Melvin Calvin

University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 
"Melvin Calvin"

(1911 - 1997)
DOI: 10.1063/1.1749591
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1961 was awarded to Melvin Calvin "for his research on the carbon dioxide assimilation in plants".

Mean distance: 7.18 (cluster 46)


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Robert E. Buckles research assistant 1940 UC Berkeley
Osmund Holm-Hansen grad student
Cyril Ponnamperuma grad student (Physics Tree)
Samuel Aronoff grad student 1942 UC Berkeley (Plant Biology Tree)
Wayne Keith Wilmarth grad student 1942 UC Berkeley
Frank M. Huennekens grad student 1948 UC Berkeley
Henry R. Mahler grad student 1948 UC Berkeley
Merwin Moskowitz grad student 1949 UC Berkeley (Cell Biology Tree)
James A. Bassham grad student 1945-1949 UC Berkeley
Arthur J. Fry grad student 1951 UC Berkeley
William Stepka grad student 1951 UC Berkeley (Plant Biology Tree)
Murray Goodman grad student 1953 UC Berkeley
R. Linsey Belford grad student 1955 UC Berkeley
David R. Kearns grad student 1959 UC Berkeley
Irwin D. Tack Kuntz grad student 1965 UC Berkeley
Edward A. Dratz grad student 1966 UC Berkeley
Howard Ken Ono grad student 1970 UC Berkeley
Roberto Bogomolni grad student 1972 UC Berkeley (Microtree)
Walter Edwin Reed grad student 1972 UC Berkeley (Geotree)
Alan J. Benesi grad student 1971-1975 UC Berkeley
Joseph Patrick Smith grad student 1972-1978 UC Berkeley
Karen J. Brewer post-doc
N. Edward Tolbert post-doc UC Berkeley
Charles Heidelberger post-doc 1946-1948 UC Berkeley
Hans Eduard Schmid post-doc 1949 UC Berkeley
Andrés O.M. Stoppani post-doc 1954 UC Berkeley
R. Clinton Fuller post-doc 1952-1955 UC Berkeley
Hans Rudolf Grisebach post-doc 1954-1955 UC Berkeley
Roderic B. Park post-doc 1958-1960 UC Berkeley (Plant Biology Tree)
George Karoly Radda post-doc 1962-1963 UC Berkeley
Catherine C. Fenselau post-doc 1966 UC Berkeley
Edward A. Dratz post-doc 1967 UC Berkeley
John L. Markley post-doc 1970-1971 UC Berkeley
Arthur J. Frank post-doc 1976-1978 UC Berkeley
Itamar Willner post-doc 1978-1981 UC Berkeley
Geoffrey Eglinton research scientist 1963-1964 UC Berkeley
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