shon R. PulleyOrganic Chemistry
S G. PallardyAgricultural Chemistry, Plant Physiology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture
Ingolf GruenFood Science and Technology Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Analytical Chemistry
Randall S. PratherAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry, Cell Biology
H Allen GarverickAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology Biology
Cleopas T. SamudziBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Dean E. GrayAgricultural Chemistry, Plant Physiology, Forestry and Wildlife Agriculture2000 S G. Pallardy (grad student)
Nancy T. RuddockAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry, Cell Biology2000 Randall S. Prather (grad student)
Stephen C. IsomAnimal Physiology Biology, Cell Biology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Veterinary Science Biology2006 Randall S. Prather (grad student)
Aaron J. BonkMolecular Biology2007 Randall S. Prather (grad student)
Kristin M. WhitworthAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2010 Randall S. Prather (grad student)
Seo-Jin ChungFood Science and Technology Agriculture2002 Ingolf Gruen (grad student)
Bo-Kang LiouFood Science and Technology Agriculture2006 Ingolf Gruen (grad student)
Brent E. SalfenAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Biochemistry, Animal Physiology Biology2000 H Allen Garverick (grad student)
Patricia L. M. PlummerPhysical Chemistry
Lawrence A. RaelenePhysical Chemistry2000 Patricia L. M. Plummer (grad student)
Richard N. LoeppkyOrganic Chemistry
Wenge CuiOrganic Chemistry2000 Richard N. Loeppky (grad student)
Jianzheng ShiOrganic Chemistry2002 Richard N. Loeppky (grad student)
Emma L. TeutenOrganic Chemistry2002 Richard N. Loeppky (grad student)
Michelle K. DennehyOrganic Chemistry2003 Richard N. Loeppky (grad student)
Robert R. KuntzInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Nagavarakishore PillarsettyInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering2003 Kattesh V. Katti (grad student)
Donald E. WycoffInorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry2004 Robert R. Kuntz (grad student)
Susan DeutscherBiochemistry, Molecular Biology
Jun ZouBiochemistry, Molecular Biology2005 Susan Deutscher (grad student)
Galen J. SuppesChemical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry
Mohanprasad A. DasariChemical Engineering2006 Galen J. Suppes (grad student)
Chuang-Wei ChiuChemical Engineering2006 Galen J. Suppes (grad student)
Pimphan KiatsimkulChemical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering2006 Galen J. Suppes (grad student)
Arnold A. LubgubanChemical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry2009 Galen J. Suppes (grad student)
Zuleica Lozada-RodriguezChemical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Organic Chemistry2009 Galen J. Suppes (grad student)
Bryan D. SawyerChemical Engineering2010 Galen J. Suppes (grad student)
Mei-Rong PanFood Science and Technology Agriculture2000 Fu-hung Hsieh (grad student)
Yuan-Chan TuBiochemistry, Chemical Engineering, General Agriculture2008 Fu-hung Hsieh (grad student)
Hongyu FanChemical Engineering, General Agriculture, Polymer Chemistry2011 Fu-hung Hsieh (grad student)
Amanda J. CasellaNuclear Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry2008 Brady D. Hanson (grad student)
Carol A. DeakynePhysical Chemistry, Nanoscience, Inorganic Chemistry
Haunani ThomasPhysical Chemistry, Nanoscience, Inorganic Chemistry2011 Carol A. Deakyne (grad student)
Kyler K. TurnerMechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Chemistry2012 Gary Solbrekken (grad student)
Sushil Kumar MukherjeePhysical chemistry, soil science19481950 C. Edmund Marshall (post-doc)
Paul BennyRadioactive nuclides2001 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Goutam Chowdhury2005 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Brian C. GanleyBiochemistry2000 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Tonika ChatterjiOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2001 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Hong ZangOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2001 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Leonid P. BreydoOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2002 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Tarra E. FuchsOrganic Chemistry2003 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Delshanee KotandeniyaOrganic Chemistry2005 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Kripa KeerthiOrganic Chemistry2006 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Joseph SzekelyBiochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2006 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Sarmistha SinhaOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2008 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Santhosh SivaramakrishnanOrganic Chemistry2008 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Jason N. LaButtiOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Cell Biology2009 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Derrick R. SeinerOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2009 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Sanjib BhattacharyyaOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry2009 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Ujjal SarkarBiochemistry2009 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Kaushik Mitra2000 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Kandikere R. PrabhuOrganic chemistry, green chemistry2000 Kattesh V. Katti (post-doc)
Peter P. MotavalliSoil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Kanishka SikligarSupramolecular Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Crystallization Chemistry Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Sundeep RayatOrganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Oncology2003 Rainer Ernst Glaser (grad student)
Haiming Pengwater treatment Civil & Environmental Engineering20162018 Mohamed Bayati (collaborator)
Christopher D. HardinAnimal Physiology Biology, Biochemistry
Mark W Lee Jr.Boron chemistry
Sam Choukri1999 George P. Smith (grad student)
George Henry Wagner1957 George Edward Smith (grad student)
George Edward Smith1937 Andrew Edward Murneek (grad student)
Jay Scott AngleSoil Science Agriculture, Biochemistry1981 George Henry Wagner (grad student)
Andrew Edward MurneekSoil and Plant Sciences
Dennis B. LubahnGenetics, Biochemistry
Martin Stephan AppoldGeochemistry
Robert Scott Martin1999 Stanley E. Manahan (grad student)
Beryl John OrtwerthBiochemistry, Ophthalmology1965 Owen John Koeppe (grad student)
David Elliott Troutner
Silvia Sabine JurissonNuclear Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry1986 David Elliott Troutner (post-doc)
Mark HanninkMolecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry
Kattesh V. KattiInorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Charlotte L. PhillipsBiochemistry
Robert G. Jensenbovine and human milk lipids Dairy Science1954 Joseph E. Edmondson (grad student), Charles Preston Merilan (grad student)
Robert E. Sharp Wendy K. Silk (post-doc)
Gerald Neuffer
Allen D. Wright
Harold M. Goff R. Kent Murmann (grad student)
Santosh KumarPlant molecular biology, biochemistry of natural products
Jay Thelen20002003 John Beyer Ohlrogge (post-doc)
Moo J. ShimChemical Oceanography20022004 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Timothy William Lyonsbiogeochemistry, geobiology, astrobiology, paleoceanography
Matthew T. HurtgenBiogeochemistry, Geology, Geochemistry19961998 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Linda Kah19981999 Timothy William Lyons (post-doc)
Anne Gellatly19982002 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Hector Lamadrid2016 Robert J. Bodnar (grad student)
Elmer O.
