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David Baulcombe (Info) Cambridge eoneill 2015‑06‑25
A. David Buckingham (Info) Cambridge Theoretical Chemistry wtyiii 2011‑05‑08
Philip R. Bunker (Info) National Research Council, Canada Spectroscopy, Theoretical Chemistry bunker 2013‑03‑14
Paul A Dalby (Info) UCL Protein engineering and formulation pauldalby 2021‑08‑24
Remus T. Dame (Info) Leiden Genome organization, biochemistry Vigyaanik 2020‑05‑07
Alan Roy Fersht (Info) Cambridge protein engineering, protein folding, and enzyme catalysis rleatherbarrow 2014‑01‑26
Elizabeth A.H. Hall (Info) Cambridge yhl1000 2021‑02‑10
Steven C. Harrison (Info) Harvard Medical School Rwalsh 2019‑01‑14
Lee Yook Heng (Info) National University of Malaysia yhl1000 2021‑02‑10
Jeremy M. Hutson (Info) Durham University gdsh35 2016‑09‑02
Aaron Klug (Info) Cambridge Transcription factors, Biochemistry, structural chemistry rjkelleher 2008‑03‑27
Barbara Sherwood Lollar (Info) University of Toronto Isotope Geochemistry, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Ancient Waters, Deep Subsurface Biosphere pq 2016‑03‑12
Hugh Christopher Longuet-Higgins (Info) University of Sussex artificial intelligence, theoretical chemistry brianmingus 2010‑06‑05
William Hobson Mills (Info) Cambridge Stereochemistry nemsen 2012‑11‑27
Keith O'Nions (Info) Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London OliverWarr 2022‑09‑15
William Jackson Pope (Info) Cambridge jandh 2011‑08‑02
Ramchandra H. Sahasrabudhey (Info) Banaras Hindu UNiversity mhasanfive 2020‑09‑21
Rajesh Shahapure (Info) Leiden RTD 2020‑09‑21
James Leonard Brierley Smith (Info) Cambridge University UK, Rhodes University, Rhodes University kevlobb 2023‑12‑21
Jean O Thomas (Info) Cambridge tcgalvao 2020‑07‑14
Alexander Robertus Todd (Info) Cambridge Biochemistry pasegura 2011‑02‑18
John E. Walker (Info) MRC-LMB Biochemistry jandh 2011‑07‑16
Rui Yang (Info) Cambridge University UK, Chinese Academy of Science, China edobbard 2020‑11‑24
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