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Jia-Quan Bai (Info) Jilin University, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Erik B. Berda (Info) Penn State, University of Florida, Eindhoven University of Technology, UNH Polymer Synthesis, Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanoscience tarselli 2015‑07‑18
Danming Chao (Info) Jilin University ErikBerda 2017‑06‑09
Bingcong Chen (Info) Jilin University, China zhengzmu 2019‑12‑18
Dai-Xiong Chen (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Shuxun Cui (Info) Single molecules shuxuncui 2021‑02‑05
Yanjie Cui (Info) University of Waterloo, Harvard, Argonne National Laboratory, PPG energy storage, thermoelectrics kripke 2016‑07‑18
Xu-Sheng Du (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Hong-Hua Fang (Info) Tsinghua University, China, INSA Toulouse, RUG, Jilin University, China HongHuaFang 2021‑03‑01
Min Fang (Info) Jilin University, China, University of New Brunswick (Canada), University of Alberta, Nanjing Normal University Inorganic Chemistry kalinite 2022‑03‑13
Qianrong Fang (Info) Texas A & M joezhou99 2016‑08‑16
Dingsan Gao (Info) Jilin University cszsjtu 2018‑01‑10
Mingyuan Gao (Info) CAS kcmei 2019‑09‑06
Zhiwu Han (Info) Jilin University, China zhengzmu 2019‑12‑18
Xu-Ri Huang (Info) Jilin University Jilai 2015‑08‑06
Xuri Huang (Info) Jilin University Jilai 2015‑08‑05
Klaus D. Jandt (Info) Friedrich Schiller University Jena Materials Science, Polymers, Biomaterials, Surfaces and Interfaces, Protein-Materials Science, Nanomaterials, Microscopy, Physics for Life Sciences, Applied Physics Maarcade 2016‑11‑14
Yuansheng Jiang (Info) Jilin University, Nanjing University niobium 2021‑09‑07
Fei Jiao (Info) Jilin University, China, Chinese Academic Science, Linköpings Universitet, Tianjin University organic thermoelectrics, supercapacitors, field-effect transistors feiji73 2017‑12‑02
Xiao-Yu Jin (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Hui Li (Info) Jilin University zhaiyusci 2018‑04‑13
Hui Li (Info) Northeast Agricultural University, Jilin University, Changchun University of Technology yywfrank 2015‑06‑15
Jilai Li (Info) Jilin University Chemistry Jilai 2015‑08‑05
Qing-Lan Li (Info) Jilin University, Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Xi Li (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Xiangtao Li (Info) Jilin University kcwong 2019‑12‑16
Yan Li (Info) Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, University of Oklahoma Phage and Virus, Phage display, Bio-nanomedicine, Cancer therapy and imaging, Tissue regeneration 2019‑09‑13
Wei-Wei Liao (Info) Jilin University, China TJJMueller 2019‑07‑03
Junqiu Liu (Info) Jilin University pantz 2019‑03‑12
Shiyong Liu (Info) Jilin University, China zasimi 2019‑11‑01
Yuntong Liu (Info) Jilin University oranda 2022‑08‑05
Zaoyang Liu (Info) Jilin University samori 2022‑02‑21
Zhihe Liu (Info) Jilin University, China Semiconducting Polymer Dots, Single-Particle Photophysics, Super-resolution Imaging, Cell Labeling. ZhiheLiu 2019‑01‑22
Ming-Zhe Lv (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Dongge Ma (Info) South China University of Technology cszsjtu 2017‑12‑30
Yuguang Ma (Info) Jilin University, China, South China University of Technology feiji73 2017‑12‑02
Fanxing Meng (Info) Jilin University, China L.Yan 2022‑09‑20
Shiding Miao (Info) Jilin University dustkingf4 2019‑07‑08
Zhengzhi Mu (Info) Jilin University, China Bio-inspired functional materials zhengzmu 2019‑12‑17
Thomas J. J. Müller (Info) Universität Düsseldorf Organic Chemistry, Multicomponent Reaction, Functional Chromophores, Heterocycles TJJMueller 2019‑07‑03
