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John D. Roberts grad student 1964 Caltech
 (The configurational stability of primary Grignard reagents. Applications of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to the study of molecular asymmetry)


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Frank J. Weigert research assistant 1965 MIT
James K. Chen research assistant 1987-1991 Harvard
Julia L. Brumaghim research assistant 1993-1993 Harvard
Ivan J. Dmochowski research assistant 1994 Harvard
Clay C.C. Wang research assistant 1993-1996 Harvard
Adam E. Cohen research assistant 1997-2001 Harvard
Andrew G. Maher research assistant 2009-2011 Harvard
Yen-Ho Chu grad student Harvard
Claudio Parolo grad student
Meital Reches grad student
Charles P. Casey grad student 1967 MIT
Joseph San Filippo grad student 1965-1970 MIT
Steven L. Regen grad student 1972 MIT
Paul Louis Bock grad student 1973 MIT
Craig L. Hill grad student 1975 MIT
Ralph G. Nuzzo grad student 1980 MIT
Anna Christina Balazs grad student 1981 MIT
Chi-Huey Wong grad student 1982 MIT
Thomas J. McCarthy grad student 1978-1982 MIT
Jean-Paul Lavalleye grad student 1979-1983 MIT
Robert L. Brainard grad student 1985 MIT
Debbie C. Crans grad student 1980-1985 Harvard
Herbert Waldmann grad student 1985-1986 Harvard
Mahn Joo Kim grad student 1987 Harvard
Colin D. Bain grad student 1989 Harvard
Paul E. Laibinis grad student 1985-1991 Harvard
T. Randall Lee grad student 1985-1991 Harvard
Christopher T. Seto grad student 1988-1992 Harvard
Watson James Lees grad student 1985-1993 Harvard
Yen-Ho Chu grad student 1986-1993 Harvard
Younan Xia grad student 1996 Harvard
Eric E. Simanek grad student 1991-1996 Harvard
Christopher S. Chen grad student 1997 Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (BME Tree)
Jianghong Rao grad student 1999 Harvard
Joe Tien grad student 1993-1999 Harvard (Biomechanics Tree)
Ned B. Bowden grad student 1994-1999 Harvard
Scott Talmadge Brittain grad student 2000 Harvard
Bartosz A. Grzybowski grad student 2000 Harvard
Insung S. Choi grad student 1994-2000 Harvard
Janelle R. Anderson grad student 2001 Harvard
Tao Deng grad student 2001 Harvard
J. C. McDonald grad student 2001 Harvard
Emanuele Ostuni grad student 2001 Harvard
Kateri E. Paul grad student 2001 Harvard
Abraham D. Stroock grad student 2002 Harvard
Ming-Hsien Wu grad student 2002 Harvard
Hongkai Wu grad student 2002 Harvard
Jessamine N. Lee grad student 2004 Harvard
Daniel B. Wolfe grad student 2004 Harvard
Xingyu "Justin" Jiang grad student 1999-2004 Harvard
J. Christopher C. Love grad student 2002-2004 Harvard
Willow R. DiLuzio grad student 2005 Harvard
Irina Gitlin grad student 2006 Harvard
Katherine L. Gudiksen grad student 2006 Harvard
Jennah K. Kriebel grad student 2006 Harvard
Vijay M. Krishnamurthy grad student 2006 Harvard
Michael J. Fuerstman grad student 2007 Harvard
Logan S. McCarty grad student 2007 Harvard
Adam I. Winkleman grad student 2007 Harvard
Derek A. Bruzewicz grad student 2001-2007 Harvard
George K. Kaufman grad student 2008 Harvard