Elmer Schlemper
Jessica Nora DrumAnimal Science
Tharushi PereraHarvesting Solar Energy for Chemical Fuel Chemistry Paul R. Sharp (grad student)
Fu-hung HsiehBiochemistry, Chemical Engineering, General Agriculture
Brady D. HansonNuclear Engineering, Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry
David W. EmerichBiochemistry, General Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture
Kent N. StrodtmanBiochemistry, General Agriculture, Soil Science Agriculture Biochemistry2012 David W. Emerich (grad student)
Thomas Craig LeeperBiochemistry, NMR, crystallography, RNA structure, protein structure Biochemistry19952001 Steven R. Van Doren (grad student)
Owen John KoeppeBiochemistry
Stephen R Van
George P. SmithMolecular imaging of cancer through phage display
Qiong Hu Nutrition and Exercise Physiology20132016 Elizabeth Jane Parks (post-doc)
Andrew K. Maerz Chemistry2011 Jerry L. Atwood (grad student)
Zhengxin CaiOrganic Synthesis; PET imaging Chemistry2011 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Paul R. Sharpf Organometallic Chemistry Chemistry19801982 Allen J. Bard (post-doc)
Nandita M. WeliangeGeneral Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry2011 Paul R. Sharp (grad student)
Shatadru ChakravartyPolyhderal boranes, Nanomaterials, MRI, CT contrast agents, drug delivery
Venkatraman JunnotulaOrganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Chemistry2008 Kent S. Gates (grad student)
Keivan Sadrerafi Chemistry20102015 Mark W Lee Jr. (grad student)
Emilia Mason Chemistry20002016 Mark W Lee Jr. (grad student)
Christian Mason Chemistry20102016 Mark W Lee Jr. (grad student)
Ellen Moore Chemistry20122018 Mark W Lee Jr. (grad student)
Dynesse Saling Chemistry20132017 Mark W Lee Jr. (grad student)
Alexander Kamasah Chemistry Arthur Suits (grad student)
Katrina K Kline-Walker
Julie M. Rogers Chemistry20062008 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Jesse S. GreeverUltrafast Spectroscopy Chemistry2005 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Ling Yi Chemistry2004 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Rebecca D. Otte-Burns Chemistry2002 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Hong li Chemistry1999 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Erin L. Jacobs Chemistry2002 Sheryl Ann Tucker (grad student)
Patrick John KinlenConductive and Electroactive Polymers
Darin E JonesMedicinal Chemsitry Chemistry19901996 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Audrey E McGowinanalytical chemistry, environmental chemistry Chemistry19851991 Stanley E. Manahan (grad student)
Paul R RobinsonChemistry, Inorganic, Biochemistry, Catalysis, Petroleum, Renewables Chemistry19711973 R. Kent Murmann (grad student), Elmer Schlemper (grad student)
Darin E. JonesMedicinal chemistry, drug discovery, organic chemistry Chemistry19901996 Michael Harmata (grad student)
Mohamed Bayati
Jingjing Dai
Charles Preston Merilan
Zhen ChengNuclear Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry Department of Chemistry19972001 Silvia Sabine Jurisson (grad student)
Ting-Ning LinFood Science and Technology Agriculture Food Science2012 Ingolf Gruen (grad student)
Steven Bates Geological Sciences20022004 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Jessica Kerns Geological Sciences20002003 Timothy William Lyons (grad student)
Moo J Shim
Jheng Wun Su Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering20162019 Jian Lin (grad student)
Chi Zhang Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering20142019 Jian Lin (grad student)
Heng Deng Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering20152019 Jian Lin (grad student)
Yunchao Xie Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering20152019 Jian Lin (grad student)
Cheng Zhang Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering20152020 Jian Lin (grad student)
Jian Linmaterials, machine learning, robotics
Gary SolbrekkenMechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Chemistry
Mark Adam DitzlerRNA, Origin of life, Astrobiology Molecular Microbiology and Immunology20092012 Donald H. Burke (post-doc)
Majid Mufaqam Abdul Nutrition and Exercise Physiology2015 Elizabeth Jane Parks (grad student)
Mirian Jacome-Sosa Nutrition and Exercise Physiology20132016 Elizabeth Jane Parks (post-doc)
Justine M Mucinski Nutrition and Exercise Physiology20172022 Elizabeth Jane Parks (grad student)
Amadeo Salvador Nutrition and Exercise Physiology2021 Elizabeth Jane Parks (post-doc)
Elizabeth Jane Parksmetabolism, mass spectrometry
Nagaraju ChadaProtein Translocation, Single Molecule Biophysics Physics20132017 Gavin King (grad student)
Patricia M. QuackenbushSoil science, soil ecology, soil health, systems ecology, earthworm ecology Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences2014 Randall J. Miles (grad student)