Elias James Corey

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, United States 
Organic chemistry
"Elias James Corey" OR "Elias J. Corey"

Corey, Elias James The condensation of citraconic and maleic anhydrides with chloroprene and ethoxyprene Thesis (B.S.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Chemistry, 1948.
Corey, Elias James The synthesis of N,N-diacylamino acids and analogs of penicillin Thesis (Ph.D.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Chemistry, 1951.
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John Clark Sheehan grad student 1951 MIT
 (The synthesis of N,N - diacylamino acids and analogs of penicillin)


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Brian B. Liau research assistant Harvard
David R. Liu research assistant 1994 Harvard
Alice Y. Ting research assistant 1996 Harvard
Carlos A. Guerrero research assistant 2003 Harvard
Geoffrey Alexander Smith research assistant 2008-2010 Harvard
Megan Blewett research assistant 2008-2011 Harvard
Marc d'Alarcao grad student Harvard & MIT
David Watt grad student Harvard (EduTree)
Richard A. Sneen grad student 1955 UIUC
Nathan Bauld grad student 1956-1959 UIUC
C. Peter Lillya grad student 1964 Harvard
William L Mock grad student 1964 Harvard
Martin F. Semmelhack grad student 1967 Harvard
Eric Block grad student 1962-1967 Harvard
Richard S. Glass grad student 1963-1967 Harvard
Zdenek Arnold grad student 1968 Harvard
Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano grad student 1968 Harvard
Gary Herbert Posner grad student 1968 Harvard
Weston T. Borden grad student 1960-1968 Harvard
John A. Katzenellenbogen grad student 1969 Harvard
Bruce Wayne Erickson grad student 1970 Harvard
Louis S. Hegedus grad student 1970 Harvard
David E. Cane grad student 1971 Harvard
Jerome Anderson grad student 1963-1971 Harvard
Hisashi Yamamoto grad student 1968-1971 Harvard
Barry B. Snider grad student 1973 Harvard
William L. Jorgensen grad student 1975 Harvard
Richard Balanson grad student 1971-1975 Harvard
Harry E. Ensley grad student 1976 Harvard
J. William Suggs grad student 1976 Harvard
Robert H. Wollenberg grad student 1977 Harvard
Rick L. Danheiser grad student 1978 Harvard
Christopher S. Shiner grad student 1978 Harvard
Homer Lewis Pearce grad student 1974-1979 Harvard
Dale L. Boger grad student 1976-1979 Harvard
Marcus A. Tius grad student 1975-1980 Harvard
Paul B. Hopkins grad student 1982 Harvard
John Albright grad student 1976-1982 Harvard
Jay W. Ponder grad student 1984 Harvard (Physics Tree)
Alan Barton grad student 1978-1984 Harvard
Peter T. Lansbury, Jr. grad student 1985 Harvard
Andrew G. Myers grad student 1985 Harvard
Niel Boaz grad student 1981-1985 Harvard
Karlene A. Cimprich grad student 1994 Harvard
Teck-Peng Loh grad student 1989-1994 Harvard
Mihai Azimioara grad student 1990-1996 Harvard
Gabriel Fenteany grad student 1997 Harvard
C. Baker grad student 1993-1998 Harvard
David Barnes-Seeman grad student 1996-2000 Harvard
Scott Lazerwith grad student 1996-2000 Harvard
Thomas Wai-Ho Lee grad student 2001 Harvard
Laszlo Kurti grad student 2006-2010 Harvard
M. Kevin Brown post-doc Harvard
Donald R. Deardorff post-doc Harvard
Tony Durst post-doc
Neil Frank Feiner post-doc Harvard
Gottfried Märkl post-doc
Robert M. Moriarty post-doc Harvard
Do Hyun Ryu post-doc Harvard
Isao Kuwajima post-doc 1968- Harvard
William C. Agosta post-doc 1958-1959 Harvard
Emil Thomas Kaiser post-doc 1960-1961 Harvard
Bengt I. Samuelsson post-doc 1961-1962 Harvard
Jon Bass post-doc 1962-1963 Harvard
Isao Agata post-doc 1961-1964 Harvard
Rudolph E.K. Winter post-doc 1963-1964 Harvard
Wolfgang Oppolzer post-doc 1965 Harvard
Walter C. Taylor post-doc 1964-1965 Harvard
Albert I. Meyers post-doc 1965-1966 Harvard
Helmut Quast post-doc 1965-1966
Dieter Seebach post-doc 1965-1966 Harvard
Edwin Vedejs post-doc 1966-1967 Harvard
