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Loyter Abraham (Info) Hebrew University servio 2013‑03‑13
Suliman Adam (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑03
Kasim Agbaria (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑08‑17
Noam Agmon (Info) Hebrew University AaronS 2018‑04‑12
Zeev Aizenshtat (Info) Hebrew University alpy 2019‑05‑12
Oleg Aleksiuk (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑08‑17
Shlomo Alexander (Info) Hebrew University NMR, superconductors, condensed matter jandh 2011‑08‑19
Lital Alfonta (Info) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Synthetic Biology, Bioelectrochemistry LA 2016‑06‑16
Orna Almog (Info) Ben Gurion University of the Negev AaronS 2018‑04‑12
Ivan Aprahamian (Info) Dartmouth i) novel molecular machines and switches, and ii) lithium-containing and -pillared carbon based materials (CBMs) jandh 2012‑12‑12
Michael Ardon (Info) Hebrew University AaronS 2018‑04‑12
Isaiah Arkin (Info) Biochemistry IKass 2021‑02‑22
Micha Asscher (Info) Hebrew University AaronS 2018‑04‑12
David Avnir (Info) Hebrew University organically doped metals, theoretical and experimental aspects of chirality, theoretical studies in symmetry, and sol-gel organic hybrid materials and biomaterials jandh 2014‑09‑28
Roi Baer (Info) Hebrew University AaronS 2018‑04‑12
Shalom Baer (Info) Hebrew University jandh 2019‑07‑09
Amos Banin (Info) Hebrew University pwb 2019‑03‑12
Uri Banin (Info) Hebrew University Nanomaterials costi 2013‑03‑28
Phillip Barak (Info) UW Madison Agricultural Chemistry, Soil Science Agriculture, Environmental Engineering pq 2016‑05‑27
Arieh Ben-Naim (Info) Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Physical chemistry LeonardDeepakFrancis 2018‑01‑18
Avinoam Ben-Shaul (Info) Hebrew University Theoretical Physical Chemistry jandh 2019‑07‑09
Ilan Benjamin (Info) UC Santa Cruz computational chemistry, molecular dynamics nwinter 2012‑08‑14
Ernst David Bergmann (Info) Weizmann Institute organic chemistry jandh 2011‑08‑03
Ofer Biham (Info) Hebrew University lidar 2013‑05‑11
Avi Bino (Info) Hebrew University AaronS 2018‑04‑12
Elizabeth H. Blackburn (Info) UCSF structure, function, and synthesis of telomeres podlevsky 2009‑11‑10
Jochanan Blum (Info) Hebrew University Organic & organometallic chemistry; homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis jandh 2012‑01‑09
Mordechai Bobtelsky (Info) Hebrew University inorganic and analytical chemistry jandh 2013‑01‑31
Veniamin Borin (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑03
Victoria Buch (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2020‑06‑29
Hui Chen (Info) CAS Computational Chemistry metallic 2014‑08‑03
Yona Chen (Info) Hebrew University Physical chemistry of humic substances, minerals and their interactions, Effects of organic matter on soil fertility and structure. jandh 2018‑12‑08
Mukesh Chourasia (Info) NIPER, Patna Molecular Modeling usha14 2014‑08‑04
Shimirit Cohen (Info) Hebrew University Cytochrome P450s, Mass Spectrometry, usha14 2014‑08‑04
Ishay Columbus (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑08‑17
Ronny Costi (Info) Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Chemistry, Materials, Nanoscience, Catalysis, Energy costi 2013‑03‑28
Lukasz Cwiklik (Info) J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CAS connectingresearchers 2020‑01‑12
Gideon Czapski (Info) Hebrew University jandh 2013‑03‑05
Jayanta Dana (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2020‑09‑29
Usharani Dandamudi (Info) Central Food and Technological Research Institute Computational Chemistry, Biocatalysis, Disease Mechanisms, Molecular Medicine usha14 2014‑08‑04
David Danovich (Info) Hebrew University Quantum Chemistry, Valence Bond Modeling, Bonding of small molecules and clusters usha14 2014‑08‑04
Inbal Davidi (Info) Hebrew University tarselli 2015‑07‑06
