Koji Nakanishi, Ph.D.

1955-1958 Chemistry Nagoya University, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan 
 1958-1963 Chemistry Tokyo Kyoiku University 
 1963-1969 Chemistry Tohoku University, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken, Japan 
 1969- Chemistry Columbia University, New York, NY 
 1969-1977 International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology 
 1979-1991 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research 
Isolation, structure elucidation, and synthesis of bioactive compounds
"Koji Nakanishi"

Nakanishi Prize, jointly administered between ACS and Chem Soc Japan (1996-present)


Mean distance: 6.74


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Louis Frederick Fieser research assistant 1950-1952 Harvard
Yoshimasa Hirata grad student 1954 Nagoya University


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Masato Koreeda research assistant 1966 Tohoku University
Toshio Dei research assistant 1968 Tohoku University
Yuji Hirota research assistant 1968 Tohoku University
Masaaki Miyashita research assistant 1968 Tohoku University
Yoichi Sugawara research assistant 1968 Tohoku University
Noboyuki Harada grad student Tohoku University
Xuefei Huang grad student Columbia (Philosophy Tree)
Wan Kit Chan grad student 1969- Columbia
James Dillon grad student 1969- Columbia
Aaron Feinberg grad student 1969- Columbia
Steven Blobstein grad student 1970- Columbia
Hiroshi Kakisawa grad student 1953-1961 Nagoya University
Norman S. Bhacca grad student 1964 Tohoku University
Yoshio Shiobara grad student 1966 Tohoku University
Yong-Yeng LIn grad student 1962-1966 Tohoku University
Kazuo Habaguchi grad student 1968 Tohoku University
Y. Itagaki grad student 1968 Tohoku University
Iwao Miura grad student 1968 Tohoku University
Yasuhiro Nakadaira grad student 1968 Tohoku University
Satoshi Ōmura grad student 1968 University of Tokyo
Yoshiko Takagi grad student 1968 Tohoku University
Akira Terahara grad student 1968 Tohoku University
Makoto Funamizu grad student 1970 Columbia
Nobuo Furutachi grad student 1970 Columbia
Mamoru Endo grad student 1970-1972 Columbia
Clayton Natta grad student 1976 Columbia
Iraj Ganjian grad student 1977 Columbia
Michael Pettei grad student 1978 Columbia
Steven P. Tanis grad student 1980 Columbia
Hung-Wen (Ben) Liu grad student 1981 Columbia
Ranjan Sen grad student 1984 Columbia
John Termini grad student 1980-1985 Columbia
Gregory L. Verdine grad student 1986 Columbia
Hyun Ok grad student 1988 Columbia
Lakshmi Sastry grad student 1988 Columbia
Nicole A. Horenstein grad student 1986-1988 Columbia
Eugene M. Oltz grad student 1989 Columbia
Randy L. Johnson grad student 1985-1990 Columbia
Shoei-Sheng Lee grad student 1989-1991 Columbia
Seok-ki Choi grad student 1994 Columbia
Kathryn B. Grant grad student 1989-1994 Colombia University
Akira Kawamura grad student 1994-1999 Columbia
Nathan Elliott Fishkin grad student 2004 Columbia
Stanislav Jaracz grad student 2004 Columbia
Sonja Krane grad student 2004 Columbia
Shenglong Zhang grad student 2008 Columbia
Michael A. Adams post-doc Columbia
John M. Berger post-doc Columbia
Masao Maruyama post-doc Tohoku University
Daniel Schroeder post-doc Columbia
Katsunori Tanaka post-doc Colombia University
Stewart Tompson post-doc Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
Hisashi Uda post-doc Tohoku University
Jesus Trujillo Vazquez post-doc Columbia
Betty Jean Gaffney post-doc 1966-1968 Tohoku University
David A. Schooley post-doc 1969-1971 Columbia
Eun Lee post-doc 1974-1977 Columbia
David G. Lynn post-doc 1979 Columbia
Kurt Hostettmann post-doc 1976-1979 Columbia
Maryse Hostettmann post-doc 1977-1979 Columbia
Mordechai Sheves post-doc 1978-1981 Columbia
Jerzy Golik post-doc 1979-1981 Columbia
Christopher Bigge post-doc 1980-1982 Columbia
Chuck Caldwell post-doc 1980-1982 Columbia
Richard Stonard post-doc 1980-1982 Columbia
Amy Trainor post-doc 1980-1982 Columbia
John K. Snyder post-doc 1979-1983 Columbia
Kazuo Tsujimoto post-doc 1979-1983 Columbia
Hiroshi Nambu post-doc 1984 Columbia
Kyosuke Nomoto post-doc 1984 Columbia
J. Golik post-doc 1982-1984 Columbia
Reimar Bruening post-doc 1981-1985 Columbia
Michael G. Zagorski post-doc 1983-1986 Columbia
Jan Pawlak post-doc 1987 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
Michael Tempesta post-doc 1987 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
Tim Blizzard post-doc 1988 Columbia
Hiroyuki Minakata post-doc 1988 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
Susan Tamura post-doc 1988 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
Katsuhiro Konno post-doc 1986-1988 Columbia
Arie Zask post-doc 1986-1988 Columbia
Andreas Fredenhagen post-doc 1986-1989 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
William McWhorter post-doc 1986-1989 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
Dario Gargiulo post-doc 1990 Columbia
Hal Meyers post-doc 1990 Columbia
Makoto Ojika post-doc 1990 Columbia
Bradley D. Smith post-doc 1990 Columbia
Rudy Bukownik post-doc 1989-1990 Columbia
Thomas Kallimopolous post-doc 1989-1991 Columbia
Stefan Matile post-doc 1994-1996 Columbia
Babak Borhan post-doc 1995-1998 Columbia
Leif Abrell post-doc 1999-2001 Columbia
Nasri Nesnas post-doc 1999-2002 Columbia
Milan Balaz post-doc 2003-2005 Columbia
Isao Kubo research scientist Columbia
Shinichi Sasaki research scientist Tohoku University
Fadila Derguini research scientist 1979- Columbia
Mamoru Ohashi research scientist 1958-1963 Tokyo Kyoiku University
Mervyn C. Woods research scientist 1968 Tohoku University
Rosalie Crouch research scientist 1974-1977 Columbia
Valeria Balogh-Nair research scientist 1976-1985 Columbia
Simeon Pollack research scientist 1988 Columbia
Kazuo Tachibana research scientist 1980-1989 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research
Yoko Naya research scientist 1970-1990 Suntory Institute for Bioorganic Research


