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Cyril Clifford Addison (Info) Nottingham anhydrous metal nitrates and their derivatives jandh 2011‑11‑27
Chris Ainsworth (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Jesus Aldegunde (Info) Universidad de Salamanca, Spain dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Simon Allen (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Cate Anstoter (Info) Durham University, Temple University 2021‑05‑19
Josie Auckett (Info) Durham University ica011 2018‑05‑22
James Baddiley (Info) Newcastle biosynthesis, structure and biological function of various biochemical compounds, especially the discovery of teichoic acids, major components of cell wall structure of bacteria. jandh 2012‑05‑27
Colin D. Bain (Info) Durham University Physical, Spectroscopy, Interfaces skshaw 2013‑07‑22
Arthur Banister (Info) Durham University Main Group Chemistry DrMel 2013‑07‑09
Neil Bartlett (Info) UC Berkeley noble-gas chemistry jandh 2011‑11‑28
Harry Beevers (Info) UC Santa Cruz subcellular compartments in the plant cell jandh 2014‑05‑06
Jessica R. Breen (Info) Durham University Fluorine chemistry jessbreen 2014‑09‑07
Henry V.A. Briscoe (Info) Imperial College Inorganic chemistry jandh 2011‑07‑12
Claire Brodie (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Martin R. Bryce (Info) Durham University perepich 2018‑05‑09
James Bull (Info) Durham University, University of East Anglia 2021‑05‑19
Adam D J Calow (Info) Durham University Organic chemistry / Catalysis adamdjcalow 2017‑12‑11
Paula C. Castilho (Info) Centro de Química da Madeira, Madeira University, Portugal Chemistry of Natural Products, Organic Chemistry PaulaCastilho 2016‑03‑29
Matthew Chambers (Info) Durham University ica011 2018‑05‑22
Richard D. Chambers (Info) Durham University organofluorine compounds jandh 2013‑07‑10
Adam Chatterley (Info) University of Warwick connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑30
David L. Cheung (Info) University of Galway ssamantray 2023‑02‑13
Stewart J. Clark (Info) Durham University ssamantray 2023‑02‑14
James D Cresswell (Info) Durham University Polymer Chemistry JamesCresswell 2022‑11‑04
James F. E. Croft (Info) Durham University dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Clare Crossland (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Basile F. E. Curchod (Info) Durham University, University of Bristol Nonadiabatic dynamics bcurchod 2019‑09‑10
Leonardo Curti (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Marko T. Cvitaš (Info) Ruđer Bošković Institute dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Krishna K. Damodaran (Info) University of Iceland Anion recognition, coordination polymers, catalysis, crystal engineering, supramolecular gels Vigyaanik 2019‑02‑25
Luiza Rosa de Araujo (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Sagar Doderri (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Phil Dyer (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Jack S. Eardley (Info) Durham University pqnx84 2014‑12‑24
Andreas Ernesti (Info) Durham University dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Ivana Radosavljevic Evans (Info) Durham University Solid state chemistry ica011 2014‑07‑11
John S. O. Evans (Info) Durham University Solid state chemistry ica011 2014‑07‑11
Samantha Ford (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Jack Fradgley (Info) Durham University JackFradgley 2021‑01‑15
David Free (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Matthew D. Frye (Info) Durham University dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Chloe Fuller (Info) Durham University ica011 2018‑05‑22
Amel Garbi (Info) Durham University pjhscott 2019‑04‑12
John M. Gardiner (Info) University of Manchester mbdxjrp5 2015‑10‑30
John A. Gatehouse (Info) Durham University Plant-Insect Interactions, and Recombinant Proteins jandh 2020‑06‑29
Clifton William Gibby (Info) Durham University surface chemistry jandh 2011‑11‑27
Vernon Gibson (Info) Oxford KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Richard Gover (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Dermot G. Green (Info) Queen's University Belfast dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Matthew Hampson (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Robin Kingsley Harris (Info) University of East Anglia, University of Durham Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy hk_chemistry 2017‑10‑05
