Herbert C. Brown

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, United States 
Organic chemistry
"Herbert C. Brown"

(1912 - 2004)
DOI: 10.1021/ja01872a041
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1979 was awarded jointly to Herbert C. Brown and Georg Wittig "for their development of the use of boron- and phosphorus-containing compounds, respectively, into important reagents in organic synthesis"

Mean distance: 6.97


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Hermann Irving Schlesinger grad student 1938 Chicago
 (Hydrides of Boron. XI. The Reaction of Diborane with Organic Compounds Containing a Carbonyl Group.)
Morris S. Kharasch post-doc 1938-1939 Chicago
 (Worked on free radical reactions)


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Frank P. DeHaan grad student Purdue
M Mark Midland grad student
John A. Soderquist grad student Purdue
Sei Sujishi grad student 1949 Purdue
Glen A. Russell grad student 1951 Purdue
Robert R. Holmes grad student 1950-1953 Purdue
Frederick Richard (Fritz) Jensen grad student 1955 Purdue
BC SubbaRao grad student 1952-1955 Purdue
Yoshi Okamoto grad student 1957 Purdue
Leon M. Stock grad student 1959 Purdue
Shelton Bank grad student 1960 Purdue
Nung Min Yoon grad student 1968 Purdue
George W. Kabalka grad student 1970 Purdue
Swaminathan Sivaram grad student 1967-1971 Purdue
Richard Craig Larock grad student 1972 Purdue
Gary A. Molander grad student 1979 Purdue
Uday S Racherla grad student 1982 Purdue
Vijay Kumar Ahluwalia post-doc Purdue
Deevi Basavaiah post-doc Purdue
Navalkishore N. Joshi post-doc Purdue
Chinnasamy Ramaraj Ramanathan post-doc Purdue
Alexander Jerry Kresge post-doc 1954-1955 Purdue
Mangalore Vivekananda Bhatt post-doc 1959-1960 Purdue
Donald J. Burton post-doc 1961-1962 Purdue
George Stephan Zweifel post-doc 1958-1963 Purdue
Akira Suzuki post-doc 1963-1965 Purdue
Ei-ichi Negishi post-doc 1966-1968 Purdue
Yoshinori Yamamoto post-doc 1970-1972 Purdue
Bakthan Singaram post-doc 1978 Purdue
Mariappan Periasamy post-doc 1979-1982 Purdue
Donna J. Nelson post-doc 1980-1983 Purdue
P.T. Perumal post-doc 1981-1983 Purdue
P. V. Ramachandran post-doc 1984-1987 Purdue
Chandra D Roy post-doc 1995-2001 Purdue
Ichiro Moritani research scientist Purdue
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Zweifel G, Brown HC. (2011) Hydration of Olefins, Dienes, and Acetylenes via Hydroboration Organic Reactions. 1-54
Brown HC, Wang KK. (2010) Chemical effects of steric strains. Part XXIII. Steric effects as a factor in the stability of addition compounds of amines with 9-borabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane Recueil Des Travaux Chimiques Des Pays-Bas. 98: 117-120
Ramachandran PV, Reddy MVR, Brown HC. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Asymmetric Synthesis of Goniothalamin, Hexadecanolide, Massoia Lactone, and Parasorbic Acid via Sequential Allylboration-Esterification Ring-Closing Metathesis Reactions. Cheminform. 31: no-no
Brown HC, Chen G, Jennings MP, et al. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Markovnikov Hydroboration of Perfluoroalkylethylenes. Cheminform. 30: no-no
Brown HC, Murali D, Singaram B. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Boranes in Synthesis. Part 8. Chiral Synthesis via Organoboranes. Part 45. Asymmetric Hydroboration of 1-Cyclopentenol Derivatives Using Diisopinocampheylborane. Synthesis of Optically Active Cyclopentane-1,2-diol Derivatives of High Cheminform. 30: no-no
RAMACHANDRAN PV, LU Z, BROWN HC. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Efficient General Synthesis of 1,2- and 1,3-Diols in High Enantiomeric Excess via the Intramolecular Asymmetric Reduction of the Corresponding Ketoalkyl Diisopinocampheylborinate Intermediates. Cheminform. 28: no-no
SOUNDARARAJAN R, LI G, BROWN HC. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Racemic and Diastereoselective Synthesis of Alkyl(1,3-butadien-2-yl) methanols via a Novel Homoallenylboration of Aldehydes with Diisopropyl 2,3-Butadien-1-ylboronate. Cheminform. 26: no-no
BROWN HC, VASUMATHI N, JOSHI NN. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Organoboranes. Part 56. Systematic Study of the Reactions of 1- Alkenylboronic Esters with Representative Organolithium and Grignard Reagents to Provide an Efficient, Selective Synthesis of Organyl-1- alkenylborinic Esters. Cheminform. 24: no-no
BROWN HC, DHAR RK, GANESAN K, et al. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Enolboration. Part 1. Dicyclohexylchloroborane/Triethylamine as a Convenient Reagent of Ketones and Other Carbonyl Derivatives. Cheminform. 23: no-no
JOSHI NN, PYUN C, MAHINDROO VK, et al. (2010) ChemInform Abstract: Chiral Synthesis via Organoboranes. Part 33. The Controlled Reaction of B-Alkyldiisopinocamphenylboranes with Aldehydes Providing a Convenient Procedure for the Enantiomeric Enrichment of the Boronic Ester Products Through Kinetic Res Cheminform. 23: no-no
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