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Julien Bernard (Info) INSA Lyon MartinaStenzel 2019‑07‑20
Florian Bouville (Info) ETH Zürich Hortense 2020‑05‑17
Jérôme Chevalier (Info) INSA Lyon Hortense 2020‑05‑17
Sylvain Deville (Info) INSA Lyon Hortense 2020‑05‑17
Eric Maire (Info) INSA Lyon Hortense 2020‑05‑17
Christian Reber (Info) Université de Montréal inorganic chemistry, spectroscopy, photochemistry jtelser 2013‑07‑21
Camille Sonneville (Info) INSA Lyon christian.reber 2019‑07‑23
Martina H Stenzel (Info) University of New South Wales (Australia) RAFT polymerization, nanoparticles, self-assembly, drug delivery MartinaStenzel 2019‑07‑20
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