Chad A. Mirkin

1991- Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 
"Chad A. Mirkin"

Mean distance: 6.71


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Gregory L. Geoffroy grad student 1989 Penn State
 (The chemistry of binuclear iron complexes possessing bridging organic ligands)
Mark S. Wrighton post-doc MIT


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Min Su Han research assistant 2004-2007 Northwestern
Andrea d'Aquino grad student 2014- Northwestern
Edward Kluender grad student 2014- Northwestern
Adam Ponedal grad student 2014- Northwestern
Kacper Skakuj grad student 2014- Northwestern
Lin Sun grad student 2014- Northwestern
Gokay Yamankurt grad student 2014- Northwestern
Rustin Golnabi grad student 2015- Northwestern
Liliang Huang grad student 2015- Northwestern
Caroline Kusmierz grad student 2015- Northwestern
Isaac Larkin grad student 2015- Northwestern
EunBi Oh grad student 2015- Northwestern
Zachary Urbach grad student 2015- Northwestern
Shuya Wang grad student 2015- Northwestern
Jinghan Zhu grad student 2015- Northwestern
Ho Fung Cheng grad student 2016- Northwestern
Sasha Ebrahimi grad student 2016- Northwestern
Oliver Hayes grad student 2016- Northwestern
Ziyin Huang grad student 2016- Northwestern
Ziyi Miao grad student 2016- Northwestern
Jungsoo Park grad student 2016- Northwestern
Andrew Sinegra grad student 2016- Northwestern
Wuliang Zhang grad student 2016- Northwestern
Wenjie Zhou grad student 2016- Northwestern
Liyushang Chou grad student 2017- Northwestern
Jasper Dittmar grad student 2017- Northwestern
Liban Jibril grad student 2017- Northwestern
Melissa Puga grad student 2017- Northwestern
Matthew Vasher grad student 2017- Northwestern
Peter Winegar grad student 2017- Northwestern
Cindy Zheng grad student 2017- Northwestern
Heather Calcaterra grad student 2018- Northwestern
Max Distler grad student 2018- Northwestern
Michael Evangelopoulos grad student 2018- Northwestern
Kaitlin Landy grad student 2018- Northwestern
Yuanwei Li grad student 2018- Northwestern
Bilal Naved grad student 2018- Northwestern
Donghoon Shin grad student 2018- Northwestern
Millicent Lin grad student 2019- Northwestern
Krishna Paranandi grad student 2019- Northwestern
Namrata Ramani grad student 2019- Northwestern
Elizabeth Singewald grad student 1991-1995 Northwestern
W. Brett Caldwell grad student 1991-1996 Northwestern
Alan M. Allgeier grad student 1992-1996 Northwestern
Dean Campbell grad student 1992-1996 Northwestern
Thomas Higgins grad student 1992-1997 Northwestern
Caroline Slone grad student 1993-1997 Northwestern
Joshua Farrell grad student 1994-1999 Northwestern
Robert Mucic grad student 1994-1999 Northwestern
Feng Xu grad student 1994-1999 Northwestern
Jin Zhu grad student 1995-1999 Northwestern
James J. Storhoff grad student 2000 Northwestern
Dana A. Weinberger grad student 2000 Northwestern
Keith J. Watson grad student 2001 Northwestern
Seunghun Hong grad student 1998-2001 Northwestern
Linette M. Demers grad student 2002 Northwestern
Felicia M. Dixon grad student 2002 Northwestern
Adam H. Eisenberg grad student 2002 Northwestern
So-Jung Park grad student 2002 Northwestern
Bradley J. Holliday grad student 2003 Northwestern
Rongchao Jin grad student 2003 Northwestern
Xiaogang Liu grad student 2004 Northwestern
Jwa-Min Nam grad student 2004 Northwestern
Ki-Bum Lee grad student 2000-2004 Northwestern
Ming Su grad student 2001-2004 Northwestern (E-Tree)
Nathan C. Gianneschi grad student 2005 Northwestern
Zhi Li grad student 2005 Northwestern
Martin S. Masar grad student 2005 Northwestern
Aaron M. Brown grad student 2006 Northwestern
Meisa S. Khoshbin grad student 2006 Northwestern
Gabriella S. Metraux grad student 2006 Northwestern
Khalid S. Salaita grad student 2006 Northwestern
Abigail K. Lytton-Jean grad student 2007 Northwestern
Christopher G. Oliveri grad student 2007 Northwestern
Lidong Qin grad student 2007 Northwestern
Raymond J. Sanedrin grad student 2007 Northwestern
Colby S. Thaxton grad student 2007 Northwestern
Rafael A. Vega grad student 2007 Northwestern
Can Xue grad student 2007 Northwestern
Haley D. Hill grad student 2008 Northwestern
Jae-Seung Lee grad student 2008 Northwestern