Jiajia Ning (Info) Jilin University, China Luminescent Quantum Dots jiajianing2022 2022‑09‑04
Junqi Niu (Info) Jilin University First Hospital Fei_Peng 2020‑04‑22
Rui-Yi Pan (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Tiezheng Pan (Info) Northwestern Polytechnical University artificial enzyme pantz 2019‑03‑12
Wenqin Pang (Info) Jilin University, China YanjieCui 2019‑03‑28
Fei Peng (Info) Baylor Fei_Peng 2020‑04‑22
Junsheng Qin (Info) Texas A & M joezhou99 2018‑11‑05
Shilun Qiu (Info) Jilin University, China kalinite 2022‑03‑13
Xi-Long Qiu (Info) Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jilin University, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine yywfrank 2017‑07‑30
Luquan Ren (Info) Jilin University, China zhengzmu 2019‑12‑18
Paolo Samorì (Info) Université de Strasbourg Nanoscience, Materials Science, Nanochemistry, 2D materials rabe 2014‑12‑27
Jiacong Shen (Info) Jilin University kcmei 2019‑09‑06
Nan Song (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Hong-Bo Sun (Info) Jilin University, China HongHuaFang 2021‑03‑01
Junqi Sun (Info) Jilin University, China shuxuncui 2021‑02‑05
Li-Li Tan (Info) Jilin University, China, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China yywfrank 2017‑07‑30
Au-Chin Tang (Info) Columbia shuxuncui 2021‑02‑05
Bo Wang (Info) Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin University Organic Chemistry oranda 2021‑03‑21
Kai Wang (Info) Northeast Normal University, Jilin University, Anyang Institute of Technology Organic Chemistry yywfrank 2015‑06‑15
Liyan Wang (Info) Jilin University, China Supramolecular chemistry L.Yan 2022‑09‑20
Rui Wang (Info) Jilin University, China, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Texas Southwester Medical Center, State University of New York (SUNY) Organic Chemistry, Nucleic Acid Modification, Structural Biology and Origins of Life 2016‑07‑09
Xin Wang (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Xin Wang (Info) Jilin University, China klajan 2017‑04‑16
Ian D. Williams (Info) Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. & Technology Chemical crystallography, Chiral resolution, Crystal engineering wanghaykan 2017‑11‑30
Feng Xie (Info) Jilin University, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey Metal-Organic Frameworks; Separation; Electrocatalysis; Nanomaterials; Electron Microscopy XIEFENG 2019‑11‑05
Ruren Xu (Info) Jilin University, China kalinite 2022‑03‑13
Yuhang Xu (Info) Jilin University oranda 2022‑08‑05
Ying-Wei Yang (Info) Nankai University, Arizona State, UCLA, UC Irvine, Jilin University Organic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Materials Chemistry yywfrank 2015‑05‑25
Jihong Yu (Info) Jilin University ianw 2021‑12‑15
Yu Zhai (Info) Jilin University, Jilin University Theoretical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Molecular Dynamics, Molecular Vibration zhaiyusci 2018‑04‑13
Jingshun Zhang (Info) Jilin University Orgnaometallic Chemistry,Catalysis,Olefinpolymerization Jszhang 2013‑08‑17
Shiming Zhang (Info) UCLA Organic Electronics, Soft Electronics zasimi 2019‑11‑01
Wenke Zhang (Info) Jilin University, China shuxuncui 2021‑02‑05
Xi Zhang (Info) Jilin University, China shuxuncui 2021‑02‑05
Yuetao Zhang (Info) Jilin University Polymer Science, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Materials, Organometallics, Catalytic Chemistry jandh 2014‑09‑01
Hang Zhou (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Hong-Cai Zhou (Info) Texas A & M Metal-Organic Frameworks, Metal-Organic Polyhedron, nkcontrast 2012‑07‑17
Ting Zhou (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
Yue Zhou (Info) Jilin University yywfrank 2019‑02‑21
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