Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Qiang Cao The Institute of Technological Sciences20152016 Qihua Xiong (post-doc)
Chuan-Sin ChaElectrochemistry, electrode kinetics
Hanxiao Chen School of Resource and Environmental Sciences2021 Hui ZHANG (grad student)
Mao Chen Chemistry20062011 Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Cheng Cheng School of Resource and Environmental Sciences2019 Hui ZHANG (grad student)
Abhishek Dutta ChowdhuryHeterogeneous Catalysis
Xiaohui Fan School of Resource and Environmental Sciences2018 Hui ZHANG (grad student)
Lei Fang
Liang FengInorganic Chemistry; Materials Science Department of Chemistry20142016 Hexiang Deng (research assistant)
Lei Fugraphene, CNT, CVD, energy storage batteries, device fabrication
lei fu2D materials Lei Fu (grad student)
Cunlan Guo David Cahen (post-doc)
Jing He Christian Hertweck (grad student)
Kai Jiang Department of Chemistry20012004 George Zheng Chen (grad student)
Jin Kang School of Resource and Environmental Sciences2022 Hui ZHANG (grad student)
Wangqing Kong
Cao-Qi Leiinnate antiviral immune response
Aiwen Lei
Gang Li Chemistry20062010 Aiwen Lei (research assistant)
Jie P. LiChemical Immunology
Jie LiuHomogenous Catalysis20122014 Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Lingxiang Lu Chemistry20142017 Hexiang Deng (research assistant)
Qing-Quan Lu20082011 Guan-Wu Wang (grad student)
Peifang Frank LuoAnalytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry Chemistry Chemistry19821985 Chuan-Sin Cha (grad student), Yunhong Zhou (grad student)
Fei Miao School of Resource and Environmental Sciences2020 Hui ZHANG (grad student)
Jinbo Panglarge area graphene synthesis, chemical vapor deposition, field effect transistor device,20132013 Lei Fu (grad student)
Pan Pengorganic chemistry
Xiao Shenchemistry
Zijing Wang20172017 Yoel Ohayon (research scientist)
Shengchun WangOrganic chemistry Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Haoyuan WangOrganic Chemistry; Chemical Biology; Cancer Biology Chemistry20092011 Aiwen Lei (research assistant)
Ziyu Wang The Institute of Technological Sciences20152015 Qihua Xiong (post-doc)
Jiarong WuSupramolecular chemistry Chemistry Chemistry20202021 Aiwen Lei (research assistant), Haibo Zhang (research assistant)
Chengtai Wu
Xin-Shan YeOrganic Chemistry; Medicinal Chemistry; Chemical Glycobiology19851988 Chengtai Wu (grad student)
Guoyin Ying Guosheng Liu (grad student)
Guoyin Ying
Haibo Zhang
Jing Zhang Chemistry20062008 Andrei Vedernikov (post-doc)
Xian-Zheng Zhang Department of Chemisty Ren-Xi Zhuo (grad student)
Yixiao Zhang Department of Chemistry20102012 Xian-Zheng Zhang (research assistant)
Hui ZHANG Chin-Pao Huang (post-doc)
Guanghui Zhang20102014 Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Guoting Zhangorganic chemistry Chemistry20132015 Aiwen Lei (grad student)
Yan ZhaoTheoretical and Computational Chemistry, Computational Materials Science, Energy and Environmental Materials
Chengbin ZhaoChemistry20192024 Hexiang Deng (grad student)
Yunhong Zhou
Qianghui Zhou
Li Zhou School of Physics and Technology20152016 Qihua Xiong (post-doc)
Lin ZhuangFuel cell, electrocatalysts Chemistry19931998 Chuan-Sin Cha (grad student)
Ren-Xi Zhuo
You-Quan ZouChemistry