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Xuanfeng Jiang (Info) Hubei University, Wuhan China chenfengke 2021‑03‑08
Chenfeng Ke (Info) Dartmouth porous material, 3D printing material chenfengke 2017‑05‑31
Yue-Jin Liu (Info) Hubei University, Wuhan China organic synthesis liuyuejin 2020‑06‑17
Stephen W. Ragsdale (Info) University of Nebraska - Lincoln, The University of Michigan Medical School, UW-Milwaukee Biochemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry pq 2016‑03‑18
Hangxing Wang (Info) Hubei University, Wuhan China haolizhang1972 2019‑10‑02
Li Yi (Info) University of Michigan Enzyme Mechanism of Carbohydrate Biosynthetic Pathways pq 2015‑11‑17
Hao-Li Zhang (Info) Lanzhou University Material Chemistry, Organic semiconductor, Nano-devices, Optoelectronics haolizhang1972 2019‑10‑02
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