Jill Millstone grad student 2003-2008 Northwestern
Xiaodong Chen grad student 2006-2008 Nanyang Technological University
David A. Giljohann grad student 2009 Northwestern
Fengwei Huo grad student 2009 Northwestern
Sarah J. Hurst grad student 2009 Northwestern
Pirmin A. Ulmann grad student 2009 Northwestern
Xiaoyang Xu grad student 2009 Northwestern
Peng Sun grad student 2004-2009 Northwestern
Matthew J. Banholzer grad student 2010 Northwestern
Weston L. Daniel grad student 2010 Northwestern
Michael J. Wiester grad student 2010 Northwestern
Hyo J. Yoon grad student 2010 Northwestern
Hyo Jae Yoon grad student 2006-2010 Northwestern
Louise R. Giam grad student 2011 Northwestern
Goher Mahmud grad student 2011 Northwestern
Pinal C. Patel grad student 2011 Northwestern
Andrew E. Prigodich grad student 2011 Northwestern
Alexander Michael Spokoyny grad student 2006-2011 Northwestern
Joshua I. Cutler grad student 2012 Northwestern
Mark R. Langille grad student 2012 Northwestern
Charles W. Machan grad student 2012 Northwestern
Matthew D. Massich grad student 2012 Northwestern
Kyle D. Osberg grad student 2012 Northwestern
Andrew J. Senesi grad student 2012 Northwestern
Wooyoung Shim grad student 2012 Northwestern
Dan Zheng grad student 2012 Northwestern
Robert J. Macfarlane grad student 2013 Northwestern
Michelle L. Personick grad student 2013 Northwestern
Abrin L. Schmucker grad student 2013 Northwestern
Kaylie L. Young grad student 2013 Northwestern
Ali H. Alhasan grad student 2009-2013 Northwestern
Evelyn Auyeung grad student 2014 Northwestern
Daniel J. Clingerman grad student 2014 Northwestern
Daniel J. Eichelsdoerfer grad student 2014 Northwestern
Matthew R. Jones grad student 2014 Northwestern
Xing Liao grad student 2014 Northwestern
Andrea J. Luthi grad student 2014 Northwestern
Bryan F. Mangelson grad student 2014 Northwestern
Mari S. Rosen grad student 2014 Northwestern
tuncay ozel grad student 2015 Northwestern (Physics Tree)
Liangliang Hao grad student 2010-2015 Northwestern
Shu He grad student 2010-2015 Northwestern
Alejo Lifschitz grad student 2010-2015 Northwestern
Daniel Park grad student 2010-2015 Northwestern
Pratik Randeria grad student 2010-2015 Northwestern
Yu Zhou grad student 2011-2015 Northwestern
William Briley grad student 2010-2016 Northwestern
Jose Mendez-Arroyo grad student 2010-2016 Northwestern
Alex Scott grad student 2010-2016 Northwestern
Stacey Barnaby grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Alyssa Chinen grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Chenxia Monica Guan grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Youngeun Kim grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Jessie Ku grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
C. Michael McGuirk grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Suguna Narayan grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Matthew O'Brien grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Michael B. Ross grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Ryan Thaner grad student 2011-2016 Northwestern
Timothy Sita grad student 2012-2016 Northwestern
Resham Banga grad student 2011-2017 Northwestern
Liane Moreau grad student 2012-2017 Northwestern (Physics Tree)
Anthony Sprangers grad student 2012-2017 Northwestern
Mary X. Wang grad student 2012-2017 Northwestern
Qingyuan Lin grad student 2013-2017 Northwestern
Maria Cabezas grad student 2011-2018 Northwestern
Lam-Kiu Fong grad student 2012-2018 Northwestern
Eileen Soyoung Seo grad student 2012-2018 Northwestern
Michael Ashley grad student 2013-2018 Northwestern
Pengcheng Chen grad student 2013-2018 Northwestern
Kurinji Krishnamoorthy grad student 2013-2018 Northwestern (Physics Tree)
Christine Laramy grad student 2014-2018 Northwestern
Jennifer Ferrer grad student 2013-2019 Northwestern
James L. Hedrick grad student 2013-2019 Northwestern
Taegon Oh grad student 2013-2019 Northwestern
Shunzhi Wang grad student 2013-2019 Northwestern
Abha Gosavi grad student 2014-2019 Northwestern
Janet McMillan grad student 2014-2019 Northwestern
Shengshuang Zhu grad student 2014-2019 Northwestern
Jingshan S. Du grad student 2015-2021 Northwestern