Sam P. de Visser (Info) University of Manchester Computational Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Thermodynamics devisser 2014‑08‑04
Etienne Derat (Info) Université Pierre et Marie Curie shum 2013‑07‑10
Gourab Dey (Info) IIT Mandi, India, Hebrew University Activity based probe development for bio medical applications Vigyaanik 2017‑08‑20
Chaim Dryzun (Info) Hebrew University Theortical Chemistry ChaimDryzun1980 2017‑01‑17
Kshatresh Dutta Dubey (Info) Hebrew University Computational Biophysics usha14 2014‑08‑04
Robert C. Dunbar (Info) Case Western Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry and Ion Cyclotron Resonance Spectrometry jandh 2012‑12‑07
Yuval Ebenstein (Info) Tel Aviv University raniar 2015‑10‑11
David Eisenberg (Info) UT Austin, Technion Electrochemistry, Energy davideisen 2013‑02‑14
Ron Elber (Info) UT Austin Computational Chemistry jaelita 2013‑02‑02
Yigal Erel (Info) Hebrew University Isotope and environmental geochemistry jandh 2014‑08‑09
Ladislaus Farkas (Info) Hebrew University Physical Chemistry costi 2013‑03‑28
Michael Filatov (Info) SMU Computational Chemistry and Modeling usha14 2014‑08‑04
Ernst Fischer (Info) Hebrew University Organic Chemistry jandh 2020‑07‑13
Dan Fishelovitch (Info) Hebrew University Computational Biophysics, Chemistry, Drug discovery, usha14 2014‑08‑04
Max Frankel (Info) Hebrew University jandh 2011‑07‑10
Moran Frenkel-Pinter (Info) Hebrew University ehudgazit 2022‑01‑04
Assaf Friedler (Info) Hebrew University Peptide chemistry, medicinal chemistry Vigyaanik 2019‑07‑29
David Furman (Info) Cambridge Theoretical Chemistry DavidF 2018‑11‑23
John Morrison Galbraith (Info) Marist College Computational Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry JmGalbraith 2020‑06‑02
Uri Garbatski (Info) Hebrew University, Technion jandh 2021‑10‑11
Ehud Gazit (Info) Tel Aviv University Bionanotechnology, Supramolecular biochemistry ehudgazit 2013‑06‑27
Itay Gdor (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2020‑01‑24
Dmitri Gelman (Info) Hebrew University alpy 2019‑05‑12
R. Benny Gerber (Info) UC Irvine computational chemistry jandh 2011‑06‑13
Eitan Geva (Info) University of Michigan Theoretical and Computational Chemistry jandh 2013‑02‑10
Tufan Ghosh (Info) VIT-AP University, Amaravati tufanghosh55 2018‑05‑20
Chaim Gilon (Info) Hebrew University Organic chemistry, Peptide chemistry galbitan 2010‑08‑05
Susan Gregurick (Info) University of Maryland, Baltimore County Physical Chemistry pq 2016‑03‑22
Elad Gross (Info) Hebrew University AaronS 2018‑04‑12
Flavio Grynszpan (Info) Scripps Institute, Ariel University Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry FlavioG 2016‑07‑30
Weiwei Guo (Info) Nankai University DNA hydrogel, DNA microgel, DNA stabilized silver nanoclusters, quantum dots, biosensing WeiweiGuo 2019‑06‑04
Yehuda Haas (Info) Hebrew University costi 2013‑03‑28
Hirao Hajime (Info) Nanyang Technological University application of computational chemistry techniques to a variety of molecular systems such as metalloenzymes, biomimetic transition-metal catalysts, drug targets, and nanomaterials. usha14 2014‑08‑04
Daniel Harries (Info) Hebrew University LIELS 2015‑08‑05
Jeremy N. Harvey (Info) Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), University of Bristol, KU Leuven computational chemistry nxf 2011‑12‑20
Carina Hazan (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Adam Heller (Info) UT Austin Advanced Materials, Polymers & Nanotechnology and Biotechnology jandh 2014‑09‑01
Avram Hershko (Info) Technion Biochemistry jandh 2011‑07‑18
Shlomo Hestrin (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2021‑10‑07
Barak Hirshberg (Info) Tel Aviv University Theoretical Chemistry BarakHirshberg 2021‑10‑28
Tobias M. Hohl (Info) Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Infectious Diseases; Immunology; Mycology 2016‑06‑20