Amy Pui-Feng Wong grad student 2008 Harvard
Qiaobing Xu grad student 2008 Harvard
Michinao Hashimoto grad student 2009 Harvard
Adam C. Siegel grad student 2009 Harvard
Andres W. Martinez grad student 2005-2009 Harvard
Elizabeth Hulme Berezovsky grad student 2010 Harvard
Andrew Lee grad student 2010 Harvard
Kam Y. Tan grad student 2010 Harvard
Paul Julius Bracher grad student 2002-2010 Harvard
Darren J. Lipomi grad student 2005-2010 Harvard
Max Narovlyansky grad student 2011 Harvard
Katherine A. Mirica grad student 2005-2011 Harvard
William F. Reus grad student 2012 Harvard
Victoria E. Campbell post-doc
Jeffrey Carbeck post-doc Harvard
Zhihong Nie post-doc University of Maryland
Suk-Wah Tam-Chang post-doc Harvard
Nicholas J. Turner post-doc Harvard
Thomas Carlton Underwood post-doc Harvard
Adam R. Urbach post-doc Harvard
Gulden Camci-Unal post-doc 2013- Harvard
Baris UNAL post-doc 2014- Harvard
Brian J. Cafferty post-doc 2015- Harvard
Michael J Fink post-doc 2015- Harvard
Won-Kyu Lee post-doc 2018- Harvard
Junwoo Park post-doc 2018- Harvard
Supriya Dey post-doc 2019- Harvard
Yuzo Fujiwara post-doc 1972-1974 MIT
David R. Walt post-doc 1981 MIT
Romas J. Kazlauskas post-doc 1982 Harvard
Daniel Gygax post-doc 1984-1985 Harvard
Mark D. Bednarski post-doc 1986 Harvard
Wolf-Dieter Fessner post-doc 1986-1987 Harvard
Manoj K. Chaudhury post-doc 1988 Harvard (E-Tree)
Matthew R. Callstrom post-doc 1987-1988 Harvard
Gregory S. Ferguson post-doc 1987-1989 Harvard
Murray Baker post-doc 1988-1990 Harvard
Patrick Pale post-doc 1988-1990 Harvard
Eric J. Toone post-doc 1988-1990 Harvard
Walther Schmid post-doc 1989-1991 Harvard
Nicholas L. Abbott post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
Steven H. Bergens post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
Paul A. DiMilla post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
Gabriel P. López post-doc 1991-1993 Harvard
Frank A. Gomez post-doc 1991-1994 Harvard
Christopher B. Gorman post-doc 1992-1994 Harvard
Li Deng post-doc 1995 Harvard
John C. MacDonald post-doc 1995 Harvard
Paula T. Hammond post-doc 1993-1995 MIT
Milan Mrksich post-doc 1996 Harvard
Seok-ki Choi post-doc 1994-1997 Harvard
John A. Rogers post-doc 1995-1997 Harvard
Dong Qin post-doc 1996-1997 Harvard
Lyle D. Isaacs post-doc 1995-1998 Harvard
Joanna Aizenberg post-doc 1996-1998 Harvard
Scott R. J. Oliver post-doc 1999 Harvard
Tricia B. Carmichael post-doc 1997-1999 Harvard
Rainer Haag post-doc 1997-1999 Harvard
Wilhelm T. S. Huck post-doc 1997-1999 Harvard
Shuichi Takayama post-doc 2000 Harvard (Neurotree)
Noo Li Jeon post-doc 1997-2000 Harvard
Paul J. A. Kenis post-doc 1997-2000 Harvard
Bing Xu post-doc 1997-2000 Harvard
Daniel T. Chiu post-doc 1998-2000 Harvard
Marcus Weck post-doc 1998-2000 Harvard
Rustem F. Ismagilov post-doc 1998-2001 Harvard
Ravindra Kane post-doc 1998-2001 Harvard
Steven J. Metallo post-doc 1998-2001 Harvard
Hong Yang post-doc 1998-2001
Heiko O. Jacobs post-doc 1999-2001 Harvard
Michael Lawrence Chabinyc post-doc 1999-2002 Harvard
David H. Gracias post-doc 1999-2002 Harvard