Shakirul M Islam post-doc Northwestern
Jordan H Swisher post-doc Northwestern
Anindita Das post-doc 2015- Northwestern
Katherine E. Bujold post-doc 2017- Northwestern
C Adrian Figg post-doc 2018- Northwestern
Bo Shen post-doc 2018- Northwestern
Michelle Teplensky post-doc 2018- Northwestern
Benjamin E. Partridge post-doc 2019- Northwestern
Xinpeng Zhang post-doc 2019- Northwestern
Jin Huang post-doc 2022- Northwestern
Kaimin Chen post-doc 1992-1995 Northwestern
Xiaobo Shi post-doc 1994-1996 Northwestern
Richard Piner post-doc 1995-1998 Northwestern
Robert Elghanian post-doc 1995-1999 Northwestern
John Krebs post-doc 1997-1999 Northwestern
Gregory Mitchell post-doc 1997-2000 Northwestern
Robert A. Reynolds post-doc 1997-2000 Northwestern
Leijun Hao post-doc 1999-2000 Northwestern
T. Andrew Taton post-doc 1999-2000 Northwestern
You-Moon Jeon post-doc 2000-2001 Northwestern
Krishnan S. Pillai post-doc 2000-2001 Northwestern
Albena Ivanisevic post-doc 2000-2002 Northwestern
Anne A. Lazarides post-doc 2000-2002 Northwestern (E-Tree)
David S. Ginger post-doc 2001-2003 Northwestern
Hua Zhang post-doc 2001-2003 Northwestern
Yi Zhang post-doc 2001-2003
Maxim V. Ovchinnikov post-doc 2001-2005 Northwestern
Dimitra Georganopoulou post-doc 2003-2005 Northwestern
Moonhyun Oh post-doc 2003-2005 Northwestern
Yu-Hsu Chang post-doc 2004-2005 Northwestern
Sergey Rozhok post-doc 2001-2006 Northwestern
Nathaniel L. Rosi post-doc 2003-2006 Northwestern
Joseph Kakkassary post-doc 2004-2006 Northwestern
Daniel Maspoch post-doc 2004-2006 Northwestern
Savka I. Stoeva post-doc 2003-2007 Northwestern (Microtree)
Ah-Hyun Bae post-doc 2005-2007 Northwestern
Jacob B. Ketter post-doc 2005-2007 Northwestern (Neurotree)
YuHuang Wang post-doc 2004-2008 Northwestern
Jacob W. Ciszek post-doc 2005-2008 Northwestern
Jae-Won Jang post-doc 2005-2008 Northwestern
Seongpil Hwang post-doc 2006-2008 Northwestern
Jungseok Heo post-doc 2002-2009 Northwestern
Hyojong Yoo post-doc 2006-2009 Northwestern
Dong Woo Kim post-doc 2007-2009 Northwestern
Wei David Wei post-doc 2007-2009 Northwestern
Zijian Zheng post-doc 2007-2009 Northwestern
Adam B. Braunschweig post-doc 2007-2011 Northwestern
Jian Zhang post-doc 2008-2011 Northwestern
Jinan Chai post-doc 2009-2011 Northwestern
Jihyun An post-doc 2010-2011 Northwestern
Weston L. Daniel post-doc 2010-2011 Northwestern
Rakesh Voggu post-doc 2010-2011 Northwestern
Lu Shin Wong post-doc 2010-2011 Northwestern
Christopher C. Mader post-doc 2011-2011 Northwestern (Neurotree)
David A. Giljohann post-doc 2010-2012 Northwestern
Ke Zhang post-doc 2010-2012 Northwestern
Robert Kennedy post-doc 2010-2013 Northwestern
Chung Hang Jonathan Choi post-doc 2011-2013 Northwestern
Emily S Day post-doc 2011-2013 Northwestern
Tiffany L. Halo post-doc 2011-2013 Northwestern
Gilles Remi Bourret post-doc 2011-2014 Northwestern
Guoliang Liu post-doc 2011-2014 Northwestern
Matthew Rycenga post-doc 2011-2014 Northwestern
Chad M. Shade post-doc 2011-2014 Northwestern
Xiaozhu Zhou post-doc 2011-2014 Northwestern
Radha Boya post-doc 2013-2014 Northwestern
Caroline H. Ko post-doc 2010-2015 Northwestern
Keith A. Brown post-doc 2011-2015 Northwestern (Physics Tree)
Timothy James Merkel post-doc 2011-2015 Northwestern
Natalia Chernyak post-doc 2012-2015 Northwestern
William Morris post-doc 2012-2015 Northwestern
Jessica L. Rouge post-doc 2013-2015 Northwestern
Mohammad Shahjamali post-doc 2013-2015 Northwestern
Jeffrey Brodin post-doc 2013-2016 Northwestern
David Walker post-doc 2014-2016 Northwestern
Zachary Kean post-doc 2015-2016 Northwestern
Jarad Mason post-doc 2015-2017 Northwestern
Zhuang Xie post-doc 2015-2017 Northwestern
Hang Xing post-doc 2015-2017 Northwestern
Yige Zhou post-doc 2017-2017 Northwestern
Lisa Cole post-doc 2015-2018 Northwestern
Precious Cantu post-doc 2016-2018 Northwestern
Pavlo Gordiichuk post-doc 2016-2018 Northwestern
Cassandra E. Callmann post-doc 2018-2021 Northwestern


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Koray Aydin collaborator (Physics Tree)
Angel Fernandez-Bravo collaborator (Physics Tree)
Tsuyohiko Fujigaya collaborator 2005-2006 Northwestern
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