Thomas A. Holme (Info) Iowa State Computational Chemistry, Chemistry Education Research tholme 2013‑03‑16
Bogna Ignatowska-jankowska (Info) Hebrew University rameshd 2013‑11‑11
E. Siva Subramaniam Iyer (Info) Delhi University, IIT Goa ultrafast spectroscopy essiyer 2017‑04‑21
Deepa Janardanan (Info) Central University of Kerala Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Guohua Jia (Info) Curtin University dustkingf4 2019‑07‑08
Joseph Jordan (Info) Penn State Analytical chemistry jandh 2013‑01‑31
Joshua Jortner (Info) Tel Aviv University physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry jandh 2012‑06‑04
Pralhad Namdev Joshi (Info) Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Bhopal Vigyaanik 2018‑01‑27
Pavel Jungwirth (Info) Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, CAS, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, CAS elisedd 2017‑11‑12
Sabre Kais (Info) Purdue electronic structure and dynamics of atoms, molecules, clusters and quantum dots jandh 2013‑02‑18
Uzi Kaldor (Info) Tel Aviv University Quantum Chemistry Vigyaanik 2020‑04‑27
Alexey Kamyshny (Info) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel oceanography, limnology, paleochenography, geochemistry, environmental chemistry kamyshny 2021‑05‑04
Itamar Kass (Info) Protein dynamics, Drug design IKass 2021‑02‑22
Ephraim Katchalski-Katzir (Info) Weizmann Institute Biophysics jandh 2011‑11‑07
Evgeny Katz (Info) Clarkson University Bioelectronics & Bionanotechnology jandh 2014‑10‑07
Aharon Katzir-Katchalsky (Info) Weizmann Institute jandh 2011‑07‑10
Nir Keren (Info) Hebrew University DChamovitz 2021‑12‑30
David Kleinfeld (Info) UCSD hanks 2005‑11‑04
Ronnie Kosloff (Info) Hebrew University Quantum molecular dynamics jandh 2013‑02‑10
Sebastian Kozuch (Info) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel Computational quantum chemistry, catalysis jmlmartin 2014‑05‑08
Gabriel Kreiman (Info) The Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School Computational Neuroscience, Visual Object Recognition, Visual Cortex, Artificial Intelligence jgoleary 2005‑11‑02
Anna I. Krylov (Info) USC Computational Studies of Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy of Open-Shell and Electronically Excited Species jandh 2013‑02‑20
Lev Kuno (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑08‑17
Michal Lahav (Info) Weizmann Institute jandh 2015‑09‑21
Noam Lahav (Info) Hebrew University pwb 2019‑03‑12
Julia Laskin (Info) PNNL, Purdue Mass spectrometry, gas phase ion chemistry, ion-surface collisions, imaging Jlaskin 2015‑11‑25
Megan S Lazorski (Info) Metropolitan State University of Denver Inorganic photophysics and photochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry, photoinduced electron transfer mechanisms, photon up-conversion, donor-chromophore-acceptors lazorskim 2018‑01‑25
Yeshayahu Leibowitz (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2021‑10‑07
Ovadia Lev (Info) Hebrew University kamyshny 2021‑05‑04
Raphael David Levine (Info) UCLA Theoretical Chemistry nwinter 2012‑08‑14
Raphiel D Levine (Info) Hebrew University 2021‑04‑30
Aaron Lewis (Info) Hebrew University Laser spectroscopy gph2 2012‑05‑03
Chunsen Li (Info) Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuzhou, Fujian, China Theoretical and Computational Chemistry lichunsen 2014‑08‑04
Norman N. Lichtin (Info) Boston University photo- and radiation chemistry, solar energy research jandh 2013‑02‑28
Daniel A. Lidar (Info) University of Toronto, USC quantum information, quantum control lidar 2013‑05‑11
Assa Lifshitz (Info) Hebrew University jandh 2021‑08‑02
Chava Lifshitz (Info) Hebrew University Mass spectrometry, gas-phase ion chemistry jmlmartin 2014‑05‑07
Shneior Lifson (Info) Weizmann Institute biocs 2010‑04‑14
Mariano Litwak (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑08‑17