Michael Heeran (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Dominikus Heift (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Trygve Helgaker (Info) University of Oslo, Norway KennethRuud 2017‑03‑13
Paul Hodgkinson (Info) Durham University hk_chemistry 2017‑03‑03
Catherine E. Housecroft (Info) University of Basel Coordination chemistry and materials boron2302 2014‑12‑07
Luciano Howard (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Jeremy M. Hutson (Info) Durham University gdsh35 2016‑09‑02
Lea M. Ibele (Info) Durham University bcurchod 2022‑09‑10
Jaime A Isern (Info) Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) Organic Synthesis, Chemical Biology, Medicinal Chemisty, Chemical Proteomics JaimeAIsern 2023‑07‑31
Callum Johnson (Info) Durham University JamesCresswell 2022‑11‑04
Matthew Jones (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Tijs Karman (Info) Radboud University Nijmegen dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Hannah E. Kerr (Info) Durham University NMR Crystallography, solid-state NMR, NMR spectroscopy hk_chemistry 2017‑03‑03
Ian King (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Matthew O. Kitching (Info) Durham University MattOKitching 2017‑08‑01
Xiao Jun Kuang (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Michael J. Lamb (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Ben Lancaster (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Mark M. Law (Info) University of Aberdeen, UK dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Simon Lawrence (Info) University College Cork jmrawson 2021‑12‑15
Julien Lecointre (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
C. Ruth LeSueur (Info) Durham University dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
James Lewis (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Huiyu Liu (Info) Durham University ica011 2018‑05‑22
Paul J. Low (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2016‑02‑09
Jesse J. Lutz (Info) Michigan State coupled-cluster theory pq 2015‑11‑17
Clare Mahon (Info) Durham University sydchem 2019‑02‑02
Graham R. Martin (Info) Durham University, University of Kent Radiochemistry jandh 2018‑12‑26
Emma McCabe (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Paul R. McGonigal (Info) Northwestern, Durham University, Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ), Edinburgh Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Synthesis paulmcgonigal 2015‑02‑16
Golda Mensa-Bonsu (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Antonis Messinis (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Markus Meuwly (Info) University of Basel Computational and Theoretical Chemistry mmeuwly 2013‑12‑04
Edward TJ Mitchell (Info) Oxford Supramolecular Chemistry TeejMitchell 2023‑11‑30
Gustavo Alberto Monti (Info) Universidad Nacional de Córdoba horacio.pastawski 2020‑08‑04
Victor Mougel (Info) College de France (Paris), ETH Zürich MazzantiM 2016‑03‑17
Robert E. Mulvey (Info) University of Strathclyde Inorganic Chemistry jandh 2013‑02‑27
W. Kenneth R. Musgrave (Info) Durham University Fluorine chemistry jandh 2013‑07‑10
Elizabeth J New (Info) University of Sydney Chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, chemical biology sydchem 2019‑02‑02
Pawel Nowakowski (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Rafael Nunes (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Sayonara Eliziario Nunes (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Eder Olivas (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Abdullah Othman (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Robert Pal (Info) Durham University JackFradgley 2021‑01‑15
Fritz Paneth (Info) Universität Berlin, Durham University jandh 2015‑02‑12
David Parker (Info) Durham University torvi 2016‑08‑26
Simon Parsons (Info) Edinburgh Crystallography SParsons 2012‑09‑21
Julia Payne (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Tom Peacock (Info) Durham University sxh 2016‑09‑03
Joseph Peet (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Dmitrii F Perepichka (Info) McGill organic chemistry, materials science, supramolecular chemistry, surface science perepich 2018‑05‑09
Ehmke Pohl (Info) Durham University natjoan14 2018‑07‑24
Exequiel O.J. Porta (Info) Universidad Nacional de Rosario guillelab 2016‑08‑28