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Carl Djerassi collaborator Stanford
William N. Lipscomb collaborator Harvard
J.W. Moncrief collaborator Harvard
Guy Ourisson collaborator Strasbourg
Y. Sasada collaborator Osaka University
Hideo Kikkawa collaborator 1950 Osaka University
Hong-yen Hsu collaborator 1963 National Taiwan University
Haruo Kanatani collaborator 1967-1969 University of Tokyo
M. Kakudo collaborator 1970 Osaka University
Ulrich Naf collaborator 1970-1972 Manhattan College
Julius Marmur collaborator 1971-1973 Albert Einstein (ID Tree)
S. Nishimura collaborator 1974 University of Tokyo
Barry H. Honig collaborator 1971-1975 Columbia
Alan M. Jeffrey collaborator 1976 Columbia
I. Bernard Weinstein collaborator 1970-1978 Columbia (Neurotree)
Carroll M. Williams collaborator 1970-1978 Harvard
Herman N. Autrup collaborator 1975-1978 Aarhus University
Tetsuo Nozoe collaborator 1955-1980 Tohuku University
Ronald G. Harvey collaborator 1974-1980 Chicago
Yuzuru Shimizu collaborator 1978-1981 University of Rhode Island
Laszlo Darco collaborator 1981-1983 UW Madison
Ikuzo Uritani collaborator 1972-1984 Nagoya University
Dezider (Dijon) Grunberger collaborator 1969-1985 Columbia
Laura Eisenstein collaborator 1980-1985 Illinois
Maria Tomasz collaborator 1983-1987 Hunter College, CUNY
Amira Eldefrawi collaborator 1985-1988 Maryland
Mohyee Eldefrawi collaborator 1985-1988 Maryland
Peter Usherwood collaborator 1986-1988 Nottingham
Kenneth W. Foster collaborator 1983-1989 Mount Sinai School of Medicine (Neurotree)
Mihoji Sugiura collaborator 1985-1989 National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences
Robert Callender collaborator 1976-1990 City College New York - CUNY
Stephen James Lippard collaborator 1980-1990 MIT
Kenneth Kustin collaborator 1985-1990 Brandeis
Lawrence E. Gilbert collaborator 1988-1990 UNC Chapel Hill (Evolution Tree)
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