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Rory Curtis (Info) Elixir Pharmaceuticals GAP43, glia, ion channels, regeneration, neurotrophins, GAP-43 rory 2009‑01‑07
Irwin Levitan (Info) Thomas Jefferson Neuronal excitability jesse_brann 2007‑02‑01
Donald Olbris (Info) Boston University, Brandeis University herzfeld 2019‑02‑14
Michael Rosbash (Info) Brandeis Molecular Genetics of RNA Processing and Behavior apocalyptic 2009‑10‑23
Keith E. Shearwin (Info) University of Adelaide Gene regulation mechanisms, phage shearwin 2013‑12‑09
Serge Nicholas Timasheff (Info) Brandeis Protein-solvent interactions, Biophysical Chemistry rajivbhat 2012‑12‑29
Paul S Waterman (Info) Boston University, Brandeis University triazine3 2018‑03‑27
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