Robert Howard Grubbs

1969-1978 Chemistry Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 
 1978- Chemistry California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 
Organic chemistry
"Robert Grubbs"

(1942 - 2021)
DOI: 10.1126/science.abo0193
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2005 was awarded jointly to Yves Chauvin, Robert H. Grubbs and Richard R. Schrock "for the development of the metathesis method in organic synthesis".

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Merle Andrew Battiste research assistant UF Gainesville
Ronald Charles David Breslow grad student 1968 Columbia
 (I. Derivatives of Cyclobutadiene. II. Studies of Cyclooctatetraene Iron Tricarbonyl)
James Paddock Collman post-doc 1969 Stanford


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James H Cox research assistant Caltech
Mihai Azimioara research assistant 1989 Caltech
Ned B. Bowden research assistant 1990-1994 Caltech
Glenn Martin Sammis research assistant 1994-1997 Caltech
Rajeev Chorghade research assistant 2008 Caltech
Benjamin A. Suslick research assistant 2012-2014 Caltech
Shao-Xiong Lennon Luo research assistant 2014-2017 Caltech
Rüdiger Beckhaus grad student
Julian P. Edwards grad student Caltech
Benjamín Ragnar Sveinbjörnsson grad student Caltech
Matthew T. Whited grad student Caltech
Carl M. Blumenfeld grad student 2011- Caltech
Quan Gan grad student 2017- Caltech
LeRoy Kroll grad student 1969-1974 Michigan State
Robert A. DeVries grad student 1971-1979 Michigan State
Kenneth Doxsee grad student 1979-1983 Caltech
John R. Stille grad student 1981-1986 Caltech
Robert M. Waymouth grad student 1987 Caltech
Eric V. Anslyn grad student 1988 Caltech
Timothy M. Swager grad student 1988 Caltech
Bruce M. Novak grad student 1989 Caltech
Christopher B. Gorman grad student 1991 Caltech
Dominic V. McGrath grad student 1986-1992 Caltech
Douglas L. Gin grad student 1993 Caltech (E-Tree)
Marc A. Hillmyer grad student 1994 Caltech
Brenton Flatt grad student 1992-1994 Caltech
SonBinh TheBao Nguyen grad student 1995 Caltech
Marcia B France grad student 1990-1995 Caltech
William Zuercher grad student 1993-1997 Caltech
Marcus Weck grad student 1998 Caltech
Helen Elizabeth Blackwell grad student 1999 Caltech
David M. Lynn grad student 1999 Caltech
Erika Bellmann grad student 2000 Caltech
Delwin L. Elder grad student 2000 Caltech
Thomas A. Kirkland grad student 2000 Caltech
Michael Ulman grad student 1995-2000 Caltech
Matthias Scholl grad student 1996-2000 Caltech
Heather Dawn Maynard grad student 2001 Caltech
Melanie Sarah Sanford grad student 2001 Caltech
Todd R. Younkin grad student 2001 Caltech
Arnab K. Chatterjee grad student 1998-2002 Caltech
Christopher W. Bielawski grad student 2003 Caltech
Tina M. Trnka grad student 2003 Caltech
Tae-Lim Choi grad student 1999-2003 Caltech
Jennifer A. Love grad student 2000-2003 Caltech
D. W. Ward grad student 2004 Caltech
Oren A. Scherman grad student 1999-2004 Caltech
Diego Benitez grad student 2005 Caltech
Isaac M. Rutenberg grad student 2005 Caltech
Daniel P. Sanders grad student 2005 Caltech
Christie Morrill grad student 2006 Caltech
Andrew W. Waltman grad student 2006 Caltech
Greg Beutner grad student 2004-2006 Caltech
Timothy W. Funk grad student 2007 Caltech
Andrew Hejl grad student 2007 Caltech
Soon H. Hong grad student 2007 Caltech
Jacob M. Berlin grad student 2001-2007 Caltech
