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William A. Goddard (Info) Caltech Theoretical chemistry jandh 2011‑11‑24
Jungseok Heo (Info) Chungnam National University Inorganic Chemistry JS-Heo 2019‑04‑29
Chunjoong Kim (Info) University of Illinois, Chicago, Chungnam National University energy materials kripke 2017‑11‑23
Hyungjun Kim (Info) KAIST Theoretical Chemistry, Multiscale Material Design, Computational Electrochemistry linus16 2013‑07‑27
Younghoon Kim (Info) Chungnam National University, POSTECH Supramolecular chemistry, Metal-organic frameworks, Porous organic cages kimyh3509 2018‑05‑25
J. Clark Lagarias (Info) UC Davis photoreceptor phytochrome jandh 2014‑05‑18
Jongchul Lim (Info) Chungnam National University taihopark 2020‑02‑06
Youn-il Park (Info) Chungnam National University jclagarias 2021‑08‑20
Muhammad Kashif Shahid (Info) Hazara University, Daegu University, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Korea Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Environmental Engineering kashifbutt 2021‑10‑18
Hyeyoung Shin (Info) Chungnam National University linus16 2021‑08‑18
Jeong-Hun Sohn (Info) Chungnam National University david 2015‑07‑02
Seulki SONG (Info) KRICT (Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology), Chungnam National University taihopark 2019‑10‑06
Kwang-bok Bok Yi (Info) Chungnam National University s2amp 2022‑05‑18
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