Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Chuan-Sin ChaElectrochemistry, electrode kinetics
Mao Chen Chemistry20062011 Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Lei Fang
lei fu2D materials Lei Fu (grad student)
Lei Fugraphene, CNT, CVD, energy storage batteries, device fabrication
Cunlan Guo David Cahen (post-doc)
Jing He Christian Hertweck (grad student)
Aiwen Lei
Gang Li Chemistry20062010 Aiwen Lei (research assistant)
Jie LiuHomogenous Catalysis20122014 Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Jinbo Panglarge area graphene synthesis, chemical vapor deposition, field effect transistor device,20132013 Lei Fu (grad student)
Xiao Shenchemistry
Chengtai Wu
Xin-Shan YeOrganic Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Chemical Glycobiology19851988 Chengtai Wu (grad student)
Guoyin Ying Guosheng Liu (grad student)
Guoyin Ying
Jing Zhang Chemistry20062008 Andrei Vedernikov (post-doc)
Xian-Zheng Zhang Department of Chemisty Ren-Xi Zhuo (grad student)
Yixiao Zhang Department of Chemistry20102012 Xian-Zheng Zhang (research assistant)
Hui ZHANG Chin-pao Huang (post-doc)
Guanghui Zhang20102014 Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Qianghui Zhou
Lin ZhuangFuel cell, electrocatalysts Chemistry19931998 Chuan-Sin Cha (grad student)
Ren-Xi Zhuo