James Radcliffe (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Jeremy Rawson (Info) University of Windsor Z12Z53Z16 2013‑08‑12
Ivan Rayment (Info) UW Madison Structural Biology gnphillipsjr 2012‑06‑23
Gareth M. Roberts (Info) University of Warwick connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑30
Percy Lucock Robinson (Info) Durham University jandh 2011‑11‑28
Melissa Monzerrat Rodriguez (Info) Durham University ica011 2018‑05‑22
Joshua P Rogers (Info) Durham University photoelectron spectroscopy, rydberg excitons 2021‑05‑19
Davide De Rosa (Info) Durham University JackFradgley 2021‑01‑15
Stephen Rouse (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Arnold Sanderson (Info) University of London Transplantation Antigens jandh 2014‑05‑07
John M. Sanderson (Info) Durham University scockrof 2013‑07‑01
Graham Sandford (Info) Durham University Organofluorine Chemistry jessbreen 2014‑09‑07
George Scholes (Info) University Newcastle upon Tyne radiation chemistry, radiation biology RobinWillson 2020‑08‑22
Melbourne John Schriver (Info) Crandall University Inorganic Main Group Chemistry DrMel 2013‑07‑09
Peter J. H. Scott (Info) University of Michigan PET radiochemistry; organic synthesis; fluorine chemistry; nuclear medicine; molecular imaging. pjhscott 2019‑04‑12
Scott K. Shaw (Info) University of Iowa Electrochemistry, Spectroscopy, Surface Science skshaw 2013‑07‑22
Harrison Massey Macdougall Shearer (Info) Durham University crystallography jandh 2013‑08‑09
Haraldur Sigurdsson (Info) University of Rhode Island Geological oceanography pq 2016‑05‑28
Helen Sims (Info) Durham University JackFradgley 2021‑01‑15
Derek Sleeman (Info) University of Leeds (United Kingdom) sxh 2016‑09‑03
David G. Smith (Info) University of Sydney sydchem 2019‑02‑02
Ronald Snaith (Info) Cambridge organic and inorganic chemistries of early Main Group metals jandh 2013‑02‑27
Pavel Soldán (Info) Charles University in Prague dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
Anne Soleivahoup (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Laurence Stanley (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Patrick G. Steel (Info) Durham University pjhscott 2019‑04‑12
Gabriel Stein (Info) Hebrew University rprakash 2007‑10‑24
Matthew Tate (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Natalie J. Tatum (Info) Durham University, Newcastle University Structural biology natjoan14 2018‑07‑24
Jack Taylor (Info) Durham University bcurchod 2022‑09‑10
Andrew M. Teale (Info) Nottingham Computational chemistry STang 2013‑07‑25
Christopher Teasdale (Info) Durham University pjhscott 2019‑04‑12
Meirion Thomas (Info) Durham University CO2 fixation jandh 2014‑05‑06
David J. Tozer (Info) Durham University Computational chemistry STang 2013‑07‑25
Andrew Tuxworth (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Luke Tuxworth (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2017‑08‑22
Alexandra Tyson (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Jan R. R. Verlet (Info) Durham University connectingresearchers 2020‑03‑13
Kevin B. Vincent (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2016‑02‑09
Kenneth Wade (Info) Durham University cluster, organometallic and polymer chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis jandh 2013‑02‑27
Mark Patrick Walsh (Info) Durham University Organic synthesis, stereochemistry, supramolecular chemistry, crystallography walshm78 2020‑08‑16
James Walton (Info) Durham University KevinBVincent 2016‑02‑09
Chun Hai Wang (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Joseph Joshua Weiss (Info) Durham University BenL 2012‑05‑01
Yuzhen Wen (Info) Durham University supramolecular chemistry peekayw 2019‑12‑01
Christopher W West (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Daniel Whelligan (Info) Durham University pjhscott 2019‑04‑12
John Wilkinson (Info) University of Salford jandh 2018‑12‑26
Luke A. Wilkinson (Info) University of Huddersfield KevinBVincent 2016‑02‑09
Mark R. Wilson (Info) Durham University ssamantray 2023‑02‑14
Ho Chi Wong (Info) Durham University Chemistry hochiwong 2020‑12‑02
David Woods (Info) Durham University 2021‑05‑19
Jack Yarwood (Info) Durham University PaulaCastilho 2016‑03‑29
Rebecca Yue (Info) Durham University ica011 2016‑06‑21
Piotr S. Zuchowski (Info) Nicholas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland dch0jmh 2020‑12‑03
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