Old Dominion University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Austin W. Medley Chemistry and Biochemistry2020 Kyle Michael Lambert (grad student)
Erin B. Purcell Chemistry20072011 Sean D. Crosson (grad student)
Matthew Schmidt
Meredith McPherson Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences20102014 Richard C. Zimmerman (grad student)
Brian Collister Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences20162021 Richard C. Zimmerman (grad student)
Carmen Zayas-Santaigo Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences20142021 Richard C. Zimmerman (grad student)
Brittany Brown
Victoria J. Hill
Kenneth MopperAnalytical Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography
Jingdong MaoAnalytical Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography
John R. HelmsAnalytical Chemistry, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography Chemistry and Biochemistry2012 Jingdong Mao (grad student)
Chuanyin ShiBiochemistry2009 Jennifer L. Poutsma (grad student)
Jaydee D. CabralBiochemistry2000 Frank J. Castora (grad student)
Lauren M. BrowningBiochemistry2013 Xiao-Hong N. Xu (grad student)
Xiao-Hong N. XuBiochemistry
Frank J. CastoraBiochemistry
Stephen J. BeebeBiochemistry
Jennifer L. PoutsmaBiochemistry
Edward J. PoziomekBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Henri K. Parson PattenBiochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry2000 Edward J. Poziomek (grad student)
Anna K. ManukyanBiochemistry, General Biophysics2009 Jennifer L. Poutsma (grad student)
Jeffrey A. TibbittBiochemistry, General Biophysics2010 Jennifer L. Poutsma (grad student)
Craig Alan BayseBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Sonia AntonyBiochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry2011 Craig Alan Bayse (grad student)
Laura K. MoenBiochemistry, Pathology, Molecular Biology
Pinky G. AgbuyaBiochemistry, Pathology, Molecular Biology2000 Laura K. Moen (grad student)
Xinping HuBiogeochemistry, Geochemistry2007 David J. Burdige (grad student)
Gregory A. CutterBiogeochemistry, Oceanography Biology
Shannon L. MeseckBiogeochemistry, Oceanography Biology2002 Gregory A. Cutter (grad student)
Daniel E. SonenshineBiomedical Engineering, Biochemistry
Shane M. CeraulBiomedical Engineering, Biochemistry2005 Daniel E. Sonenshine (grad student)
Philip M. SheridanBotany Biology, Conservation Biology2010 Frank P. Day (grad student)
James SwansonCell Biology, Biochemistry
Jody A. WhiteCell Biology, Biomedical Engineering2006 Stephen J. Beebe (grad student)
Wentia E. FordCell Biology, Medical Biophysics2008 Stephen J. Beebe (grad student)
Ren WeiCell Biology, Molecular Biology2011 Stephen J. Beebe (grad student)
Joy A. MatthewsChemical Oceanography, Environmental Sciences2010 David J. Burdige (grad student)
Daniel B. StoverEcology Biology, Biogeochemistry2007 Frank P. Day (grad student)
Brett A. McMillanEcology Biology, Botany Biology, Biogeochemistry2007 Frank P. Day (grad student)
John J. DiLustroEcology Biology, Botany Biology, Environmental Sciences2000 Frank P. Day (grad student)
Rachel E. SchroederEcology Biology, Environmental Sciences2011 Frank P. Day (grad student)
Alisha L. Pagel BrownEcology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry2006 Frank P. Day (grad student)
Frank P. DayEcology Biology, Soil Science Agriculture, Biogeochemistry
Gon NamkoongElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering
Kurniawan FoeElectronics and Electrical Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Materials Science Engineering2013 Gon Namkoong (grad student)
Larry K. IsaacsEnvironmental Engineering2007 Mujde Erten-Unal (grad student)
Pinar OzduralEnvironmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences2008 Mujde Erten-Unal (grad student)
Edward R. CrawfordForestry and Wildlife Agriculture, Ecology Biology2002 Frank P. Day (grad student)
Paul H. RatzGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry
Nicole H. UrbanGeneral Biophysics, Biochemistry2003 Paul H. Ratz (grad student)
Patricia B. LutzGeneral Chemistry2014 Craig Alan Bayse (grad student)
Karen H. JohannessonGeochemistry
David J. BurdigeGeochemistry
Jianwu TangGeochemistry2005 David J. Burdige (grad student)
Xiaoyan CaoGeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, Hydrology2014 Jingdong Mao (grad student)
Tonia L. HermonMedical Biophysics2009 Frank J. Castora (grad student)
Mervat E. AliMolecular Biology2006 Frank J. Castora (grad student)
Nervana T. MahmoudObstetrics and Gynecology, Toxicology, Cell Biology2003 James Swanson (grad student)
George E. BoneilloOceanography Biology2010 Margaret R. Mulholland (grad student)
Margaret R. MulhollandOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry
Katherine C. FilippinoOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry2008 Margaret R. Mulholland (grad student)
Richard C. ZimmermanOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences2004 Victoria J. Hill (collaborator)
Xiaoju PanOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry2007 Richard C. Zimmerman (grad student)
Hussain A. AbdullaOceanography Biology, Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography2009 David J. Burdige (grad student)
Ryan E. MorseOceanography Biology, Environmental Sciences, Physical Oceanography2011 Margaret R. Mulholland (grad student)
Leo A. ProciseOceanography Biology, Microbiology Biology, Ecology Biology2012 Margaret R. Mulholland (grad student)
David Jay VelinskyOceanography, biogeochemistry1987 Gregory A. Cutter (grad student)
Kyle Michael LambertOrganic Chemistry, Synthetic Method Development, Natural Product Synthesis
Mujde Erten-UnalRadiation Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Stuart K. ColeRadiation Chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering2005 Mujde Erten-Unal (grad student)