Erin Guidry grad student 2002-2007 Caltech
Donde R. Anderson grad student 2008 Caltech
Basker Sundararaju grad student 2008 CNRS- Université de Rennes 1
Ron Walker grad student 2009 Caltech
Kevin M. Kuhn grad student 2010 Caltech
John B. Matson grad student 2004-2010 Caltech
Yan Xia grad student 2005-2010 Caltech
Paul G. Clark grad student 2011 Caltech
Jean Li grad student 2012 Caltech
Renee M. Thomas grad student 2012 Caltech
Christopher S. Daeffler grad student 2013 Caltech
Matthew M. Van Wingerden grad student 2013 Caltech
Benjamin Keith Keitz grad student 2007-2013 Caltech
Brendan L. Quigley grad student 2016 Caltech
Allegra L Liberman-Martin grad student 2016-2018 Caltech
Brendon J. McNicholas grad student 2014-2020 Caltech
Christopher M. Bates post-doc Caltech
Rosemary M. Conrad post-doc Caltech
Bill Morandi post-doc Caltech
Melanie Pribisko Yen post-doc 2012- Caltech
Noah F. Fine Nathel post-doc 2015- Caltech
Michael D. Schulz post-doc 2015- Caltech
Tzu-Pin Lin post-doc 2016- Caltech
Sankarganesh Krishnamoorthy post-doc 2017- Caltech
Takao Ikariya post-doc 1979-1981 Caltech
T. Don Tilley post-doc 1982 Caltech
Stephen L. Buchwald post-doc 1984 Caltech
Jeffrey Scott Moore post-doc 1990 Caltech
Vincent P. Conticello post-doc 1991 Caltech
Thomas H. Jozefiak post-doc 1990-1992 Caltech
Michel R. Gagné post-doc 1991-1992 Caltech
Gregory C. Fu post-doc 1991-1993 Caltech
T. Randall Lee post-doc 1991-1993 Caltech
Lin Pu post-doc 1992-1994 Caltech
Cassandra L. Fraser post-doc 1993-1995 Caltech
Bernhard Mohr post-doc 1994-1995 Caltech
Seth N. Brown post-doc 1994-1996 Caltech
Scott Joseph Miller post-doc 1994-1996 Caltech
Geoffrey William Coates post-doc 1994-1997 Caltech
Michael J. Marsella post-doc 1995-1997 Caltech
Sukbok Chang post-doc 1996-1998 Caltech
Andrew Morehead post-doc 1996-1998 Caltech
Gregory A. Sotzing post-doc 1999 Caltech
Greg Sotzing post-doc 1997-1999 Caltech
Adam J. Matzger post-doc 2000 Caltech
Jagdish Jethmalani post-doc 1996-2001 Caltech
Janis Louie post-doc 1998-2001 Caltech
Michael Koscho post-doc 1999-2001 Caltech
Justin P. Gallivan post-doc 2000-2002 Caltech
Andreas F.M. Kilbinger post-doc 2000-2002 Caltech
F. Dean Toste post-doc 2001-2002 Caltech
Steve Goldberg post-doc 2000-2003 Caltech
Stuart J. Cantrill post-doc 2001-2003 Caltech
Paula L. Diaconescu post-doc 2005 Caltech
Alshakim Nelson post-doc 2005 Caltech
Anna G. Wenzel post-doc 2003-2006 Caltech
Tobias Ritter post-doc 2004-2006 Caltech
Christopher J. Douglas post-doc 2005-2007 Caltech
Georgios C. Vougioukalakis post-doc 2005-2007 Caltech
Michael F. Z. Page post-doc 2006-2007 Caltech
Joseph S. M. Samec post-doc 2006-2007 Caltech
Ian C. Stewart post-doc 2006-2009 Caltech
Andrew J. Boydston post-doc 2008-2010 Caltech
Vlad M. Iluc post-doc 2008-2011 Caltech
Vincent LaVallo post-doc 2008-2011 Caltech
Guangbin Dong post-doc 2009-2011 Caltech
Jeremiah A. Johnson post-doc 2009-2011 Caltech
Hoyong Chung post-doc 2011-2014 Caltech
Garret M. Miyake post-doc 2011-2014 Caltech
Sarah Bronner post-doc 2012-2014 Caltech
Jeffrey S. Cannon post-doc 2012-2014 Caltech
John Hartung post-doc 2012-2015 Caltech
Keary Mark Engle post-doc 2013-2015 Caltech
Robert J. Macfarlane post-doc 2013-2015 Caltech
Karthish Manthiram post-doc 2015-2016 Caltech
Ki-Young Yoon post-doc 2019-2021 Caltech
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