Niels H. Andersen post-doc 1966-1968 Harvard
W. Todd Wipke post-doc 1967-1969 Harvard
Kenn E. Harding post-doc 1968-1969 Harvard
Paul A. Grieco post-doc 1970 Harvard
Robert Leon Carney post-doc 1966-1970 Harvard
Kazuo Achiwa post-doc 1969-1970 Harvard
Sem Albonico post-doc 1969-1970 Harvard
Ryoji Noyori post-doc 1969-1970 Harvard
Jack E. Richman post-doc 1969-1970 Harvard
Ned M Weinshenker post-doc 1969-1970 Harvard
Thomas Brennan post-doc 1969-1971 Harvard
Alain C Krief post-doc 1970-1971 Harvard
George A. Petersson post-doc 1970-1971 Harvard
Richard Craig Larock post-doc 1972 Harvard
Venkateswarlu Akelia post-doc 1969-1972 Harvard
John Mann post-doc 1970-1972 Harvard
Konrad Becker post-doc 1971-1972 Harvard
Philip L. Fuchs post-doc 1971-1973 Harvard
George W. J. Fleet post-doc 1972-1973 Harvard
Mark Bock post-doc 1974 Harvard
David Beames post-doc 1971-1974 Harvard
John Arnett post-doc 1973-1974 Harvard
Paul M. Helquist post-doc 1973-1974 Harvard
Larry Blaszczak post-doc 1973-1975 Harvard
Srinivasan Chandrasekaran post-doc 1973-1975 Harvard
Dieter Enders post-doc 1974-1975 Harvard
Tapio A. Hase post-doc 1974-1975 Harvard
Johann H. Mulzer post-doc 1974-1975 Harvard
K. C. Nicolaou post-doc 1973-1976 Harvard
Alan P. Kozikowski post-doc 1974-1976 Harvard
Koichi Narasaka post-doc 1975-1976 Harvard
Masakatsu Shibasaki post-doc 1977 Harvard
Daniel Brunelle post-doc 1975-1977 Harvard
Gary Eugene Keck post-doc 1975-1977 Harvard
Spencer Knapp post-doc 1975-1977 Harvard
David R. Williams post-doc 1976-1977 Harvard
Bruce H. Lipshutz post-doc 1979 Harvard
John R. Falck post-doc 1975-1979 Harvard
Alla Venkata Rama Rao post-doc 1975-1979 Harvard
A. Richard Chamberlin post-doc 1978-1980 Harvard
Anthony Marfat post-doc 1978-1981 Harvard
Francis Brion post-doc 1980-1981 Harvard
Duy Hua post-doc 1979-1982 Harvard
Jahyo Kang post-doc 1980-1982 Harvard
Eugene Arthur Mash post-doc 1981-1983 Harvard
Charles M. Thompson post-doc 1983-1984 Harvard Unversity
Miguel Yus post-doc 1985 Harvard
Frederick A. Luzzio post-doc 1982-1985 Harvard
Arun K. Ghosh post-doc 1985-1988 Harvard
Raman Bakshi post-doc 1986-1989 Harvard
Vinod K Singh post-doc 1987-1990 Harvard
Michael Z Kagan post-doc 1988-1990 Harvard
Dimitris Agrafiotis post-doc 1990-1991 Harvard
Mikiko Sodeoka post-doc 1990-1992 Harvard
Thomas D Roper post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
Sidduri Achyutha Rao post-doc 1992-1994 Harvard
BOR-CHERNG HONG post-doc 1993-1994 Harvard
Sundarababu Baskaran post-doc 1993-1995 Harvard
David Y. Gin post-doc 1994-1996 Harvard
Yujiro Hayashi post-doc 1994-1996 Harvard
Matthew T. Stahl post-doc 1995-1996 Harvard
Rustum Boyce post-doc 1994-1997 Harvard
Victor Behar post-doc 1995-1998 Harvard
Weidong Z. Li post-doc 1995-1998 Harvard
Yunxin Bo post-doc 1997-1999 Harvard
Brian M. Stoltz post-doc 1998-2000 Harvard
Matthias Breuning post-doc 1999-2001 Harvard
Jin-Quan Yu post-doc 2001-2002 Harvard
Phil S. Baran post-doc 2001-2003 Harvard
Venkata Basireddy post-doc 2004-2006 Harvard
Jean-Francois Fournier post-doc 2004-2006 Harvard
Sungwoo Hong post-doc 2004-2006 Harvard
Scott A. Snyder post-doc 2004-2006 Harvard
Ravi P. Singh post-doc 2005-2007 Harvard
Ying-yeung Yeung post-doc 2005-2008 Harvard
Gojko Lalic post-doc 2006-2008 Harvard
Simon Z Giroux post-doc 2007-2009 Harvard
Subhas Chandra Pan post-doc 2008-2009 Harvard
Douglas Carl Behenna post-doc 2006-2010 Harvard
Ryan A. Shenvi post-doc 2008-2010 Harvard
Timothy R. Newhouse post-doc 2010-2013 Harvard
Rajendar Goreti post-doc 2012-2016 Harvard
Thirupathi Barla post-doc 2015-2018 Harvard
YIXIN HAN post-doc 2016-2019 Harvard
Adilson Beatriz post-doc 2018-2019 Harvard
Sukh Dev research scientist 1957-1958 UIUC
Yoshinobu Arai research scientist 1978-1979 Harvard
Younis Baqi research scientist 2007-2008 Harvard
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