Janet MacDonald (Info) Vanderbilt norfield 2014‑07‑26
Jacob Mager (Info) Hebrew University Biochemistry jandh 2011‑07‑18
Arnab Maity (Info) IISER Kolkata Vigyaanik 2017‑12‑25
Partha Malakar (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2020‑09‑29
Shmuel Malkin (Info) Weizmann Institute photosynthesis jandh 2020‑07‑13
Dibyendu Mallick (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Debasish Mandal (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Daniel Mandler (Info) Hebrew University raniar 2015‑10‑11
Jan M.L. Martin (Info) Weizmann Institute Computational quantum chemistry jmlmartin 2014‑05‑07
Raphael Mechoulam (Info) Hebrew University chemistry and pharmacology of cannabinoids jandh 2014‑08‑18
Saul Meiboom (Info) Weizmann Institute NMR jandh 2011‑08‑19
Rinat Meir (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Dan Meisel (Info) Notre Dame radiation chemistry jandh 2013‑03‑05
Norman Metanis (Info) Hebrew University kriesh 2014‑09‑06
David Milstein (Info) Weizmann Institute Organometallic chemistry, homogenous catalysis jmlmartin 2014‑05‑07
Taleb Mokari (Info) Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel MichaelVolokh 2019‑05‑31
Santhanamoorthi Nachimuthu (Info) UMN anantkul 2013‑06‑13
Laxmi Narayan Nanda (Info) IIT Bombay Organic Synthesis nandachem 2020‑11‑30
Gil Navon (Info) Tel Aviv University oertner 2007‑05‑05
Oded Navon (Info) Hebrew University PMG 2018‑06‑24
Ronny Neumann (Info) Weizmann Institute Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry pq 2016‑03‑22
Shlomo Nir (Info) Hebrew University, SUNY Buffalo water purification, filtration kinetics, pore formation, adsorption models jandh 2017‑04‑24
Francios Ogliaro (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Itzhak Ohad (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2021‑10‑07
Yu Ouyang (Info) Hebrew University oyy3268 2022‑03‑28
Saul Patai (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑07‑30
Abraham Patchornik (Info) Weizmann Institute kajacobs 2009‑11‑01
Mariela Pavan (Info) Hebrew University tarselli 2015‑07‑06
Isadore Perlman (Info) UC Berkeley, Hebrew University nuclear chemistry and nuclear spectroscopy jandh 2013‑02‑14
Berta Perlmutter-Hayman (Info) Hebrew University jandh 2021‑08‑02
Danielle Perry (Info) Hebrew University Chemistry Danielle.perry 2020‑07‑09
Alexander Pines (Info) UC Berkeley nuclear magnetic resonance Dietrich 2008‑04‑17
Elina Ploshnick (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Eli Pollak (Info) Weizmann Institute EveryWhereChem 2013‑04‑29
Avi Priel (Info) Hebrew University bachy 2011‑04‑05
Dov Prusky (Info) Hebrew University jandh 2017‑10‑16
Lawrence Que, Jr. (Info) Cornell, UMN nonheme iron in biological systems jandh 2012‑11‑03
Rajeev R (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Mordecai Rabinovitz (Info) Hebrew University Organic Chemistry jandh 2012‑11‑30
Aditya G. Rao (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑03
Zvi Rappoport (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑07‑30
Shlomo Ravikovitch (Info) Hebrew University pwb 2019‑03‑12
Meital Reches (Info) Hebrew University ehudgazit 2020‑10‑05
A. Chandrasekhar Reddy (Info) Hebrew University usha14 2014‑08‑04
Renata Reisfeld (Info) Hebrew University Krisi31 2020‑03‑22
Lea Reshef (Info) Hebrew University Medical School molecular basis of gluconeogenesis jandh 2020‑06‑10
Gadi Rothenberg (Info) Amsterdam Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry jandh 2012‑01‑09
Sanford Ruhman (Info) Hebrew University essiyer 2017‑04‑21
Soumen Saha (Info) Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Molecular Modeling usha14 2014‑08‑04
Liel Sapir (Info) Hebrew University Biophysics LIELS 2015‑08‑05
Yoel Sasson (Info) Hebrew University Process and Environmental Catalysis jandh 2012‑01‑09
G. Narahari Sastry (Info) Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Computational chemistry, Computational biology, theoretical chemistry gnsastry 2014‑08‑04
