City University of Hong Kong

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yung-Kang Peng Department of Chemistry Pi-Tai Chou (grad student)
Katalin Bartachemistry, catalysis István T. Horváth (research assistant)
Yu Wang Andrey Rogach (grad student)
Sam Kwong
Andrey Rogach
Arthur B. Ellismaterials science
Hongyan SunChemical Biology
Yanxiu LIPerovskite Nanocrystals
Guangyu Zhuchemical biology, DNA repair
Chun-Sing Lee
Peter A. Tanner
Yang Yang LiElectrochemistry, nanomaterials
Guohua Jia Peter A. Tanner (grad student)
Jian Yan Bing Ren (post-doc)
Wei ZHAI2D Materials and Devices
Yafei Zhang19982001 Shuit-Tong Lee (post-doc)
Kenneth Kam-Wing Lo
István T. HorváthGreen Chemistry, Ionic Liquids
Hongkang WangAdvanced Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion20102013 Andrey Rogach (grad student)
Haihua Yang20102013 Andrey Rogach (grad student)
Alex Wing-Tat Choi Chemistry Chemistry20152015 Kenneth Kam-Wing Lo (grad student), István T. Horváth (post-doc)
Geoffrey R. Akien Chemistry20112015 István T. Horváth (post-doc)
Xiao-Ke Liu20122015 Chun-Sing Lee (grad student)
Zhenguang Wangluminescent materials College of chemistry20142017 Andrey Rogach (grad student)
He HuangNanomaterial Department of Materials Science and Engineering20142017 Andrey Rogach (grad student)
Jiao Zhang Computer Science20152018 Sam Kwong (grad student)
Shankai YanBiomedical Text Mining, Machine Learning Computer Science20152018 Ka-Chun Wong (grad student)
Chun Kit KwokNucleic Acids, Biological Sciences, Genetics, Epigenetics
Shixiong Zhang Computer Science20172020 Ka-Chun Wong (grad student)
Junyi Chen Computer Science20172020 Ka-Chun Wong (grad student)
Jiecong Lin Computer Science20172021 Ka-Chun Wong (grad student)
Qiyuan HeMaterials Science, Nanoelectronics, Semiconductor interface