Harry Barkus Gray, Ph.D.

Chemistry California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 
Bioinorganic chemistry, Electron-transfer chemistry
"Harry Gray"

The 2004 Wolf Prize in Chemistry: Harry B. Gray for pioneering work in bio-inorganic chemistry, unravelling novel principles of structure and long-range electron transfer in proteins.


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Liviu M. Mirica research assistant 1996-1999 Caltech
Sina Yeganeh research assistant 2000-2004 Caltech (Physics Tree)
Hannah S. Shafaat research assistant 2006 Caltech
Dylan J. Sures research assistant 2010-2013 Caltech
Jesper Bendix grad student
William Connick grad student Caltech
Kevin R. Hoke grad student Caltech
Martin E. Newcomb grad student Caltech
Carl M. Blumenfeld grad student 2011- Caltech
Brendon J. McNicholas grad student 2014- Caltech
Manoharan P T grad student 1966 Columbia
Richard Eisenberg grad student 1967 Columbia
Zvi Dori grad student 1968 Columbia
George R. Rossman grad student 1966-1971 Caltech
Mark S. Wrighton grad student 1972 Caltech
Gregory L. Geoffroy grad student 1974 Caltech
Kent R. Mann grad student 1977 Caltech
William C. Trogler grad student 1977 Caltech
David R. Tyler grad student 1979 Caltech
Andrew W. Maverick grad student 1982 Caltech
Daniel G. Nocera grad student 1983 Caltech
Jay R. Winkler grad student 1984 Caltech
Michael D. Hopkins grad student 1986 Caltech
Stephen L. Mayo grad student 1987 Caltech
H. Holden Thorp grad student 1989 Caltech
Ramy S. Farid grad student 1987-1991 Caltech
Deborah S. Wuttke grad student 1988-1993 Caltech
Kara L. Bren grad student 1991-1995 Caltech
Ivan J. Dmochowski grad student 2000 Caltech
Elizabeth S. Krider grad student 2001 Caltech
Michael C. Machczynski grad student 2001 Caltech
Steven H. Szczepankiewicz grad student 2001 Caltech
F. Akif Tezcan grad student 2001 Caltech
Faik A. Tezcan grad student 2001 Caltech
Corinna R. Hess grad student 2002 Caltech
Randy M. Villahermosa grad student 2002 Caltech
Alexander R. Dunn grad student 2003 Caltech
David R. Kent grad student 2003 Caltech
Julia G. Lyubovitsky grad student 2003 Caltech
Alexandre E. Meier grad student 2003 Caltech
William A. Wehbi grad student 2003 Caltech
Noah E. Robinson grad student 2004 Caltech
Wendy B. Bittner grad student 2005 Caltech
Andrew K. Udit grad student 2005 Caltech
Jeremy J. Weaver grad student 2005 Caltech
Gitrada Arjara grad student 2007 Caltech
Yen H. Nguyen grad student 2007 Caltech
Morgan L. Cable grad student 2010 Caltech
Kyle Matthew Lancaster grad student 2005-2010
Jillian L. Dempsey grad student 2011 Caltech
Joshua Palmer grad student 2011 Caltech
Don Walker grad student 2011 Caltech
Charlotte A. Whited grad student 2011 Caltech
Nicole B. Ford grad student 2013 Caltech
Gretchen E. Keller grad student 2013 Caltech
Heather R. Williamson grad student 2013 Caltech
Judith R. Lattimer grad student 2014 Caltech
Peter C. Agbo grad student 2015 Caltech
Tania V. Darnton grad student 2011-2016 Caltech
Stephen P. Cramer post-doc Caltech (E-Tree)
Mark Grinstaff post-doc Caltech (Biomechanics Tree)
Pierre Kennepohl post-doc
John Stedman Magyar post-doc Caltech
A. Grant Mauk post-doc Caltech (Microtree)
Karn Sorasaenee post-doc Caltech
Wesley W. Kramer post-doc 2016- Caltech
Julian Glenn West post-doc 2017- Caltech
David R. McMillin post-doc 1974 Caltech
Edward I. Solomon post-doc 1974-1975 Caltech
John H. Dawson post-doc 1976-1978 Caltech
Wayne L. Gladfelter post-doc 1978-1979 Caltech
Henrique Eisi Toma post-doc 1979-1980 Caltech
Robert J. Crutchley post-doc 1983 Caltech
Chi-Ming Che post-doc 1980-1983 Caltech
Nenad M. Kostić post-doc 1982-1984 Caltech
Alison Butler post-doc 1984-1985 Caltech
Charles M. Lieber post-doc 1985-1987 Caltech
James A. Cowan post-doc 1986-1988 Caltech
Bruce Bowler post-doc 1986-1989 Caltech
Thomas J. Meade post-doc 1987-1989 Caltech
Jorge L. Colón post-doc 1990-1992 Caltech
Jens Ø Duus post-doc 1993-1993 Caltech
Michael G. Hill post-doc 1992-1994 Caltech
Yi Lu post-doc 1992-1994 Caltech
Pat J. Farmer post-doc 1994-1995 Caltech
Mahdi M. Abu-Omar post-doc 1996-1997 Caltech
Philip E. Dawson post-doc 1996-1997 Caltech
Jonathan J. Wilker post-doc 1996-1999 Caltech
Judy E. Kim post-doc 2003-2005 Caltech
Ekaterina V. Pletneva post-doc 2007 Caltech
Matthew R. Hartings post-doc 2005-2010 Caltech
Michael J. Rose post-doc 2009-2012 Caltech
Paul Julius Bracher post-doc 2010-2012 Caltech
Jeffrey J. Warren post-doc 2010-2013
Shabnam Hematian post-doc 2017-2018 Caltech
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