Igor Schapiro (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑03
Helmut Schwarz (Info) TU Berlin chemistry in the gas phase jandh 2014‑04‑04
Michael Sela (Info) Weizmann Institute peptide and protein chemistry and immunology jandh 2014‑05‑25
Yoram Selzer (Info) Tel Aviv University raniar 2015‑10‑11
Saumik Sen (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2019‑06‑13
Sason S. Shaik (Info) Hebrew University quantum chemistry jandh 2013‑03‑09
Igor Shapiro (Info) Hebrew University lazorskim 2018‑01‑25
Moshe Shapiro (Info) Weizmann Institute barb 2016‑03‑15
Pankaz K. Sharma (Info) University of Delhi, Delhi, India, University of Hyderabad, Telengana, India, Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, USC, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Cotton College State University, Guwahati, India, Cotton University, Guwahati, India Chemistry pankaz 2014‑08‑04
Vinay Sharma (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2020‑01‑24
Dorit Shemesh (Info) Hebrew University Atmospheric chemistry Doritsh 2017‑08‑23
Roy Shenhar (Info) Hebrew University Polymers davideisen 2013‑02‑14
Tuvia Sheradsky (Info) Hebrew University Organic heterocycles, Peptide chemistry jandh 2012‑12‑12
Eilon Sherman (Info) Hebrew University single molecule biophysics giladharan 2013‑05‑14
Gil Shoham (Info) Hebrew University AaronS 2018‑04‑12
Esther Shohami (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑08‑27
Avital Shruki (Info) Hebrew University Valence bond Modeling, Drug Discovery usha14 2014‑08‑04
Kyril M. Solntsev (Info) Georgia Tech connectingresearchers 2020‑04‑16
Gabriel Stein (Info) Hebrew University rprakash 2007‑10‑24
Tamar Stein (Info) Hebrew University Tapputi 2018‑06‑30
Wilfred D. Stein (Info) University of Manchester, Hebrew University Biological Chemistry gabaman 2008‑07‑31
Yael Stern-Bach (Info) Hebrew University ionotropic glutamate receptors bachy 2011‑04‑05
Igal Szleifer (Info) Northwestern, Purdue Theory & Computation, Energy Science david 2016‑01‑09
Michael Szwarc (Info) Syracuse Physical and Polymer Chemistry jandh 2011‑08‑05
Rachel Ta-shma (Info) Hebrew University FlavioG 2016‑08‑27
Yftah Tal-Gan (Info) UW Madison tarselli 2015‑07‑24
Reshef Tenne (Info) Weizmann Institute Inorganic Chemistry pq 2016‑06‑01
Ehud Tsivion (Info) Hebrew University, UC Berkeley Theoretical ehudTsivion 2016‑02‑18
Yuri Tulchinsky (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2021‑10‑06
David J. Volsky (Info) Columbia HIV-1 servio 2013‑03‑12
Binju Wang (Info) Hebrew University Computational Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Huan Wang (Info) Hebrew University 2020‑10‑05
Yong Wang (Info) CAS DFT calculations, reaction mechanisms eyecandy2004 2014‑08‑04
Moshe Weizmann (Info) FlavioG 2016‑07‑30
Yossi Weizmann (Info) Chicago Nanoscience jandh 2012‑11‑30
Christian Wiebeler (Info) Hebrew University connectingresearchers 2019‑08‑03
Itamar Willner (Info) Hebrew University Biosensors and Nanostructure Materials jandh 2012‑11‑30
Otto S. Wolfbeis (Info) Universität Regensburg chemical sensors, biosensors, bioassays, nanomaterials, fluorescent probes, jandh 2014‑09‑27
Mariusz Wolff (Info) Universität Wien Inorganic Chemistry, Coordination Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Computational Chemistry alpy 2019‑05‑12
Wei Wu (Info) Xiamen University Valence Bond Modeling, Quantum Chemistry usha14 2014‑08‑04
Rami Yaka (Info) Hebrew University AM 2011‑08‑10
Nir Yakoby (Info) Princeton, Rutgers Camden yogeshg 2016‑07‑16
Avraham Yaron (Info) Weizmann Institute Axon guidence 40331084 2010‑03‑17
Sivan Yuran (Info) Hebrew University ehudgazit 2020‑10‑05
Zhenguang Zhao (Info) Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem peptide and protein chemistry zzg199069 2018‑01‑14
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