Chia-Chi Ho post-doc 2001-2002 Harvard
Chengde Mao post-doc 2001-2002 Harvard
Teri W. Odom post-doc 2001-2002 Harvard
Babak Amir-Parviz post-doc 2001-2003 Harvard
Michael Mayer post-doc 2001-2003 Harvard
Jerry Yang post-doc 2001-2003 Harvard
Byron D. Gates post-doc 2002-2004 Harvard
Piotr Garstecki post-doc 2002-2005 Harvard
Roman A. Boulatov post-doc 2003-2005 Harvard
Lara A. Estroff post-doc 2003-2005 Harvard
Douglas B. Weibel post-doc 2003-2006 Harvard
Michal Lahav post-doc 2004-2006 Harvard
Alison P. McGuigan post-doc 2005-2006 Harvard
Z. Başar Bilgiçer post-doc 2005-2008 Harvard
Emily A. Weiss post-doc 2005-2008 (Physics Tree)
Michael D. Dickey post-doc 2006-2008 Harvard
Scott T. Phillips post-doc 2006-2008 Harvard
Manish J. Butte post-doc 2009 Harvard
Martin M. Thuo post-doc 2009 Harvard
Ryan C. Chiechi post-doc 2006-2009 Harvard
Samuel William Thomas, III post-doc 2006-2009 Harvard
Paul Cherukuri post-doc 2007-2009 Harvard
Malancha Gupta post-doc 2007-2009 Harvard
Coskun (Coşkun Kocabaş) Kocabas post-doc 2007-2009 Harvard
Benjamin J. Wiley post-doc 2007-2009 Harvard
Audrey K. Ellerbee post-doc 2008-2010 Harvard
Roger L. York post-doc 2008-2010 Harvard
Kyle J.M. Bishop post-doc 2009-2010 Harvard
Choongik Kim post-doc 2009-2010 Harvard
Ludovico Cademartiri post-doc 2008-2011 Harvard
Xin Chen post-doc 2008-2011 Harvard
Ratmir Derda post-doc 2008-2011 Harvard
Charles R. Mace post-doc 2008-2011 Harvard
Rebecca Voß Cademartiri post-doc 2009-2011 Harvard
Wonjae Choi post-doc 2009-2011 Harvard
Xinyu Liu post-doc 2009-2011 Harvard
Jasmin Mecinović post-doc 2009-2011 Harvard
XiuJun (James) Li post-doc 2010-2011 Harvard
Özge Akbulut post-doc 2009-2012 Harvard
Aaron D. Mazzeo post-doc 2009-2012 Harvard
Kyeng Min Park post-doc 2010-2012 Harvard
Adam A Stokes post-doc 2010-2012 Harvard College
Matthew R. Lockett post-doc 2010-2013 Harvard
Felix J.H. Hol post-doc 2014 Harvard
Ramses V. Martinez post-doc 2009-2014 Harvard
Hyo Jae Yoon post-doc 2010-2014 Harvard
Anand Bala Subramaniam post-doc 2011-2014 Harvard
Abraham K. Badu-Tawiah post-doc 2012-2014 Harvard
Joshua A. Lessing post-doc 2012-2014 Harvard
Alex Nemiroski post-doc 2011-2015 Harvard (Physics Tree)
Kung-Ching Liao post-doc 2012-2015 Harvard
Jonathan W. Hennek post-doc 2013-2015 Harvard
Stephanie Oyola-Reynoso (Harvard post-doc 2018-2018 Harvard
Lee Belding post-doc 2017-2019 Harvard
Nan-Nan Deng post-doc 2017-2019 Harvard
Daniel J. Preston post-doc 2017-2019 Harvard (E-Tree)
Alexei S. Ten post-doc 2020-2022 Harvard
Johan F.J. Engbersen research scientist 1995 Harvard
Margaret V. Merritt research scientist 1995-1996 Harvard
Kenneth E. Gonsalves research scientist 1997 Harvard
T. Ross Kelly research scientist 1999 Harvard
X. Edward Guo research scientist 2003 Harvard
Irving R. Epstein research scientist 2002-2003 Harvard
Kimoon Kim research scientist 2004-2005 Harvard
Eugenia Kumacheva research scientist 2009 Harvard
María Teresa Fernández-Abedul research scientist 2013 Harvard
Mohammad H. Al-Sayah research scientist 2012-2013 Harvard
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